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  1. YajStylez added a post in a topic Bad Luck RNG Comfort Thread   

    8 characters total at 32 failstacks each, literally, from 23 to 32 (9 tries each) trying to get a dandelion from +14 to +15.  Officially tilted.
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  2. YajStylez added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    Definitely rolled back.  Or bugged.  Like ALWAYS.
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  3. YajStylez added a post in a topic Can we get DP patch back   

    Anyone else can confirm?  ~Interested to know.
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  4. YajStylez added a post in a topic Margoria food- 45 mil/h   

    So 10mi per hour? It ain't too bad at all then.  Looking at the cooking recipes gives me a headache though, lol.
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  5. YajStylez added a post in a topic Swap key   

    To each their own; each shield has its own uses depending on what role and which playstyle you want to lead, and/or which players you want to kill.
    The situation here is because we clearly have a noob (at least to the forums if not ingame as well) telling others they are noob with complete BS from oversighting.
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  6. YajStylez added a post in a topic Anyone else has this problem?   

    It's the site's fault. happens to me both on pc and laptop. Only from bdo's site.
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  7. YajStylez added a post in a topic Swap key   

    Definitely vangertz to make use of the sicil necklace.  And more accuracy to beat anyone 1vs1 if you got skills.
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  8. YajStylez added a post in a topic Can we get more Black Spirit Crystals?   

    Because your ass either luckily sniped it from thhe marketplace and/or not grinding anymore while servers were taking a shit (which is random AF).
    I get it if you die from mobs naturally, but it's retarded when you lose it while those potato servers were shitting causing your death.
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  9. YajStylez added a post in a topic Do we really need a liverto?   

    So are you admitting you tested DR? Because surely you haven't.
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  10. YajStylez added a post in a topic What should I get?   

    If PVE, a tri green GS would benefit you most as of now (skip main hand first) since it's what will make you hit much harder atm.  Market is already not selling good with the blue Greatsword so it's also a lot safer to stay on the cheaper side while your damage to mobs is about no differennt between the two.
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  11. YajStylez added a post in a topic Tips on dealing with good warriors?   

    I'm a warrior.  I really have no idea about ninja's but to put my 2 cents.
    -Only go head to head (melee range) against a warrior if he is on his grab cooldown (cooldown is 6 seconds) or unless if the warrior is turtling his block (when we block, we get locked in place if your attacks/skills are simultaneously in sync one right after another (getting spammed on) and we are unable to use any skills whatsoever "unless" we side dash off of it; there's your signal for a warrior's next move so move/iframe out and predict what you should/could do next).  
    -At long range, our only skills to reliably get upclose is solar flare which has a 5 second cooldown and slashing the dead (that front flip attack) whichh is 8 second cooldown.  If you get caught up in solar flare, it's almost a guarantee grab unless desync wins.  It's a skill only facing forward so I advise to play slow at long range and let the warrior take first move unless you think you can get inside melee range without getting caught up in it   Slashing the dead is a slow animation move unless awakeninng buff is on so just dodge and don't head on againnst it or else he'll againn, insta grab you right after the skill.  
    -If we turtle our block for more than 2 seconnds, don't use any of your best cc skills 'and rely on it' because we get our block buff's being immune to cc for about 2-3 seconnds after (unless we solar flare after; no more cc immunity if solar flare so you have a small gap to throw cc or high damage skills), or unless you use grab before us (we can still insta switch and grab while blocking if your skills/attack has not reached us yet or has a gap in between the attacks).
    Too much varied scenarios but those are some of the mainn factors that I can thinnk of that can only really turn the tide against warrior's favor.
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  12. YajStylez added a post in a topic PSA warrior in KR is now dead   

    I'm a shitty warrior (only a casual player; broke af) but for you to say that all class doesn't have a high skill cap is beyond me.  There are classes for different scenarios, different roles, different counters, different builds, etc. that exists which seemingly you are unable to see.
    I'd be glad to spar against you (even though my gear is shitty as hell; lol) especially since I haven't even been playing hands on for awhile now and need to learn more things.  Show me your Valk's skillcap; as I tried playing Valk but realized its efficiency and role doesn't suit me.
    -IGN - YajStyles - warrior
    IGN - YajStylez - lifeskiller
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  13. YajStylez added a post in a topic Value Pack   

    I had only succeeded in buying value packs probably about within a month from when it came out and ever since then had never succeeded anymore.  It wouldn't surprised me if the game itself rigged it with 50-75% being sold back to the devs to increase in sales. LOL.
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  14. YajStylez added a post in a topic Awakened Black Spirit Crystals and Kakao servers LOL   

    Yeah.. but it still 100% ain't our fault when the servers shit out on us.  That's exactly how I lost mine too. 
    Maybe the Devs really are doing this on purpose to milk on tears and making us lose our crystals in the process.  
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