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  1. Cersia added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    What levels did u breed those?
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  2. Cersia added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    This week wasnt the most amazing, but still not bad 
    Hope for more luck next one

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  3. Cersia added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I guess we can autoloop all over the place for now~
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  4. Cersia added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I saw one right after server went live, its like MP announcement with yellow line with picture of T8 and price
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  5. Cersia added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    There is some changes in rates, my last week breedings r ALLL females, no matter what I do, tho according to somethinglovely calc its the highest chance for females. Last week was 4 females 3 males. Good luck to all during this week including me

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  6. Cersia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Everything is working... Didn't crash on logo, selected my main server, entered.. playing... Though waiting for patch notes ... Mouse idd wasnt scrolling properly only on forum tab, but I just restarted browser its fine now.
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  7. Cersia added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    If any1 need icon for pegasus for their database (with transparent bg), u can get it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_CqxTYA8v0lZS11eS1LSm5rYkk/view?usp=sharing

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  8. Cersia added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I dont know if it's me, but right after maint 22/03 my foals r just way too good, Im scared to breed my t7s and get 0 with this luck on t5-6 horses. So I wish good luck o/ But I feel like there is some ninja rate increase...

    Also I want to confirm that already now on EU u can get foal level 1 with 2 (!!) skills. It was my 1st female out of breeding u can see above.

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  9. Cersia added a post in a topic Most incompetent team ever.   

    Worst event, thanks for trying to kill my PC and ruin my friday mood by making me wait for pirate eyepatch loot as "thank u , for ur support, loyal adventurer". Too Op to spawn bosses across all channels? Or some1 may get 1 extra elixir >.>
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  10. Cersia added a post in a topic Horse breeding vs Horse Racing   

    Yes I completely agree, I dont blame GMs, but maybe breeding rates need to be adjusted towards more rewarding tiers, coz its such a pain to get one with natural breeding, and as I said racing boxes feels slightly OP compared to that. I have my spreadsheet with all my ever breeding horses and results, I never managed to make t8 and Im getting slightly sad, if Kamasylve is in March with possible t9, how we can get it if there is soooooo few t8s on server. Ofc better prices r always welcomed, right now due to lack of viper crystals no1 selling horses to players, but to NPC for tokens, but I dont think there is enough of breeders nowadays to supply all the demand from players. So, yeah good luck to us all ~_~
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  11. Cersia added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Autoloop bugs
    Hello! Never been this severe with autoloop. It changes its own direction at the end of destination, sometimes horse/wagon turn instantly, sometimes at random times it makes huge circle to turn, which usually end up stucking ur mount in some surrounding obsticles. Can u possibly adjust loop somehow, its just killing horseleveling!
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  12. Cersia added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse breeding vs Horse Racing
    Hello, every1 aware of the fact that good horse is a must have in world of BDO. From the very start alot of people were spending their precious AFK time for leveling and breeding horses. But unfortunately lately it became rather time consuming and unrewarding thing to do. Aside from terrible breeding RNG, disconnects, desyncs and just awfully awkward autolooping that can stuck ur horse/wagon wasting time/lifepsan for nothing the possible outcome is nowhere near as good as cheat boxes from Horse Racing.
    After watching this video and checking comments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtMVoVV-CDg). I felt like spending 12 hours afk training horses is just a joke if u can spend 4 hours horse racing per day and get 1 box with horse. SO 1 day =1 horse. While manual leveling is always 1 day=dc, 1day=xcode error, 1day=desync (wagon just stopped in the middle of the road), 1 day=stucked in the corner, burnt wagon lifespan and 0 horses even week later.
    PS. If u would like to find at least 1 horse on the market of EU server, good luck! 11 pages of donkeys and tier1 horses with rare occasion of some sort of a decent horse. Maybe u would like to check for Black spirit crystal Viper? Good luck! Its all sold out~
    So my little suggestion is without pushing u to fix lags, dces, desyncs and ur broken autoloop, that changes its direction any time it wants. Maybe u can let people level horses via some function from stable NPC perhaps with some money. 
    Anyway r u sure everything is ok? I mean It was ALOT better times than now... 

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  13. Cersia added a post in a topic XignCode error 0xE019101A   

    Sadly 28.01.2017 problem for the first time appeared for me on my Win 10/64. I can play normaly for few hours then it kicks me with an error 0xE019101A. Especially nasty when it happens at night... I use Avira, malwarebytes and its 0 problems according to the scan reports.
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  14. Cersia added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    New Margoria fishing quest - [Lv.56][Professional Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Speedfishing (Katio NPC on Nada island)
    asks to catch:
    - Blackfin Seabass (5)
    - Swordfish (5)
    - Giant Grouper (2)
    BUT Blackfin Seabass is actually Blackfin Sea Perch >.< (my quest updated when I got 1 of those)
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  15. Cersia added a post in a topic Booger of a Clean Chick   

    Quest is not bugged (confirmed jan.2017). Took me about 7-8 tries, just make sure u check different chicks all the time, not clicking same one! Also u can fast press F to interract with it, without clicking with mouse. Good luck, tho energy is needed for each try, dont come empty handed.
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