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  1. Thierca added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Love the graphics here, but , bots on WOW and GW2 only, WAKE-UP !!! its full of bot here and they dont do a dam thing, why, the kill the market with auction sniper, that way we end up spending real money on costume, value pack and other rare items
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  2. Thierca added a post in a topic For finaly getting on Steam   

    if i need to install steam to play, im gone, i quit
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  3. Thierca added a post in a topic Karma System griefs everyone.   

    i do agree on the kill penalty, but who are you to claim a spot on the map as your proprierety ?
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  4. Thierca added a post in a topic Buying pearl shop items from market place is nearly impossible.   

    IM really mad about that, they tolerate the dam bot's
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  5. Thierca added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    Its already full of bots, so we need as player a way to be able to trade and buy from market in a way that sniper bots or the person with the most money cant interfer
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  6. Thierca added a post in a topic Lava not pulling extra agro?   

    yep, aggro last 2 seconds, plus my melee pet is all over the place on attack, but not on the mob and doesnt generate much agro compare to last patch, same with lava
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  7. Thierca added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Apr. 5 - 2017 *Update - 4/13*   

    Im getting lag wave like hell since 2 hours ago
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  8. Thierca added a post in a topic Cant connect   

    oups, finnaly got in.....after 3 minutes ( to character selection, ) looging in the game seems as hard, 3 min again, now, trying to switch character, same thing
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  9. Thierca added a post in a topic Cant connect   

    major lagg like i never seen, i get stuck at chossing a chanel
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  10. Thierca added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    the entrance is already there, just nothing living, with the size of the weekly updates, im sure there not missing much to open the invisible wall
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  11. Thierca added a post in a topic [Notice] *Update* NA Balenos Channel 1 Outage - 3/18/17   

    to many fishy bot's, do you intend to adress this issue ? or do you have a better bot snipping every outfit and value pack so people spend real money ?
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  12. Thierca added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Update: Servers are Live* Maintenance March 22nd   

    NO, can we have just plain servers ameliorations and stability and time to get to master all of our alts because, sincerly, i dont master much rigth now, my wizard just turned 56, relearning everything now, my warrior is 87% to 56, not in a rush to get him there until i fully control my wizard, got all kind of food and potions to makes, plus im trying to get a life
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  13. Thierca added a post in a topic Combat Experience Bonus Weekends - March/April 2017   

    wow, what do people with a life get ?   .......ok, nothing as usual
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  14. Thierca added a post in a topic Dark Knight Damage   

    forget liverto, a dk is at minimum 50% crit on all hit, so you need speed, im using ...yes a yuria lvl 10, im 51 and just started to use pots on tough elites, you guys are comparing to a sorc, the dk is very different from my sorc, she does good use of the liverto, im just working on making a good Kzarka for my dk cause she want speed, now on magic, even the KR community is divided on that mather, we all know she use magic, its a fact, does it count, how different ours is from theres, nobody knows yet, didnt see any serious test yet, just wannabe experts
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  15. Thierca added a post in a topic HP Regen and MP Regen for DK   

    lol, got to 40 without pots, this class is almost as good as a wizard
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