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  1. Fiain added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Reset?   

    They reset tonight at midnight, if I recall correctly.
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  2. Fiain added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    If I could ask for my boyfriend? I got my wish. So I understand if not. It's more of a, I really wanna give him something and can't thing, than he needs it.
    He's got MCS and so can't go out too often - a friend gave me the money to get him the game and we both love to go out and fish and kill mobs. I'm a college student and broke, and he can't work and his ssi is paying off bills and family food.
    Thing is, he doesn't have any pets and he commented that he really likes the sheperd dog, the brown guide hawk and the fox. Could I ask someone to gift him one of these? Just one, and randomly - I dont want him to know I asked or why he's getting a gift.
    I'm not telling him I'm asking.
    His family name is Nethersoul, and his character name is Detreyl. We are on NA.
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  3. Fiain added a post in a topic remove safe zone while santa is dropping gifts   

    I wanted the pirate flag and magic carpet for my house.
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  4. Fiain added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    I'm actually surprised by how many people are gifting. Its pretty heartwarming.
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  5. Fiain added a post in a topic remove safe zone while santa is dropping gifts   

    Making presents good for a few people would be nice.
    Realistically, its not hard to learn the route - I've had people get mad at me when I was still getting my pirate stuff because I had the route -and- all the present drop locations memorized in Velia, and since I'm a maehwa, I could dash and get there first.
    I'm just saying that, because isnt this supposed to be a more generous sorta thing? I typically ended up showing folks the route after but it'd be nice for it not to happen that one person could hog em in the first place.
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  6. Fiain added a post in a topic Will there be a pearl shop sale for Christmas?   

    I'd love to hear from a CM on this. I have a few friends hoping for it still.
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  7. Fiain added a post in a topic Venecil Dress + Alchemy Stone + Craftsman Clothes = Less than just Venecil   

    Uhm. When you process something and it says its not going as planned...? Yeah that? 
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  8. Fiain added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    I'd say me because my main's a 55 maehwa and I've never won at PvP in my life but.. I was gifted my top wish already.  
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  9. Fiain added a post in a topic This is where I'm at, and I could use help.   

    I chose maehwa as my main - after switching from tamer. I love the mobility and the fact that I can jump in and out of combat fairly quickly with chase.
    Its also pretty fluid and feels more natural to me.
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  10. Fiain added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    Theres been a few granted and people gifting - its just taken to pms and off the thread.
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  11. Fiain added a post in a topic A Time for savings??   

    Any actual pearl shop in game sales though?
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  12. Fiain added a post in a topic Marketplace.   

    Two people bid on an item, the game chooses one to win. 
    If the winner doesn't check their bid, the game sets it to first come first serve. 
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  13. Fiain added a post in a topic Marketplace.   

    I'm fairly sure the game picks someone who bid to win the item.. 
    I could definitely be wrong though. 
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  14. Fiain added a post in a topic A Time for savings??   

    I have a few friends waiting to get things for themselves until the sales, and as im the only real forumgoer.. Anyone have news so I can pass it on? 
    Anyone want to tag the gms for me? My phone doesnt want to. 
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  15. Fiain added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    i believe you need to friend them in game, and then its an option in the cash shop to gift. You send it to their family name. 
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