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  1. Ohashi added a post in a topic Why PKers don't care about karma?   

    "Cute" huh well I love you too, but try not to assume things next time.
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  2. Ohashi added a post in a topic Why PKers don't care about karma?   

    You would never be able to force me to go negative the fuh? I've killed countless people already and gain karma just as quickly.
    how exactly am I acting self righteous if I've already experienced turning on my PvP flag? If you get negative karma, you're doing it wrong.
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  3. Ohashi added a post in a topic Why PKers don't care about karma?   

    There is no such thing as becoming red on accident, if you have negative karma you did that yourself. The karma system is perfectly fine imo, if you want to dominate a spot and kill anybody close to you by all means but you shouldn't expect yourself to all of a sudden not get punished for it.
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  4. Ohashi added a post in a topic Once and for all, how much do we really suck?   

    I have had no problems whatsoever with warrior, so not sure why people keep complaining about him. I've already hit level 50 and have no problems competing for groups of mobs seeing how I usually take them anyways forcing people to either leave or invite me lol. In terms of PvP when I was level 43, I went up against a level 50 Valk. I did get destroyed for obvious reasons, but every time we fought I would take him down to half hp so if I were the same level (had the same skill points of a level 50). He definitely wouldn't have survived since we have multiple stagger cc to gap close on including 3 hard knock downs (chopping kick, grapple and ground smash) Including Ground Smash decreases movement speed dramatically making it even easier to cut your opponents down to size. I guess if you're struggling with warrior it doesn't mean you suck or you're garbage or none of that nonsense. It just means that the warrior most likely doesn't fit your play style, try out other classes and maybe you'll find your match.
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  5. Ohashi added a post in a topic This is not a bad launch   

    So you say they messed up "BIG TIME" then say it wasn't that bad. What? The launch for the ALPHA was pretty shaky, but this is the official launch where they have to try fix as much bugs as possible.
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  6. Ohashi added a post in a topic Dear devs: Please extend maintenance by another +4h   

    Omg yes Daum should extend the time, then the real party would begin in the forums haha
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  7. Ohashi added a post in a topic Only Paid Accounts should be Forum Users   

    I definitely think it should. I don't get why people who don't even own the game would even be able to use the forums anyways.
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  8. Ohashi added a post in a topic Salt levels are rising!!!   

    Too busy being excited with the game  Only now that there is a maint for the official release did I finally check out the forums lol
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  9. Ohashi added a post in a topic [POLL] Opinion on launch delay?   

    I think it's horrible!!! Terrible just terrible! I want my money back! On another note, I'd prefer them to take as much time as needed to start their official launch as smoothly as possible. Until then I will be enjoying the company of you lovely BDO players and getting off on the complaints from entitled brats
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  10. Ohashi added a post in a topic Salt levels are rising!!!   

    Oh yeah that is my bad! it's 1 more hour. The time sure flies by fast when you're enjoying yourself
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  11. Ohashi added a post in a topic Daum loves you(r) $$$   

    It's okay if Daum loves my money, I mean who doesn't amirite? Besides I love Daum's game <3
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  12. Ohashi added a post in a topic Salt levels are rising!!!   

    Yep it's me! Ohashi is my real name as well
    I definitely have to find this guy then
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  13. Ohashi added a topic in General   

    Salt levels are rising!!!
    So it seems the forums are starting to become toxic from all these entitled brats. How is everybody going to spend their time while waiting for these 2 extra hours? I'm probably going to be lurking on the forums while fapping toward tentacle hentai!
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  14. Ohashi added a post in a topic Launching a game 5 hours late looks really bad for a company.   

    Yeah idk about them doing this "ninja edit" I have always been waiting for it to be officially released at 1400 since the time they announced the servers were going down. To me I'm just waiting 2 more hours.
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