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  1. DesertYears added a post in a topic Lol Niflheim   

    I have no idea whats going on but is this ChunChun person like....alive and well? D:
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  2. DesertYears added a post in a topic My two cents/What I'd like to see improve   

    yh I'm one of those people that like trading but it's not something i think black desert really need. I would like to see some form of shared storage for guilds though.
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  3. DesertYears added a post in a topic Please do not release the new Ranger / Valk costumes in the NA/EU version!   

    For me the walking petting zoo was a tad over the top so i understand, maybe if there was a toggle to turn off costumes apart from the treant suit, for obvious reasons, it would also help with optimization and work well with culling if they ever introduce more optimization options.
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  4. DesertYears added a post in a topic Please do not release the new Ranger / Valk costumes in the NA/EU version!   

    What has someone else's taste got to do with your immersion? I personally love to mock the angel Halloween get up thing that we currently have but I'm not opposed to players having access to something like it, and if it makes PA money for development it's all good isn't it? What I will say though is we need more options more frequently on both ends of the spectrum by offering us counter costumes i.e  "Don't like the risky costumes? here's a nice safe one instead". I don't care if something is "slutty" or "skanky" which are comments I see all the time regarding some costumes as the people throwing those labels around are being far more derogative than any costume. No, they aren't my taste, but that's me, not the people who are happy to buy them. I know plenty of women running around in them also, so it isn't just for the men playing female characters.
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  5. DesertYears added a post in a topic My two cents/What I'd like to see improve   

    Disagreeness and repeat posting. 
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  6. DesertYears added a post in a topic A Cash shop item for P2P trading   

    Completely ignoring the fact the game was designed to be player to economy trading only, focusing on macro and not micro transactions, player to player trading is so non feasible as a matter of design more than anything.
    Having no player to player trading has certainly affected the playstyle of the friendly, helpful guildie that just wants to make everyone armour and give it to them, but guess what, not having the trinity also affected playstyles, and im willing to bet that affected many more people yet it still works, and as players we changed. In BDO a person can get lost in each one of the life skills and develop a new way of playing their game. The friendly, helpful guildie just has to adapt. As did the dedicated support / healer that i've been for 15 years, as it's a role that just seems be be getting phased out of most mmorpg's.
    Rather than trying to change the game to fit you, try and change yourself to fit the game, and it'll be a lot more enjoyable.
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  7. DesertYears added a post in a topic BDO, the Cash-Shop and its Impact   

    The reason I dont mind spending that much money on a costume is because it's not just a costume. I's 10% more exp forever and 10% less exp when I die. In this game, where level matters, and over a long period of time these bonuses are important. For me, a costume is like a one off donation that gives you a donators benefit, unlike the monthly subscription of Elder Scrolls Online. Though getting things cheaper is never a bad thing, especially if it isentivises me to make a repeat purchase.
    Though I do have an issue with these costumes being class locked and character bound, I have a costume on a class I'm not very good at playing, it was a hasty purchase, yet there is no option to correct that error on my part. I also have a problem with the staggered release of costumes. This strategy causes more people to want to buy the one new costume that has been released and then people still look the same, so then when the new costume comes out they want to get it, and so on... it's an underhanded marketing technique used to maximise profits and play off of the distinct lack of choice and options we were initially provided with, and it is transparent.
    Oh.. Well... *goes back to forum*
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  8. DesertYears added a post in a topic More RP in an MMORPG   

    Well with regards to the emotes you can edit their tags and simply type /tag? Would be nice to have more though with less restrictions.
    As for the actions of laying down there is a /sleep emote and for sitting you can back peddle into almost anything, it's more the issue that there are a lack of in game settings that allows you to do this as the chair is inaccessible or something.
    To rephrase, there are a huge ammount of places to back peddle into, yet the chairs that exist within many social spots like in world taverns are inaccessible, though it really hasn't been a problem for my RP guildies in RustyNails.
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  9. DesertYears added a post in a topic Plague Doctor Costume   

    FF14 has one  .....I wannit here
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  10. DesertYears added a post in a topic Family names in party/guild chat   

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  11. DesertYears added a topic in Suggestions   

    Regarding EXP loss upon Death
    I've been thinking recently that as a witch, I NEVER get to use revive on anyone. No one ever waits for it as it is faster to go to nearest node than to wait on its cooldown, and therefore revive seems like an entirely pointless skill.

    A situation where I died earlier on in the week had me accidentally revived on the spot and the game AUTOMATICALLY bought an Elion's tear with the 400 pearls I was saving for my next donation. This is a "feature" I'm seriously not impressed with, yet it does so because the reward was being able to revive without an EXP loss, obviously intended for the benefit of hardcore PvPers. Yet, I'd rather have kept my pearls thanks..

    It made me think that it was somewhat unfair as it means, to my knowledge, only players with pearls can revive without an EXP loss. Now, assuming the cash shop in this game exists purely for convenience and cosmetic items, yet this item stands out to me as the only way to mitigate EXP loss, I strongly feel that there should be a way to achieve this same effect in the game, all whilst being more inconvenient than simply purchasing this cash shop only item.

    My suggestion is to add an EXP loss mitigation effect to a Witches revive skill with regards to the level of the skill or even it's awakening. The effect should of course stack with costume effects, and should be fairly balanced, however as a witch, I'd be happy to have more utility for one of my skills as well as being able to mitigate some exp loss for other players. Any more thoughts or criticisms about this suggestion are welcome. I'm just assuming it hasn't been suggested yet. 

    The reason I'm hopeful that this suggestion would be accepted is because of the addition of items and potions which counter the Treant costumes hidden name effect.
    p.s can we have a toggle to turn off automatic Elion Tears purchases? :3
    p.ps Can has my 50 pearls back? ¬ ¬
    No interest? 
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  12. DesertYears added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    Sorceress: Illiyannah Ackart

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  13. DesertYears added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

  14. DesertYears added a post in a topic Treant Costume (Ghillie Suit)   

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  15. DesertYears added a post in a topic Looking for a Home (Jordine)   

    Still free to a good home, will fish for foods and board! 
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