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  1. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Now they are
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  2. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Eu servers are not back, as of right now at least
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  3. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Contribution Point Soft Cap at 255 not 300   

    Its working fine I am at 295 contribution points. It just takes a lot longer to earn a point as you get more CP. In the same way as levelling slows down massively when you hit Level 55
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  4. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic EXCHANGE ITEMS: Let NPC's give us gold ingots instead of silver   

    Call me a cynic but if they gave you ingots instead of silver your weight limit would decrease massively and your farming time would increase in line. Then the reason to buy extra weight limit from pearls would not be such a pressing one.
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  5. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Magic Crystals   

    Amen to that suggestion. I have my whole storage in Keplan full of just crystals. Fully expanded by hard earned cash......now call me a cynic but that could be the reason they dont stack!
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  6. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic allow opening map or cash shop while cooking/alchemy   

    Cooking 100 beers without being able to check workers, look at map to see if transports have arrived or generally do anything useful in the age it takes to make said 100 beers is nothing short of mind bending boredom, so I agree, allow the map to be opened during cooking and alchemy crafting.
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  7. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Cash shop [Account-bound]   

    This is the thing that annoys me the most about the financial aspects of this game, like you I rolled a Kuno this week when they were finally released, however prior to that I ran around on my maehwa and before that my tamer, I could not play either Maehwa or Kuno from launch. To that end my inventory space, weight limits costumes etc from my tamer are now redundant as its just an energy use character now. I got burnt when I rolled Maehwa as I had to buy all the stuff I had brought for my tamer for a second time.
    Now with Kuno out, which will now be my main I am in the unenviable position of either spending for a third time to get the same inventory space the same weight limit and the same costumes ...(that I have already paid for twice) or just play with no weight carrying capacity and no inventory space save that limited space you get by questing.
    Inventory, weight limit and certain outfits, I am thinking Horse XP outfit, Ghille Suit, and Fish outfit and cooking outfit should be account bound. Other costumes could still  be class specific in my view and I would'nt be too grumpy about that.
    If pets can be account bound then other things can be too,
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  8. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Energy capped??   

    The cap is currently 300. I have 300 energy,and despite continuing to finish things in my knowledge book my energy has not increased. For example I got the last toon in altinova yesterday after getting the required amity with Edman. I should of got more energy after this but stayed at 300. The last black spirit quest for energy is to reach 300 which kinda makes sense if that is the cap. What I don't understand is why the cap is set at a level below what is attainable in game already.
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  9. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic high Elionian Priest Required Amity   

    Ok after talking to a guildie this I finally was able to speak to the High priest and complete my knowledge. When you have 200 or 500 Amity with Bipache (I had 567) you do not get anything off of him, no knowledge or no prompt that you now have the amity to speak to the High Priest. However when you go back to the High Priest you can talk to him and complete your knowledge. So in summary, get 200 or 500 amity with Bipache (try 200 first) once you have this level leave Bipache and go to the High priest in Calpheon again and you should be able to talk to him.
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  10. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Was this before or after the patch to increase the amount of higher tier horses?
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  11. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    So glad i wasted a lot of RL money on the feathery costume for my tamer and the matching horse costume. They should both be a brilliant white as shown in the cash shop but due to the way the lighting messes them up they look a dirty grey/brown most of the time. Maybe its Daum's way of making me buy dyes, but you know what? I brought them to be white and would quite like that to be the case ingame.
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  12. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    A quick question to all you breeders out there. I have two level 10 T4s Male and Female. Do you think if i breed them at this level I am pretty safe in the expectations of a T5 baby or would you suggest I level up both of my T4s some more. Thanks in advance for any advice
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  13. DesertRat70 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    high Elionian Priest Required Amity
    To speak to the High Elonian Priest apparently you need to get a certain amount of Amity with the NPC Bipache. Firstly there is no amity wheel on this NPC and secondly despite talking to him anyway like some on the forums suggest and getting my Amity to over 500 with him I still cant get the knowledge required to talk to the High Elonian Priest. This is the last NPC in the group i need to complete my knowledge so its pretty damn annoying
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  14. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic high Elionian Priest Required Amity   

    Well I can confirm that its not working still and i have 587 amity with Bipache
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  15. DesertRat70 added a post in a topic Server Maintenance   

    Time to binge watch 5 episodes of house of Cards
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