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  1. Jiav added a post in a topic Why People Are Quitting Black Desert   

    cant be as bad as the division
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  2. Jiav added a post in a topic Ultimate Heve   

    atleast they add more viable options to the endgame armor choice.
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  3. Jiav added a post in a topic Good servers for new player?   

    For EU the most pop server should be jordine, it might get a little crowded in the level 55+ zones, but i guess once you reach that level valenica should be out anyway.
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  4. Jiav added a post in a topic Die erschreckende Zukunft von BDO   

    Agreed, diese ganze "loli" scheisse ist extrem.. und sehr sehr grenzwertig. In TERA imo ganz besonder schlimm. Ein grund weshalb ich das game sehr schnell auch wieder verlassen habe, es nervt einfach ständig mit dem thema konfrontiert zu werden.
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  5. Jiav added a post in a topic Korean Patch notes 6/9 ( No more RNG stats on leveling)   

    ● The calculation of the ability to increase when characters level up has changed from a fixed random.
    - Maximum HP / Maximum MP / maximum determination / Max divine power
    * Fixed changed depending on the value increase maximum HP / Max MP / Max grit / Maximum power of the divine character has been rising.
    Nice! Dulfy on reddit says they also added fishing/farming/hunting quest + an ingame function for afk water gathering. Nice patch for life skills for once.
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  6. Jiav added a post in a topic Truffle mushroom hypha   

    it doesnt exist;(
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  7. Jiav added a post in a topic Node level and Drops   

    not sure, i read somewhere it was 20%, could be 15%, well q&a confirmed that it increases rare loot (ogre rings ++) thats atleast something
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  8. Jiav added a post in a topic OK, time for a new MMORPG!   

    published by MYgames, aka skyforge, game will be p2w, enjoy
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  9. Jiav added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    pretty sure
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  10. Jiav added a post in a topic The consequences of a single cheater   

    repost number #201+5
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  11. Jiav added a post in a topic PA's Business Plan   

    wow asia took some time to catch up
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  12. Jiav added a post in a topic Has the game hit the point of no return?   

    no rant about boss armor? i am disappointed
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  13. Jiav added a post in a topic How to get a DUO: Ogre Ring   

    its 35 for 33,75%, that only counts for /rare/ tho, green and yellow follow a different table that wasnt datamined yet
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  14. Jiav added a post in a topic Has the game hit the point of no return?   

    the forum is always crowded with ppl that are unhappy and want to complain because of X. Every forum poll is not a good indicator. When they would remove world bosses, the forum would get full of players that will want them back. Like in beta, daum wanted to remove bosses, our great testers wanted them to stay. Now we have them, gj community:D
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  15. Jiav added a post in a topic will blackstones wep hit 400k by the time new update is out?   

    they were 400 to begin with, atleast on alustin our price went from ~240 to 180
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