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  1. darthaden added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Um just sticking with my 4 tier 1 pets.no way am I paying real money for RNG. personally I don't mind my pets not picking up all the loot, let's me grind longer before I have to dump weight.
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  2. darthaden added a post in a topic Apologies to the new players   

    Last I checked those free oger rings they're handing out aren't tet so tge new players still have plenty to work for.
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  3. darthaden added a post in a topic Make maids global   

    Why? because they want you to buy one for every territory 
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  4. darthaden added a post in a topic Should I buy BDO?   

    Try to get a guest pass so you can try it first. imo Tge game is great but it's not without faults and isn't for everyone.
    A few things I personally like about the game is the complexity of life skills and workers, it almost feels like a strategy game in that department
    The combo combat system is really fun
    And the graphics are unreal for a mmo
    .......on the negative side the game has dc issues and lags pretty regularly 
    Rng will drive many people mad
    There's no real strategy in the combat, you pretty much just run around in a circle nuking mobs down and this goes for pretty much every mob In the game, there's not really anything any mobs do that require you to do anything else
    You just reminded me of another issue I have with the game. while you can group and for things like guild bosses and awakened scroll bosses you need to group there's no real cooperation between party members like there is in games like wow. you fight more like a solo fight that just happens to have other solo fighter fighting next to you
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  5. darthaden added a post in a topic when is the kamasilve update NA   

    While I'm no where near strong enough to go when it launches I hope it gets here asap........so long as the xp and drops are good enough to get all the high level geared player out of pirates and sausans it'll be a win for me
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  6. darthaden added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    and that is another huge issue. why is a item from two expansions ago bis? shouldn't current content drops be bis, give more silver, and give more xp? encourage those who are higher level and better geared to farm the new higher end content by rewarding them for doing so and buff rates for older out dated gear so new players can reatch the new content in months instead of a year
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  7. darthaden added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    Simple solution buff the drop rates on old gear like oger rings. buffing the drop rate on items like this will let newer players catch up but as long as the new area has better drops the hardcore players will still have the advantage they've earned, it just won't be as significant 
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  8. darthaden added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15?   

    Imo what the game needs in the future isnt to go over pen for enchants but it does need better armor then boss, better necks then oger, and better xp areas then sausans/pirates. what the game needs to do is give the high level and better geared players better grinding spots so they're not stuck grinding in the same low level places. a high level player should feel motivated to grind in a high level spot, not a low level area killing ogers so they can try to upgrade a ring from 2 expansions ago
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  9. darthaden added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    Subforums for each life skill please 
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  10. darthaden added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I'm sure this has already been asked but I don't have time to read 1118 pages lol. any opinions on if branding a horse is worth it if I get lucky enough to get a T8? or even with a T7?
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  11. darthaden added a post in a topic Crafted Economy still poop   

    Couple things
    1. if your looking to buy crafted items there's no guarantee they'll even b3 available, tge only sure way of getting them is to make them yourself 
    2  yes mats sell for more then crafted items but often times I've found tge crafted items sell MUCH faster then the mats
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  12. darthaden added a post in a topic Leveling in Mediah is overcrowded..   

    I just started playing again myself and noticed I had quests to kill 500 of different mobs to get rid of the black spirit dailies that keep showing up every day so I've been one of those steamrolling low level mobs with my awakening weapon 
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  13. darthaden added a post in a topic Anniversary - BIG disappointment   

    This is why I have ONE main and the rest I simply log on every couple days to dump energy in a node. I'm not buying outfits, inventory slots, and weight for more then one toon. I'm willing to spend around $15 a month for the game as that's the mmo standard so now that I have pets, a outfit, carry wight, and inventory slots for my ONE to on Im just going to buy a sub every month. if I happen to get lucky and snipe one off the market maybe I'll buy a horse outfit or more weight with that $15 instead for the month.
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  14. darthaden added a post in a topic "Event-Driven" Economy is a Problem   

    I don't even bother with rng anymore, I just force everything and these events are a big reason why......sure it may cost millions in repair bills but I don't care I have to farm a few hours to level and I got a free 10 million gold bar in the mail anyway 
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  15. darthaden added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    If they allowed anyone to kill anyone aNY time they wanted with no penalty this game would have died along time ago. a couple guilds with high gear scores and high levels could literally stop the other 95% of players from being able to progress 
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