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  1. Leokaiser added a post in a topic Crimson battlefield uhh WTF ?   

    My last match of tonight went as follows:
    Check Battleground status. All ongoing games <10 minutes, 3 different channels have one sole sucker wasting their time waiting for others to join them because there is no queuing system. I join one of them, and so it begins.
    I'm reasonably geared 52 Valk 1v1 against a very well geared 55 Warrior. He has way more damage output than me, but I have hundreds of 2s CD potions on me, so we are only fighting to kill time before others join.
    After 2 minutes, another super geared 55 Valk has joined their team, and some Wizard has joined me. We keep fighting until others show up - zero deaths on either side, though they can at least come close to putting the Wizard down.
    After 6 minutes, we now have 5 people on our side vs their 2. Still we cannot kill either of the two opposing behemoths, and with the added CC and bodies on our side, they again have no chance to drop one of us..
    At the 10 minute mark, no one else has joined us and we know there will be no more able to join past this point (I will note that one of the of matches running when ours started was 15v17 and another was 8v9 or thereabouts, so we weren't the only people playing), so everyone gives up trying in any real sense. Most of us are standing around having a nice chat about how disgracefully bad the Battlefield's design is. The Warrior eventually died when the 4 others ganged up on him, but I'm not even sure he was still at his keyboard. I didn't even stay to the end to collect my free seals, as I had wasted a good 15 minutes for zero return in the form of fun.
    So, you can make arguments about why gear should matter or how pots are important for class balance in principle, but when scenarios like the above happen in reality, I suspect only the most delusional players could reasonably suggest that the current implementation of the Red Battlefield is anything but hilariously abysmal.
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  2. Leokaiser added a post in a topic Crimson Battlefield and Tree Suits   

    I haven't made any complaints about the ghillie suit in oPvP even though it becomes a major annoyance in large group fights, but there is a massive difference in the Red Battleground: a player with a higher score is a higher value target, and without being able to see their name, it becomes extremely difficult to pick them out and focus them.
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  3. Leokaiser added a topic in General   

    Possible to rebind specific key functions?
    Does anyone know if it is possible to rebind a specific function bound to a certain key? In particular, is there any way to get rid of the useless roll/duck function from Q?
    I play as a Valk, and as such, I rely on pressing Q to go into Guard a lot. Nothing worse than getting jumped, trying to guard without your weapon drawn and thus doing a silly roll which takes near a full second to recover from. It would be nice to change the controls to prevent this; around 100 buttons on a keyboard to utilize, afterall.
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  4. Leokaiser added a post in a topic Is it safe to play a Valk? Or should I run for all the same reasons   

    You gear level sounds roughly the same as mine, though I use 4 piece Agerian with 2x PRI: Ring of Good Deeds for extra accuracy.
    The first thing that springs to mind is, as other have said, not having Ult: SoJ. This is a huge component of our burst, especially as it should be hitting twice in one basic combo But while 51 sees a massive spike in damage for us, I never felt bad about my output before then, so I wonder how many hits you are getting into your combo? Even with only Ult:CS > SoJ3 > Grab > Sharp Light > SoJ3, you should be laying down some considerable pain.
    Get another level and let us know how you get on. If you aren't impressed with our burst, I have no idea what to say. No one who's opinions I place much stock in agrees that Valk's lack damage.
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