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Posts posted by Draganta

  1. Hidden path of Black spirit adventure got 1 gold ingot... while the ones outside are over 500k you should fix that hidden patch reward :D

  2. Berserker NERF Incoming? *-*

    Why should they nerf zerks? you still believe they are "OP" ? all heals can be cancelled if you grab or attack from behind. They do decent dmg and if a 200 ap enemy comes their 300 DP get melted down... and grab combo.. it would be only "OP" if there would be no Desync and grab resist. If Other people can kill Zerks than you can too just learn how!

  3. Ye this event is definitaly dead. not getting a login reward and not getting the drops from mobs :D and please please please remove the Black spirit board... i always click on it and  want to roll but it says event over. just let the whole Task dissapear like it used to be. thanks

  4. cann0nf0der; I am on the list but no title has been added to my account to claim.

    So you checked on the main page if you can claim the title or just checked in game because in game you won't find anything... Just log in your account on the main site and click on account and check if something is claimable 

  5. Hier Screens dazu,



    Bei Herrliche kiste (splendid box) sollte nur "cron stones, cron stones, cron stones, mark of shadow, cron stones, cron stones, cron stones stehen :D

  6. Hello everybody! i have noticed that the splendid box only gives cron stones i have never seen someone else getting something good out of it me and my mate opened like 7 of them and got only cron stones and i think thats something that needs to be fixed. i really appreciate the event and that you guys give free items but only cron stones on a box which need ancient pearls where you farm 10 hours to get 1? please check it out. thank you regards Dragonfall


    Edit: So i guess its only me that have cron stones reward?

  7. ok i tried to start the game for 2 hours now it repairs patch and corrupt file then repairs patch and corrupt file again.. how can i fix that?


  8. Selling the shards definitely wasn't the criteria. As mentioned before, if you suspect any players that used the exploit but were not banned, please report them and we'll investigate their account.

    I can confirm this screenshot is real, as I was the one sending out the ban messages.

    Best regards,
    GM Dew

    GM Dew you are my hero thanks for giving the people  that really try hard a bit of faith :-) 

  9. In KR who got over 100mil silver Perma ban who got 10-100 silver 30 days ban and who got 10mil silver 7 days ban :'D

    well of course in Europe you can't count on that i guess.. i mean they didn't fix the ppl that had the Fishing bug which went master 17+ right or did they?!

  10. Ja wieder jemand der Äpfel mit Birnen vergleicht...die Diskussion mit dir is mir echt zu doof...

    Nur kurz Poker geht auch um echtes Geld nicht um ingame Silber...

    Oder hat dir deiner Meinung nach deinen echt Geld einsatz weg exploited???


    Denk mal darüber nach.


    Könnt man meinen...aber ich spiele erst seit ca. 1 1/2 Monaten


    p.s. man sollte aufpassen mit Andeutungen die zu Anschuldigungen führen könnten, da gehts Richtung Verleumdung ist kein Spaß vor Gericht selbst wenn man sowas nur in einen Forum geschrieben hat.


    So machts gut...

    Wer sagt dir das es nicht auch hier um echt Geld geht? das hätten die Leute benutzen können um ihre Accounts für ein höheren wert zu verkaufen..


    Warum denkst du nicht mal darüber nach?

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  11. Hello!

    I have a question which has been for around 5 days in my mind.

    Since the event stopped with the Gathering - Hard and Sharp black crystal shards are way to hard to get and they drop superb rare so far and i don't know why.

    Everyday i am putting my 300-500 energy into this "professional 6 almost 7" in gathering and get 0 or max 1 shard in a whole day.

    Before the event i atleast got 3-4 hard/sharp crystals which was quiet ok in the event i got like 6-8 which was really nice but now after the event i get 0-1.

    i am using mostly Fluid collectors and butcher knifes.. maybe you guys should check that out because i am getting sick of gathering for nothing.


  12. I didn't even know there was a training bug. But I did notice horses warping past me, using some kind of animation bug to jump the horse ahead at extreme speed repeatedly. Maybe that's what they're fixing.. 

    Nah dude this is instant accel + drift you can high boost your horse to be the fastest ingame (: sprint is nothing against it if you know how it works! 

  13. Depending on one major factor, Musa may have been nerfed more than it was buffed. Reduced damage on Rising Storm cooldown, which no one has confirmed yet if it affects Rising Storm: Blaze as it is a second "Rising Storm" with a different animation. Maewha's Red Moon damage wasn't touched. As it stands, Maewha outperforms Musa in every aspect now.

    I am disappointed with the nerf to Chase by adding a Stamina cost to it. Musa/Maewha can no longer use Chase infinitely via Herbal juices. This is something not even KR, RU & JP have in their versions.

    I dunno why you keep beeing dissapointed on the stamina nerf? i have 1700 stamina and can finely use chase for like 5 minutes without interruption. its a matter of fact taht you didn't clearly train your stuff right and have no costume which gives you extra 100 stamina (:

    Another thing is Rising storm got nerfed a tiny bit on dmg normal if it goes on CD! but you should be more happy that if you keep using it constantly it wont go back on CD timer!

    Get a liverto +15 and you will notice no difference from last to this patch (: 125 ap makes musa still OP!