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Maxwell wabbits

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  1. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic why bdo loose alot members   

    im back in the slums of altis Asylum #2

    and Rust

    bye friends

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  2. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic Maxwell wabbits logging out for the last time   

     the % of rng,  and weeks of grinding to achieve nothing,  playing 24/7 its just like everything in the game i have got no where at all breeding horses , the last two black horses where worth 15 million each i exchanged them as well  for the love of god to give me tier 7 , after all  this isnt the first time ive tried to get a tier 7 from two tier 6 , breeding and exchange , and i told my self well this is the last shot i got what else can i do 
     its just not my cup of tea anymore , to play so long and achieve nothing is completely pointless is my eyes , i dont care about silly ellion tears or anything else people say is pay to win , there is so much RNG you will just waste your money , ive always said its Pay to lose , 
    i am completely burnt out just so you guys know why im leaving 
    it takes 176h 55m to level two tier 6 to level 30  im not doing all that again just to get two more tier 5 6 maybe with a chance of a female , no way in hell am i risking 180 hours of game play to receive nothing again . sorry guys/girls  i did try and i backed this game up from the start but as time has gone on i've realised how much RnG % in this game can really effect your whole month of what you have worked towards 
    Tier 6 Female level 28  +Tier 6 male level 28   =    Tier 5  Tier 6 
     thats me done sorry 
    not having that , not after 180 hours
     Good night and Godspeed  And thanks all for your kind words , im sure ill see you all somewhere on another game perhaps 
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  3. Maxwell wabbits added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Maxwell wabbits logging out for the last time
    training since game come out, last straw
    2 pure black tier 6 bred them level 28's gave me  1 red tier 5 with rubbish colours and a tier 6 red female with rubbish score/colour
    thanks GG 
    glad i didnt spend 1000$ like some people did then regretted it 
    see you later guys its been fun , maybe see you on another game 
    maxwell wabbits OUT and im not coming back 
    see you in identity or rust . 
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  4. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic I'm so -----ing thankful for Nvidia Geforce   

    no nvidia control panel 
    adaptive v sync
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  5. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic Racist Chat Worst I've Ever Seen In A Game!   

    there are chat filters just put all the racist names in there , an no way this game worst racism this is just troll 
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  6. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic I'm so -----ing thankful for Nvidia Geforce   

     use Adaptive v sync 
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  7. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic which class is the best for first character?   

    level in group you get more xp 
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  8. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic which class is the best for first character?   

    Ranger is the best class for PvP/world boss/ other class i would say do is a Sorc ... but whats the point when Ranger is harder than Sorc
    stick with ranger hang in and look at Exp boosts and stuff maybe food and other stuff you are not doing , also look at where your suppose to be grinding at that level 
    you are only a few hours away 
    20. Grind kurutos until level 35-36. At 35 you can leave for the refugee camp west and grind there to 38, or at 36 leave north for Caphras Cave.

    21. Grind Caphras until around 39-40.

    22. Accept the awakening quest from black spirit to go to the bree tree ruins to the west, run through the ruins and complete the quest, then ride south to the chimaeras outside of keplan.

    23. Grind Chimaeras until level 46~ then decide to go Mansha to 48, Giants to 48, or straight to catfish to 50. If you didn’t go directly to catfish at 50, swap to them when you hit 48 regardless.

    24. Optional: at 48 you can stop purely grinding and start doing the black spirit quests ‘Need a Sharper Weapon” and “Familiar Aura”.

    25. At 49, you will get a co-op quest to kill balemorn, this quest requires that you had done all 4 awakenings mentioned in the guide thus far, and you must complete this quest to hit level 50. Once done, finish grinding to hit 50.
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  9. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

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  10. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    eh ....wat
    nvm post was jacked
    theres some colour house = 0 reds and he got red tier 7 
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  11. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic Found a nice benefit from the crazy lag on Serendia E2 (Edan)   

    @CM_Jouska bug
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  12. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic Ranged Classes: Ship us the silver platter   

    all it is , is the one shot kill, 
    thats all it is 
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  13. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic Process to switch your weekly scroll boss?   

    dont smash R read all options
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  14. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic how are we gonna get failstacks for +17/18   

    simple f2p fix
    ENCHANTINGCHANCE OF SUCESSDECREASE MAX DURABILITYFAIL STACKS+15 to +16   20%10+2+16 to +17       10%10+3+17 to +18       5%10+4+18 to +19      5%10+4+19 to +20         5%10+4
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  15. Maxwell wabbits added a post in a topic Dev. can you please fix the silver weight   

    be funny if you drop a % of money when killed ,. then the pkers get over weight and have to go to town lol
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