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  1. Sabo added a post in a topic Daum, thanks for removing obnoxious guild logos   

    he just keeps on giving ^_^
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  2. Sabo added a post in a topic would bad RNG lead you to quit the game?   

    Compared to the vindictus bootcamp of 5 years, I can say HELL NO lol 
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  3. Sabo added a post in a topic <Critical> [Edan] is now recruiting for its family! PvP/GvG | Daily Missions | Weekly Scrolls | TS3   

    I managed to play the game a bit before being deployed for the last couple of months, I am liking the way your guild operates. Getting all around good vibes haha. Currently only level 20 but I'm going to Fucus on getting to 55 and gearing up as much as I can. I'll be applying to this guild in a few months! Look forward to it!
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  4. Sabo added a post in a topic Imagine a world ...   

    hey raxor did you play a game called vindictus? If so we used to be good friends back before the level 90 cap haha
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  5. Sabo added a post in a topic Should Valencia 1 update include classes awakened weapons?   

    We might have to wait until Augest for warriors awakening hopefully sooner! That great sword would make me fall for the game even more 
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  6. Sabo added a post in a topic You lose 1% EXP if you are ganked?   

    tell me that when you are 99% to lvl 56 and die
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  7. Sabo added a post in a topic Wow what a jerk..I didn't know other people can do that   

    oh god i would be pist off! what a horrible person
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  8. Sabo added a post in a topic Black desert SLI scaling?   

    Sweet thanks! I will be using DisplayPort tho, Do you know how much fps gain over a single card?
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  9. Sabo added a topic in General   

    Black desert SLI scaling?
    How well does it scale for those of you with multiple GPUS? Reason i am asking is because.....
    Thanks in advance
    I am aware of the 24hz issue on fullscreen but what about for those who it works properly? Do you set up your own sli profile?
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  10. Sabo added a post in a topic Fable legends canceled thoughts?   

    Was it that bad? Holy crap O:
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  11. Sabo added a post in a topic Good portion of rangers/wizards re-rolling/quitting   

    This is why i always play the weakest class! AKA warrior only uphill from here! also i love his gameplay ^^ by the way your avatar looks really unique! cute af!
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  12. Sabo added a post in a topic Refund refused   

    Look a new friend! HI friend!
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  13. Sabo added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Fable legends canceled thoughts?
    So i was looking forward to this game(not as much as BDO) but i was really looking forward to it! finding out it got canceled was like a huge hit to the B%%lls
    What is your opinion on this guys? were any of you looking forward to this game at all?
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  14. Sabo added a post in a topic I will buy OVERWATCH, not BDO   

    My friend Live is short, You have to have the courage to go for gold..!
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