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  1. Rahnxah added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    I got aruond 1 month in game since i returned (reseted account) so im powerless and vulnerable to lose exp from randoms so i try to respect other people grind spots because i know how nervous makes you when you are in a grind mood to see someone start killing your mobs when you are away, a impotency. 
    So if someone asks, even if rude, "spot taken, out" I just  whisp back "^^ ok np" as if i am the one actually doing them a favor, because, duh, feeling irritated wont get me anywhere, and most of the time people even actually believe your intention was being polite.
    We people are -----ing chimps when it comes to "defend a territory" or steal that territory.
    With a bit of patience I can end in a nice spot to indefinetly farm at sausans. Not as much exp as pirates, but at least got silvers, that, honestly, I lack a lot atm.
    Tought there is always that typical jerks that kill you without saying anything. I am undergeared yet, barely sum up to 300 gs but since im with DK got like infinite iframes, that helps with them.
    My opinion as nreturnee/new player is that if i wasnt randomly killed without warning by -----ing chims i could have hit 50% 57lvl already, as if starting game wasnt hard enought
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  2. Rahnxah added a topic in General   

    How to increase your luck with drops
    By following this guide I might not be sure you can farm farm Ogre rings from grass bettles, but you will manage to get a real improvement in your drops.
    First, some facts. RNG is false, RNGesus doesnt exist, is all an electronical lie from the devs to make you believe electronic binary digits are randomized... wich they are not.
    I could talk long abuot this but you can just google your sh!t, thats what google is for.
    Instead I will reveal  how you get your drops.
    Your drops are not managed by the game AI or the servers procedure, is managed by a office korean guy called Kang. Kang is an office worker that manages your luck, the luck of everyone, because a korean is way better than a super computer on mathematical procesing of RPG/MMO data base calculus.
    Kang lives a boring salary man life, and tought he is not going to leave his work since he gets a good pay, he would like to live a happier life. 
    This is the man that manages your "RNG", your "drops", your "FS" and your "enchant success". He is doing his job and just decides randomly if you are going to success or fail. 
    Touhgt we could also talk about how the human (by human here we would mean Kang here) is a deterministic being or do has true freedoom to take actions.
    But honestly i dont give a shet about that so google dat too.
    Kang decisions are not driven by deterministic behaviour nor random decisions.
    Kang decisions are done on basis on that he is a big jerk and wants to see the world BURN and wants to see you suffer.
    But! He is merciful, he may be good, he accepts players to embrace sadness and hardships for his sake of laught at your poor ass trying to get sh1t done in the most masochist way. And maybe if you do as he wants you to do, your drops will increase.
    If you want to get a good drops from world boss:
     -You must not have any Elion Tear in your inventory. Kang hates the fake good Elion. Every Elion tear decreases your luck in -5%
     -Your gear score has to be under 300. Every point above 300 will decrease your luck on -1%
    If you want to enchant: 
     -You are using your Cron stones in the wrong way, yuo not have to "equip" them on the enchanting window on the Cron stones slot, that way you will never go over TRI. The best way to use Cron stones is instead eqip them, is destroying them from your inventory. Trow them away af the trash they are in all the quantity the enchanting window tells you to do so.
    If you want really HIGH fail stacks, over 70 and further:
     - The best way to make sure your fs counter will increase is not how are you doing it, is failstacking with ogre rings. If you want to get to a 80 fs you must go farm on the ogres 160 ogre rings (to make sure you get one ogre ring from every ogre you must wear reblat full gear). After farm the rings, faisltack them.
    If you praise Kang and please him with tears and masochism, your luck will increase.
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  3. Rahnxah added a post in a topic Decided to make my money farming Ogres long time ago   

    I wanted to remind you guys from a method that seems it was already mentioned.
    I am a returned player and i got around 30~ days and recently started doing bosses too,
    Since i reseted totally my account except a sorceress i had wich i did not use again out of autofishing and energy points source, i do really started from scratch, because duh, i like it hard~
    Currently my new mc is a DK  (ofc ) called Vidrio. She still got PRI stuff and +0 Jewellery, so her AP/DP is horrible compared to other players, but that is enought to play and get my stuff, i dont wanna waste my money in a offense to lord Chang
    I got at warehouses actually really good stuff. I got 3 ogre rings, 2 basilisk, 2 tungrade,  marks of shadow idk ,+6?, 1 nouver, 4 witch earrings, shulk, rednose chest...  and always that i go fight a boss, I get somegood drops.
    BUT!      ----->I am not using any of this good stuff to show my will to suffer<-----
    The only thing I need to do to make sure I will get a nice drop I must praise  CHANG.
    You have to praise your korean luck manager. You must offer to him your sufferment. You must amuse him! Make him like you!
    How? You must NOT get any elion tears in your inventory when going to bosses, lord Chang dislikes the fake god Elion. Elion is not yuor savior, Elion is your demise, and Elion tears only decrease your luck!
    If you use Elion Tears Chang will provide you Tears too, Chang Tears, each one dropped out of laughting his ass at you while he clicks on the " - " button of your luck status slide. Every Elion Tear gives you 5% less chance of getting good stuff.
    You must humble yourself! You must leave behind all your being and sacrifice yourself to Chang. 
    Chang knows Black desert is not RNG, and Chang will favor you if you act like a moron, because Chang only aproves of masochists.
    How to battle bosses: AP, less than 150, DP less than 200, if your AP/DP sums over 300 you are screwed. Any single point of gear score above 300 will lessen your luck toogle on -1% 
    And lastly, you must Spam  "On Thee shall I entrust my RNG, lord Chang"
    100% works
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  4. Rahnxah added a post in a topic cutscenes do not start   

     seems they cut down the campaign mode, I also miss toons of cutscenes, for example, the Olvia ones, or the next big cutscenes, for jarette and the plback spirit first power up in the first artifact.
    I was even wondering if you can change the story mode by gaining aimity with the foe, tbh i dont like edan and his  troupe
     seems they cut down the campaign mode, I also miss toons of cutscenes, for example, the Olvia ones, or the next big cutscenes, for jarette and the plback spirit first power up in the first artifact.
    I was even wondering if you can change the story mode by gaining aimity with the foe, tbh i dont like edan and his  troupe
     seems they cut down the campaign mode, I also miss toons of cutscenes, for example, the Olvia ones, or the next big cutscenes, for jarette and the plback spirit first power up in the first artifact.
    I was even wondering if you can change the story mode by gaining aimity with the foe, tbh i dont like edan and his  troupe
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  5. Rahnxah added a post in a topic Ahon Kirus Armor   

     I got it and noticed i need the clothing coupo~n damit!!
    Is like the best skin i ve found in game ever and cant wear it!
    Id give up to 5 artisan workers just to get one ticket
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  6. Rahnxah added a post in a topic How would you guys feel about an animal striker class?   

    Yeah, i still have not seen any elve as worker
    elves are good at acting self important in all fantasy settings (i got main dk tho haha)
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  7. Rahnxah added a post in a topic DK Rage Skill Not Firing   

    I use it as delay trap. Plant it, agroo mobs, they come at me and while they got hit i can teleport to their backs and slash, then wheel of fortune and vendir if still there is any mobs alive. for harder enemies this works a lot, if they are not dead yet at might happen with basilisks or centaurs, then I also roll back, obsidian ashes if can trow them to the ground (also i can aim obsidian ashes to the sniper type if there is any bothering around while taking care of the main group).
    This skills have such a low cd you can just set your trap almost all the time before you had put all  rotation to cd
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  8. Rahnxah added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    My experience on this is that I am farming around happily and then some dude that wants my rotation waits with the guillie on to I get low health or start a big group on mobs, and then jump on me and kill.
    Because pkaers are just cowards that wont touch arena.
    And then the pkaers come cri cri over their karma getting negative.
    Git gud, man, last monday was farming and then some weak ass witch that decided to jump on me when she tought i had agrooed the mobs, the mobs jumped on her and she just got killed herself while i was watching from a bit far after dodge her first atack since i just dodge white dots that appear on minimap. She got her heatlh low in few seconds and with the dk just had to trow her on ground without actually atack her much, not even activated pvp toggle (she did) and mobs quit her 90% of health
    Why the ----- you want to no one take your rotation if you cant even solo the mobs?
    I mean, if you cant even
    And lets be honest, the "spot taken" comes after the 3-4 groups of people killed you, and usually the buthurt is strong enought to get 30 ellion tears and go try ----- with them
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  9. Rahnxah added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    My DK twins. They are the youngest the system allowed in body .
    Blonde one is Viridirio and Dark one Vidrio.
    The blonde one had to be taken with the night light setting because, otherwise, is hard to see her since in the character creator and open world  she is kind of shinny (that is the idea). On any other light setting was kind of hard seing her face as defined, but again, that is the idea.
    Im soon buying the awakening skin costume, I might update the photos XD.
    Concepts where to make a Sun and Moon sisters.
    Here a pic at early morning sunlight. At full sun light looks really shinny :3

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  10. Rahnxah added a post in a topic NERF dark knight   

    ^  lol
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  11. Rahnxah added a post in a topic You were killed by Sausan Tent   

    but still, wtf  the screenshot is gold
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  12. Rahnxah added a topic in General   

    You were killed by Sausan Tent

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  13. Rahnxah added a post in a topic Returning player   

    I left to end my career without dropping grades 
    I want my old fishing and housing simmulator  dw i know what parts of the game suk
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  14. Rahnxah added a post in a topic Returning player   

    Ya, its nice, but seems like gearing up is a pain.
    Are trades allowed yet? I offer 200-250e depending on rarity of weapon for +20 , thought pearls gifting or however it can be tradded. Pm.
    Id like to get the set and accesories too but i guess with a good weapon is enought for now. But still would check offers. I got game at 10% dowload rn
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  15. Rahnxah added a topic in General   

    Returning player
    Hi everyone from Black Desert comunity.
    After a couple months of the game, around May last year, when i was just done with getting used to the game, I left  due a personal circumstances that include a HUGE sacrifice of my videogames schedule and on every other activity to end my degree.
    As many of us know, MMO and +studies are very incompatible, specially if you are a student like me who has to get scholarship due family hard time on finances  
    I dont remmember at all WTF do in this game and reading patchnotes wont really help as much as asking fellow players how is the situation right now.
     I dont remmeber in wich server i had my Sorceress neither.
    I am ready to start from scratch in this game. I am going to pick beetween Aion or this one.
    1) Is worth? My other two options is going back to Aion or aim for Moonlight blade MMO 
    2) If I start in this game, what should be my first objectives to follow?
    I am going to erase any previous character I had because I am going to make a clean restart too. Class i will pick whatever my guts tell me to get but I accept opinions on this matter too
    Please be objective with your judgement. I am not trying to criticise Black desert in any way comparing it to Aion or Moonlight Blade, these two are just games I liked too, but Im not asking about them, but about black desert.
    Also any way to make money fast too? 
     I only remmeber doing fishing for it ~ haha
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