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  1. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Why did they nerf musa in the first place?   

    Did they nerf him prematurely!?
    Also looking at other classes, they could add in more substanability.. Like Nem slash won't cut imo.
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  2. Dreamforger added a post in a topic The Truth about Musa   

    I knew I missed something.. The Cooldowns..
    Atm I am on my Bezerker (changed from wiz>zerker>musa>ninja>musa>wiz>war>zerker>ninja). Just to well be sure to choose my class.. Now I got my Zerker decent geared, and consider giving my Musa a second chance. I was just not impressed with it, buuuut gear has alot to say, and maybe I need to stop looking too much into numbers..
    Cause even though my Zerker have better modifiers than my wiz, my wiz still killed faster (aoe I guess and well hidden acc).
    Just saw that Musa had pretty low mods% of ap scalling. 
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  3. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Where is OP?   

    Maybe your gear just sux.. Look at the skills and see the modifiers.. they are very high, on a short CD.
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  4. Dreamforger added a post in a topic The Truth about Musa   

    I have to add another question.
    Why does people keep saying that they are good in PvE? 
    So far what I can see is that they have pretty high CD
    Are in the "low" end of modifiers (%dmg)
    And no real substability (nem slash have very high cd)
    What am I missing here? I it just because they can dash between groups fast?
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  5. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Can we talk about the 10,000 hour reward?   

    Or a whole new cosmetic! A Pipe or straw you character would have in the mouth. The straw would make you eye glow red with a fog surrounding it...
    or just something usefull maybe 90 valuepack
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  6. Dreamforger added a post in a topic We almost purchased this game...   

    I see alot of good feedback to this post, also alot of negativity.. gotta wonder if these players still play the game? Or just lurk on forums and subreddit trying to fend of new players
    I would recommend it, you make your own fun. No need to spend money, though valuepack is nice (can be sniped on market) since it grants inventory space for alle the characters.
    Also remember the loyalty store! Free stuff there.
    And as most people wrote ypu can buy pearl items on the market, even pets :)
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  7. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Nice game and nice chitchat I guess   

    Point of this post?
    Also you should block out the names.
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  8. Dreamforger added a topic in Suggestions   

    Payment for gambling
    Okay lets get straight to it, since it is an old topic.
    Remove RNG of the following:
    Dyes: Already a horrible system, a promise of a change (still not holding my breath here), why will you bother your players with this random nonesense??
    I understand if you had a system like GuildWars2 (go try it out and see for yourself), but you have a far inferious system.
    Pet tier 2/3 -> 4: For god sake make this a sure thing. Do not screw the players up by throwing their money away, talking about two tier 3 becoming one tier 3.
    This is in my opinion bad practice.. It is frustrating and do not belong in a system where you already paid so much.
    I am fine with RNG, it is a part in the game (though it could be improved), but when we paid for it, we should be able to avoid this.. Hell why not let us buy pets at tier 4 and let us chose skills, make a pearl item to chhange these if we regret.
    And a cupoon to change it appereance. Still ræeqrning pearls, more player freedom.. Then free pets could be this random bullshit stuff we got now.
    I now this might not be change, due to PA /care,  but still think we should voice these opinions often.
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  9. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Let us mix & match costume pieces (no 10% xp set bonus)   

    A rather small QoL improvement in my eyes.. Can it not be imolemented sooner than later?
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  10. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    And? :)? They will just move the hard cap right?
    I remember when first tried BDO, finding the grind to 50 tough.. now days you you only really feel the grind at lvl 55->56, and hit the wall after 56. That said had I not being busy finding, and spending silver on, my main (trying out most awak), I would easily have hit lvl 57, even 58... 
    And the best thing? Haven't even entered the Valencia yet, or Ross sea.. This is all stuff I am looking forward to.. End game for me... exploring etc.
    I do not expect to get everything at once, but slowly progress towards it.. Hell haven't even explored the basic game 100% yet.
    So see this as a good thing.. not a bad thing tbh.
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  11. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    I hear you! They tell me I am lucky cause I can get FS of 20+ with ease... I tell you how to get that.. by being unlucky.. Still have armour under +15 sitting and laughing at me on +12.. even trying to follow the guidelines etc..
    Though been pretty "unluck" with my weapons and pri'ed them with no stacks.. Yeah I change around, sometimes I have the feeling that some of my alts are more lucky then the others..
    So failing feels so bad, succeding feels like "about freaking time" instead of "----- yeah that's awesome". Especially consider the silver sink it is to upgrade.. (lets not talk about acc.) Think LazyPeon, yep him, suggested that we had no durability loss, and I was like "Get out of here".. But with my insane luck, that would be kinda nice, and I would still use tons of money to get FS anyway... But ofc that would ruin the market for lesser gear.. I don't know..
    I have no answer to this, maybe at certain FS it is guarenteed or something? Really have no real solution, that there is just as many people finding it ok as it is now. Maybe they are the "unlucky" one who can not stack 40+ FS..
    uff that lift though 🙈 Hope it isn't you :)
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  12. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    I do not have this effect? Is it only on very high? Or have I turned it off somehow? Cause remember Sorc was a pain to group with due to this.
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  13. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    Because I just hate the restriction not to
    Hmm really?:) Well it is still clumsy af
    Make a more smooth animation.
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  14. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    Add even more flow to the combat, ignore the "stiff" end animations.
    -Make using the bow faster to use, it is so clumsy to use
    - Lessen the CD on the bow skills, make it more like the ninjas shuriken, and allow us to use it off CD with no CC componment and reduced dmg.
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  15. Dreamforger added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Actually tried to go for the Dark elf look
    Just snapped the picture from the "event"-post, since I already posted it there.

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