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Fezzie Modo

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  1. Fezzie Modo added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    and when we run out of karma and the guy keeps coming back and attacking our mobs over and over again?
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  2. Fezzie Modo added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    a valid fix
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  3. Fezzie Modo added a post in a topic A short poll about the recent PVP Karma   

    Im worried about the scrub trolls ruining grind spots by taking packs on your rotation with no worries of retribution
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  4. Fezzie Modo added a topic in General   

    A short poll about the recent PVP Karma
    What it says on the tin
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  5. Fezzie Modo added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Players with o or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP.
    Trolls can now grief with absolutely no way for players to drive them away
    Daum kills BDO PVP
    Players already bored without node wars leave in droves  
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  6. Fezzie Modo added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    without the ability to pk someone how would you stop relentless kill stealing and passive aggressive -----(rhymes with buck) wittery
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  7. Fezzie Modo added a topic in Suggestions   

    I have a suggestion!
    Don't Suspend loyal players and tell them its because of their guild name and that they need to change it when:
    1. I'm not a guild leader
    2. The other 80 people in my guild didn't get suspended 
    3. I'm pretty sure their is nothing wrong with my guild name
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  8. Fezzie Modo added a post in a topic Connection With the Server Has Been Lost - After Patch   

    same thing different server im on Edan, was playing fine last 4 days, nothing has changed on my PC or internet connection
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  9. Fezzie Modo added a post in a topic Workers and Nodes bare bones setup   

    Thanks for the tips, I'm still leveling up atm 10 more levels to 50 so I haven't read up on what I can make never mind what I should probably make but I have about 40 contribution points just sitting there now I have connected my cities together and bought two housing strings for storage in calpheon not sure if that's the right spelling. My ware house is full of equipment drops atm but i hoping to sell them or break them down or something as space is really becoming an issue, I have been breaking down the crystals I don't need into black stone powder and storing that...
    As far as crafting goes I think whatever is going to complement my character or equipment progression, I'm playing a witch I will be focusing on grinding solo or group for the generation of drops and turn in stuff for money making rather a life skill, never had a lot of patience with those. I want to get involved in PVP and a guild as soon as possible I don't know if I'll need to make a different class for PVP or even jut another character with a different build but that's a subject for another thread.
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  10. Fezzie Modo added a topic in Guides   

    Workers and Nodes bare bones setup
    Im new to the game, I have read a lot of guides on workers and nodes and I get how to set it up now, my question is what should i set up initially some sort of beer producing place and a black stone refinery?
    If someone with a good heart and sympathetic ear would kindly go through an example set up of what they consider the bare minimum node/worker set up ready to take a player forward once they have more fully grasped what they want their workers to do for them later on.
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