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  1. Jaad added a topic in General   

    No IP block for Steam version?
    My country and others have ip block so we can't play BDO, but here on Steam we can see store page of BDO.
    Is Steam version of BDO is region free?
    I know some other game which have ip block and it wont show to us even after search on steam but BDO store page is available for all.
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  2. Jaad added a post in a topic The new CM says hello   

    Welcome and glad you are here.
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  3. Jaad added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will become free to play?   

    I agree, In marketing Daum didn;t put any effort. Why? No idea, they only showcase their game in 2 game showcase event, where only couple of thousands gamers were there. 
    They should advertise on all gaming sites like, GW, ESO. Recently I saw Zenimax has deal with mmorpg.com and they advertise their game like hell, funny thing is mmorpg declare ESO best MMO of 2015. Money speaks Daum.
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  4. Jaad added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will become free to play?   

    Yes, It going to by F2P,
    Right now it is B2P and may be Daum collect enough money to run Servers and Miscellaneous expenses for 1-2 years.
    There is no subscription and Daum's only source of income will be costume and vanity items sale in Cash shop, I don't think only vanity items sale can cover all the expenses of game. 
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  5. Jaad added a post in a topic Evil Bastards   

    You are God sir
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  6. Jaad added a post in a topic NA/EU - On what server are you going to play ?   

    Voted EU,
    On title my first answer was "playing at Home"
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  7. Jaad added a post in a topic Where is the skillbar/actionbar   

    I am assuming this is troll thread.
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  8. Jaad added a post in a topic Treasure Hunt!   

    Oops nothing for me
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  9. Jaad added a post in a topic Treasure Hunt!   

    I replied 1 correct answer and may be that single answer may help me to get a key. 
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  10. Jaad added a post in a topic When will Daum start sending CBT1 key?   

    Daum havn't sent to anyone. Only Conqueror owner have it.
    They gave some keys to fansite and those keys are available on ebay on sale.
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  11. Jaad added a post in a topic founder pack price for australia.   

    99€ = 149 AUD
    99$ = 135 AUD
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  12. Jaad added a post in a topic Average playtime. Hours you plan on dedicate to BDO.   

    3-5 hours all seven days.
    On holidays 10+ hours
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  13. Jaad added a post in a topic Laptop Vs Black Desert.   

    Nice job Jouska, Glad someone watching us
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  14. Jaad added a post in a topic Laptop Vs Black Desert.   

    Yes, It can be disabled even in game setting too.
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