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  1. My country and others have ip block so we can't play BDO, but here on Steam we can see store page of BDO.

    Is Steam version of BDO is region free?

    I know some other game which have ip block and it wont show to us even after search on steam but BDO store page is available for all.

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  2. For a while, but then turned P2W because they (probably) didnt make enough money.

    After reading it, I felt the urge to comment to it:
    52k Pre-Order with CBT1 around the corner. 470k Pre-Orders for The Division, that has been announced years ago and in my book is the same thing as Blade and Soul (years overdue).

    So let's compare the marketing. How much marketing have they done for The Devision? It's a Tom Clancy game, that is already a huge boost and they have been marketing it for years.
    How much marketing has DAUM done for Black Desert? Zero.

    Once again, you making assuptions that BDO will become F2P, but no valid evidence to back that up.

    I agree, In marketing Daum didn;t put any effort. Why? No idea, they only showcase their game in 2 game showcase event, where only couple of thousands gamers were there. 

    They should advertise on all gaming sites like, GW, ESO. Recently I saw Zenimax has deal with mmorpg.com and they advertise their game like hell, funny thing is mmorpg declare ESO best MMO of 2015. Money speaks Daum.

  3. Yes, It going to by F2P,

    Right now it is B2P and may be Daum collect enough money to run Servers and Miscellaneous expenses for 1-2 years.

    There is no subscription and Daum's only source of income will be costume and vanity items sale in Cash shop, I don't think only vanity items sale can cover all the expenses of game. 

  4. HI. so iv been wanting to buy a black desert online founder pack but im not sure how much they are.. i us AUD. so anyone know how much they will cost if you us AUD?  and do the founder packs cost USD. or EURO? since NA and EU office is in the netherlands

    99€ = 149 AUD

    99$135 AUD


  5. Cleaned up the thread and removed the off-topic and inflammatory posts.  Let's try to stay on topic please.

    Nice job Jouska, Glad someone watching us :D


  6. I would if I was at home. However ChunChun is a well knowning community member but they have been telling people incorrectly about the vsync and fps cap. Yes with vysnc you have a cap, and you can't disable in-game. However you can disable via your Nvidia manager (and I assume AMD too). 


    Yes, It can be disabled even in game setting too.

  7. you were the one stating that 100+ fps is a whole new world where in fact your computer prob can't run the game at 30 fps in general

    LOL, u are noob, let me post ur comment again: 

    "Silva: BDO is optimized well believe it or not so most people should not worry about their laptops running BDO"

    "My reply: No its not, there is also a world after 100+ FPS"

    I said its not optimize, we get 100+ FPS in other game but BDO struggle to achieve that with same setup.

  8. Nope, if you turn off vysnc it will go past 60fps on fullscreen.

    Just do it, post a pic of fight with ur FPS and make them shut their mouth xD

    Most of PC gamer knows abt VSync

  9. who expects 100+ fps on a laptop? Stop trolling please

    Have ur previous comment maentioned it is optimize on Laptop or PC? Then plz don not troll....

    If you have confusion plz scroll up and read the comment xD

  10. Voted Yes:P

    I am assuming Blader will be include in game before launch. Blader is most popular class after Tamer.