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  1. Skaar added a post in a topic 'lucky' tools   

    Only the Lucky Pickaxe and Lumbering Axe are worth it imo...
    That's mostly because mining and lumbering have a high amount of secondary drops in their nodes.
    That being said: Don't use your "Lucky" gathering equipment until you are AT LEAST at skilled5!!!
    Skilled5 is a treshhold level and a lot of valuable resources aren't attainable below that level...
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  2. Skaar added a post in a topic Cash Shop prices   

    If they'd still make a profit with the lower prices, then it would still be worth it for them!
    Why? Because Daum and PA did get a LOT of flack for the cash shop from the general media, which in return influenced the perception that people have of them and the game.
    If such a move could sway the "cash grab" image to a positive one (i.e. that they listen to the concerns and that they try their best to improve upon them), then this image-boost may well be worth the somewhat lower revenue.
    That's why I said, that they should offer two different versions of the costumes:
    One being the current "premium costumes" with the stats and set effects for either $20* w/o weapons or $25* with them.
    The other being a "basic skin / armor model" without any stats and/or set effects for either $10 for just the armor or $15 for armor and weapons.
    *  You might noticed that I adjusted the prices for the premium costumes ever so slightly. A smaller gap between "basic" and "premium" can sway a lot of people to pay up for the premium, since "meh, it's not that much of a difference in price"...
    Oi...leave Aion out of this...
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  3. Skaar added a post in a topic Cash Shop prices   

    I studied Economics as well and yea...the price-politics they went with - from a psychological standpoint - are...weird...to say the least...
    Having a high price point for a costume (about two-and-a-half times of the common price for a costume in mmo's), while at the same time restricting the costume to one character, leads a psychological barrier for a lot of customers, because they simply think they "don't get their money's worth". If costumes were family-bound, instead of character, then this would be a proper argument for the current price.
    The bonus attributes on the costume are also medicore at best, so that can't be the argument for a ~250% increase in price. Daum/PA also can't buff the effects either, since otherwise it would be p2w.
    Most people actually do not even care or want those bonus effects, since they just want to skin that they like. And that makes the current pricing even more uncomprehensible to them...which leads to them thinking - like stated above - that they don't get their money's worth.
    The funny thing is: The very same people would likely have no problem to spend the same amount of money (if not more actually) on "visual only" costumes without those mediocre buffs, if they'd be priced at the usual $/€ 10.
    The whole pricing issue get's even worse, when you factor in the european economy (let's just say that it doesn't look good...), but that's be overkill for a forum...lol
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  4. Skaar added a post in a topic My Thoughts on People Selling Cash Shop Items   

    Oh yes, you can defenitely ban players for buying from criminals... See ToS:
    Meaning: If you had ANY part in a fradulent transaction, then you breached the ToS and therefore can be banned permanently.
    Yep...those thousands of chargebacks come from legal transactions only....riiiiight...
    Get real please. Every single 3rd-party Pear Shop bases it's funding on credit card theft. That is pretty much a given.
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  5. Skaar added a post in a topic What foods or costumes or equipment for fishing?   

    Just craft the Life-Skill Outfits yourself! They are rather simple to make really.
    Just dedicate 2-3 workers to the needed nodes and you've got the material in a no time.
    After that you dedicate one worker to craft 4-6 costumes and start enchanting
    At +5 (the max) it'll give you +3 Fishing, +4 Movement, +35% Fishing EXP
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  6. Skaar added a post in a topic Open warehouse slots, but says full.   

    I had the same bug with my inventory yesterday.
    2 spaces were still free, yet I couldn't loot anything or sell anything to an NPC (since the game thought the inventory was full)...
    After a relog it seemed to have resolved itself. But it's still weird..
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  7. Skaar added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestions to help bring back gifting and open up player trading
    Hey there,
    I have a few ideas, that could eventually help Daum to bring back gifting at some point and that also might help to allow player-trading in the future as well:
    The ability to purchase from the Pearl Shop is permanently disabled for all trail accountsThe ability to gift is permanently disabled for all trail accountsTrail accounts are only allowed to chat in guild chat and group chat. All other ways of chatting are disabledChange the way "gifting" works: Currently gifting is done from inside the Pearl Shop, which makes it hard to controlChange it, so that gifting is done AFTER you pruchased the item regularly from the shopThe in-game NPC's who handle the gifting would be the Warehouse-NPC'sYou need to buy a "Gift-Card" from those NPC's to be able to gift a Pearl Shop item."Gift-Cards" are only purchasable from lvl 50 upwards"Gifting" is limited to one transaction per week (can be multiple items, just like it is for "Transport") 
    Those changes would make it infinitely harder for gold / pearl sellers to actually do business, while still allowing legitimate players to gift the occasional item to a friend every once in a while...
    Maybe you guys have some additional ideas. If so, just write them down and I can add them to the list later on...
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  8. Skaar added a post in a topic all fish is dead   

    Hmmm, not quite right...
    The fish are still very much alive, when they are caught.
    After that you reel em in and only then you slap'em dead with a paddle
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  9. Skaar added a post in a topic Calpheon Defense Token -DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!   

    You get 5 contribution exp per turn-in (3 energy).
    Most defenitely NOT worth it, seeing as there are multiple daily quests in Florin that only take 5 minutes total and give 100 - 130 contribution exp each...lol
    Here's the data:
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  10. Skaar added a post in a topic Pearl shop item sites   

    It isn't "rediculous". That's simply the law in some countries (or rather how the law can be interpreted by some lawyers)...
    If you do business with a company/shop that is using credit card fraud to buy the items that you ordered...then you are part of that fraud.
    Obviously the buyer isn't in nearly as much trouble as the site/shop, but still...
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  11. Skaar added a post in a topic Will Pets become available outside of the cash shop in future ?   

    You will hear the argument, that that's still cheaper than an actual dog now...
    But ye, that reward was defenitely westernized and adjusted, to reflect that BDO is B2P in the west!! /s
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  12. Skaar added a post in a topic Pearl shop item sites   

    Yes, both parties will be held responsible and will see consequences...that's always the case.
    The fraudulent purchases are easily traceable through the order-id of the gifted item, in relation to the specific credit card refunds...
    And don't kid yourself...a refund will ALWAYS happen, since those 3rd party sites solely work with stolen credit card infos.
    But here's the real kicker:
    By buying from 3rd-party sites that operate through credit card theft/scam, you actually make yourself an accessory to credit card fraud in quite a few countries.
    So not only will you see consequences in-game, but you could also go to court in real life...
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  13. Skaar added a post in a topic Gear looks and progression will drive off many players   

    You'll probably think a little differently about the situation, once we have 20+ costumes in our shop as well, while no new in game models were added.
    Currently - with only 2 costumes per class - it's still managable. I'll probably buy 1 costume every 2 month and treat it as a sub.
    But once all the KR costumes get imported over, the high price point WILL influence the sales negatively, since people will think 3 times before buying a few new outfits for 30 a pop.
    If they would offer a version of those outfits without the buffs on them for $10 each, then people would be much more willing to buy multiple outfits.
    In the end it all boils down to the psychological barriers of the different price ranges...
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  14. Skaar added a post in a topic Account Banned?!   

    Well, Daum/PA implemented an automated ban-hammer in relation to ASCIIs to combat the gold / pearl shop spammers (edit: esp when the megaphone is used).
    That's what you got caught up in.
    If you can prove that it wasn't anything more, then you'll be unbanned.
    Another possible reason might be, that your account got compromised and thus banned to prevent abuse.
    This will also get sorted by the CS guys.
    I wish Daum/PA would just strictly forbid posting ASCII's once and for all, so that they can actually use the auto-ban mechanic to the fullest effect.
    Special Butterflies getting caught in the nets kind of prevents them from going all out against the gold-spam :-/
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  15. Skaar added a post in a topic Gear looks and progression will drive off many players   

    Yep...there's so many other, non cash-grabby ways to make a lot of profit with a shop...
    For example
    "visuals only" costumes and horse/wagon/ship skins (w/o the effects on them) for $10permanent, cheap housing decor without interior points & effectsempty dye crates with 5/10 slots, which lets you choose the colors you ant to buy (removing the rng factor)1-day infinite dying coupon (removing the rng)etcStuff like that would sell WAY better, instead of expensive costumes with medicore buffs...
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