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Posts posted by Faeper


    Thank you so much for your answer.

    As it seems they will extend it again no info about how long it will be.

  2. Ah and yeah, be prepared cause there arent that much outfit out yet on korea for Dk too. So it will take a bit more time to be released any pearl costume for that class ( EU/NA )and the awekening. Be patient lads

  3. I can't find where it says how long maintenance has been extended for. What time is it expected to come back up?

    A hour plus. So it will be up at 15:00

    We need this changed ASAP, its -----ing with my sleep schedule lol

    im lucky then cause i dont have any guild :D

  4. Has the node war start time been reset to 9pm EST following the daylight savings times with this patch? Or are wars still going to be held at 10pm EST for now?

    I think it wont change

  5. +1 I agree. I have some outfits that i dont use anymore. Would be good to give us the opportunity to sell it for anyone else who would love to wear it

  6. Well, even without Enslar, your character still looks beautiful as always :) 

    Omg!!! i'm so jelly!

    i bow down to you. Salute

    just gotta make one :o all you have to do is give up any sense of progression :D level everybody 

    And what happened with your life mate?

  7. In my opinion this server region merge is not a bad idea, if we get everything from our another chars from another (region) servers, items money etc.

    Many ppl left this game so it was not a suprise for me (and i think for the most of you). We almost all saw this is coming. I only have one problem, There will be much more kids who will not let ppl to grind cause they wil make fun from killing others. Thats the only thing what i dont like in this idea. But there will be 36 channels so maybe i will be lucky and wont meet with this kind of problem. The kids.

    I know its a PvP and pve game, but many ppl like me prefer more or only PvE than PvP. They should make PvE and PvP channels.

    Thanks for reading this.



    Best regards, have a nice day

  8. Im not sure about that but as i know (maybe wrong) there is character name change coupon on other clients of the game.So as many other players i would like to buy one of these coupons or just get one free as americans did.


    Thank you


  9. Egy régebbi poszt is szólt már a guildról, csak ott nem volt névlegesitve, így most nyitottam egy újat.

    A guildról röviden annyit:

    - CrimsonDawn néven vagyunk elérhetőek a Jordine szerveren

    - Jelenleg 16 fővel büszkélkedhetünk, és további 14 embernek tudunk férőhelyet biztositani, amelyből 1 officeri posztot is jelentene

    - Vannak tapasztalt illetve még kiforróban lévő tagjaink, tehát tudunk segíteni információkkal ha bármely nemű kérdésed adódna

    - Hetente Boss Scrollozunk, amely level 45-től érhető el a játékosok számára

    - A létszámunkból kiindulva egyenlőre a GvG számunkra esélytelen, ezért egyenlőre a szakmák, és a grindelés (PvE)-re fókuszálunk

    - Nincs szintmegkötés, sem pedig elvárás, hogy milyen gearbe legyél (AP/DP) - csupán annyi, hogy minimum 16 éves legyél és érett felfogású

    Jelentkezni itt tudtok, illetve ingame Blyn (Snowstorms) , Antauri (Nightsorrow), Harasan (Kriszben) vagy guildunk weboldalán a fórum - tagfelvétel topicban: http://bdcrimsondawn.shivtr.com/forums/1744412


    Tudom, hogy a magyarok többsége rá se bagózik a fórumra, de azért remélem, hogy 1-2 játékost sikerül találnunk :)

    Szép napot



  10. Well if you are not blind then you can see the tree armor outfit users too. Bank slots and inventory slots can be earned for free wia loyaltiy point, contribution point and with quests. So you are not foced to pay for anything like that. You can get random dye box for loyalty point (free - 100 lp/day if you login). Costumes/Outfits are expensive...well A full outfit+weapon skin=2900 pearls..well the price of the game. Its your own decision if you want it or not, you are not forced to buy anything.

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  11. Hi,

    People keep telling me that I should go full Taritas for Witch, but it weighs so much, which slows down movement and cast time :/

    Is Taritas full armour set the best set? or would it be better to have a mixture? if so what combos seem to work best for PVE?



    Everything is depends on you. 4/4 taritas or 3 taritas +grunil gloves is what you are looking for. And the classic Yuria staff, steel dagger, bares accessories. Later if you are lucky get 2 witch earring, 2 mark of shadow(ring) and tree spirit belt ;) I hope i could help you out. Good luck

  12. Would be nice if they put back the dye vendor and allow the players the "Gift" option in the pearl shop. As i know the progress to remove the sellers is almost succesfull so its time to give back to us the option.  You wrote down almost everything what should be a great update for the game. Thanks for this thread :)

  13. I'm still fairly certain that a glider would neither destroy vastness nor be unrealistic in the least. And there are tons of places to jump from to use a glider in this game...

    Now a flying mount would fit your argument, and I can't say much against that. You could fly high and bypass the landscape entirely (even though I personally think the views this would provide would be amazing). A glider is constantly descending, so it's not going to destroy the vastness at all. And we don't have a solid Mount Everest to traverse half the world in one go either.

    All that being said, this game's falling mechanics are broken (experience from using night crow while falling as a sorc). Gliders probably wouldn't work unless they fixed a number of inherent flaws anyway.

    Then go and play Archeage. The game is good as it now, the flying mount will ruin everything. And thanks god, they didnt put anything like wizard opens a portal to a city..You need to run/walk to the destination with horse or without horse.   Oh and noone said that glider is unrealistic. Before you comment or reply to someone just read it twice before you hit the Submit Reply bottom.

  14. We dont need these kind of things like glider of flying mounts like pegasus or anything. Its not Archeage or anything like that. The classic mounts (horse/donkey) is the best for this game, and i hope the devs remains in that direction. We dont need another WoW clone MMO, Black Desert started a new way, and its ok. This game is realistic and thats why we like it so much.

  15. Thanks for the heads up. I also want to do mainly PvE stuff and hearing about a nice community is always a good sign.

    I don't have the game as of now but keeping note on that, thanks.

    you are welcome

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  16. Well if you want it detailed then i can just say - players of Jordine are more PvE oriented than the two other server on Europe, i dont know the situation on the NA side.

  17. would you happen to know which one is the most populated or where big guilds go?

    Well the most populated in my opinion is Croxus ,but there are so many russians and germans and it made many argument on the chat cause the languages. They spam the international channel with their own language and it makes conflict between the community, as i saw when i played there. Im playing on Jordine that server is very good, and so many ppl playing there, community is nice. Its your decision which one you choose :)