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  1. Luxina added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    That horse armor looks great and all, but where's my revealing princess dress for my warrior? Kibelius just doesn't cut it, I need flowers to match the horse damnit!
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  2. Luxina added a post in a topic EU server rip again   

    Did the mistake of trying to change over to an alt, because switching worked just fine an hour ago. Welp, seems I wont be able to play BDO today if this is what the servers are going to be like for a while.
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  3. Luxina added a post in a topic Zipp007's Official BDo - Formal Complaint   

    April fools' ended a few days ago, you're late.
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  4. Luxina added a post in a topic Please Don't bring Fixed Trade Crate prices to NA or EU version of the game   

    Afaik you still get those. It's just that the base price for the crates wont go above or below 100%, so you can sell all your crates on one go without worrying about that.
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  5. Luxina added a post in a topic Character creator, head size option.   

    While I'm all for weird body proportions as an art style (heck, even I have a bad habit of drawing/designing characters with long legs and slightly smaller heads), usually allowing a player the freedom to also stray away from that is imho a big plus. As for right now you have to make a DKs body really small to make it look realistic, so yes, a head size slider would come in very, very handy. And so would allowing more extreme sliders for bodies in general. I for one was never a fan of the buff necks of warriors from day one and it seems like ninjas went the same route. It simply looks silly with faces with more slender features.
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  6. Luxina added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Beauty Contest Winners!   

    Well it was a popularity contest.
    And the earlier you shared your template and the more people you got to vote for you early on ment even more people would check out your creation because they saw it as a popular upload. That's how it technically worked. But can you blame the people who won for winning because of such reasons, even if you think there were better looking templates more worthy of winning? Nah. They had an advantage, they kept with it and there were genuinely people who just thought their templates looked really good, like Orinai's is my fav out of the bunch that won.
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  7. Luxina added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Beauty Contest Winners!   

    Situation was the same on EU too, and the 2nd most voted being a Harley Quinn template from korea.
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  8. Luxina added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Beauty Contest Winners!   

    Gz to all winners!
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  9. Luxina added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

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  10. Luxina added a post in a topic List of ideas to make the Training skill more rewarding   

    I wouldn't go confusing the lack of materials in the marketplace as the game forcing you to do something in it's core - the lack of materials like logs and rough stones are it's own problem. Besides, the demand for those materials is high because of the lack of them. Forcing you to have a high training skill just to ride a horse instead would diminish demand, meaning most high tier horses would likely remain owned by horse breeders, because they'd be the ones able to ride them. And what's the point of having several high tier horses as a player that mostly afks for money if there aren't enough people buying your stuff?
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  11. Luxina added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    Everyone, go check your mail ingame! The rewards for precreating your dark knights have been sent.
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  12. Luxina added a post in a topic We need a "Re-roll Ticket" in the pearlshop.   

    Think they just decided if they like the class they're playing or not way before grinding all the way to 60.
    Don't know what your reasons are behind wanting to reroll now, but usually in these situations I'd say you should have realized it sooner. I know, it's annoying to lvl alts in this game because of all the advantages you lock yourself out of without paying absurd amounts of money again, but that's what the company has decided as their money sucking method. What can you do other than not sink all your money on something that might later on not be what you still want to play as?
    But here's something to think about: There are people who actually lvl up several classes before choosing what they want. Or heck, maybe they even play with all their characters and don't have a locked in "main". Meaning they can just swap to whichever of the classes seems like the flavor of the month if it's that important. I'd suggest you to try the same as what you suggested will propably never come.
    "But muh lvl 60" ...Yeah well, congratz. You chose to use all that time lvling that one character. Now you'll have to do that again on another one if you want to swap to a different class.
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  13. Luxina added a post in a topic List of ideas to make the Training skill more rewarding   

    Just no unnecessary restrictions on riding itself, don't think it needs to be made more complicated than that. But that's honestly the only thing on the list I couldn't get behind.
    "2.      Make Training level allow you to breed and train different tiers of horses."
    I think that's what OP already suggested, but yeah, I could accept it working like that. Would also make it so you couldn't just skip to breeding high tier horses as someone with 0 levels in training. Just like with other professions, you'd have to advance through steps and not be a master straight away.
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  14. Luxina added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    I mean it could have just been me dying to a regular world boss, since world boss spawns still happened during the event and Mudster spawns on top of the hill next to the lake we were having that event at. Meaning it could be that those who also fought it thought the regular spawn was part of the event and are there for now complaing about losing their stuff. I know 100% that I died to Mudster and lost a crystal from my weapon and gloves, but I also lost 2 other crystals I don't remember losing dying to it.
    But ofcourse we're talking of something that happened a few days ago and not few moments ago, so that makes me even more uncertain.
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  15. Luxina added a post in a topic We need a "Re-roll Ticket" in the pearlshop.   

    Not going to happen. They'd much rather take your money paying for all that stuff again on another character.
    But afaik in korea you can pay to swap your weapon's type and transfer atleast fitness skills from one character to another, tho someone more familiar with the kr version would have to correct me on that since I'm talking more from hearsay & old memory and have already forgotten my sources. So don't take what I said too factually.
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  16. Luxina added a post in a topic List of ideas to make the Training skill more rewarding   

    "10.   Must be a certain level in Training to ride specific tiers"
    While I don't have much to add to your suggestions, this one raises a slight issue.
    Wouldn't be a good idea to restrict what tier horses people can ride imho, and I think it's also due to how it's implementation would work at this point. Considering not nearly everyone has levels in training, yet they own horses up to T8 because they had the money... Basically their horses would become useless for a time if such a change was suddenly dropped on us. You'd be forcing people to level up a lifeskill they might not be interested in and didn't previously need, just so they can use / continue using what more skilled horse trainers are trying to sell, aka high tier horses.
    I mean I understand, there are already some restrictions in place for life skills like not being able to use certain attire and items and so on if your levels are too low, but nothing is stopping you from buying the final crafting products of someone else's work. And by putting a restriction on riding horses no matter how small, it'd basically be like making it so that to benefit from foods you bought from the marketplace you'd have to level up your cooking somewhat first - if that makes any sense.
    So... if not many players would be up to the task of mundanely lvling a lifeskill just to ride the better horses... who would you sell all those high tier horses then? Mainly other horse breeders? But they don't really need your horses since they're also trying to sell theirs, aren't they? Tho I guess there's always also the option to just sell your horse to imperial delivery. Anyways... What I'm getting at is, while making lvl restrictions for riding might not be the end of the world, all I can think of is how it would affect the horse market, and using horses in general. Ofcourse this might just be one of those things where you'd have to see the system in action first before knowing how bad it'd be, but I simply can't side with this specific suggestion.
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  17. Luxina added a post in a topic [Boss Event] So, when are we getting that compensation you say ?   

    Your post made it seem like you were implying mudster was part of the event, so my bad. Have actually already seen people confusing it for the event boss 'cos of the spawn location.
    However were you playing on EU, or did shit go south with NA spawns too? Because I was on serendia 6 and the bosses did spawn, however with red nose/s having a delay of 1 hour.
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  18. Luxina added a post in a topic [Boss Event] So, when are we getting that compensation you say ?   

    Just FYI, you died to the regular Mudster in that clip. The ones part of the event were spawned within the actual lake and not on the hill where he usually spawn.
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  19. Luxina added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Okay, so... From all the bundles collected I got: few defense, life & exp reaper potions that I sold for around 1 mil total, 4 max HP scrolls, 2 house decorations (fish bone and king clam) that are only obtained from this event afaik, a few horse flutes that went straight to the trashbin since I've had a permanent one since launch... And that is all from well over 10 bundles, since more than one boss was always spawned at the same time. Usually 3, but I think least on ser 6 EU 4-5 bhegs got spawned. So counting the bundle we got in mail I had around... 14 bundles?
    Now, am I mad for having used all that time for what I got? ...No. I was curious to see what I'd get, then a little disappointed with the results. And I can understand others feeling the same way as for the time it took to get even 1 of those bundles I could have been doing something more worthwhile, which seems to be the biggest gripe with so many people. I mean with it being the 1st anniversary it sure didn't end up feeling like one, which could be partly blamed on getting spoiled by other, better put-together events so far.
    I mean this event wasn't fun, the rewards were nothing unique unless you were lucky enough to get some of the house decorations and/or accessories... and even then the rarer rewards didn't feel worth it, either. Most people - me included - were even expecting that those would be guaranteed for showing up, with everything else listed and that ended up not being the case, hence more butthurt. They could have been alot more clear about this.
    So... what would have made this event better? Honestly, I'm not sure. With how badly the event turned out I would imagine people being even more outraged over disconnecting etc if the rewards were truly better, say like getting more, way more items from every single bundle (well they were called bundles afterall) or the bosses dropping some of their usual loot just for hitting them once. However what's clear is that boss events just don't work - not in this game. Hell, I don't even like the regular world bosses so that was to be expected.
    But, getting back to the rewards... Giving good buff items is fine, giving us collectables to turn in for rewards of our choosing is fine (be the methods collecting, life skills or grinding), giving us more loot for doing what we're already doing is fine... Even the potions wouldn't have been that much of an insult if they were part of a regular drop event or if we would have gotten alot more of them from each bundle (tho preferably something other than craftable potions). But like what was done? Yeah, it wasn't too exciting. But it doesn't bother me anymore either. They can't always have great events going, tho they did screw up with this one... badly, IMO. They had a chance to do something grand and make the players excited, but then put out something that ended up costing some people more than it rewarded them, like wasting elion's tears to guarantee a drop.
    Also, exp & crystals... I mean we were told no death penalty, but was that really the case? Can someone correct me if I'm remembering wrong, since I remember noticing few of my crystals missing afterwards? Maybe it was something else that caused that, but since I saw a few people complaining over exp/crystal loss I'm not 100% sure on that.
    But, uh, anyways... I haven't had any problems with any of the previous events, none at all. But this was the only one I had expectations for like did many others, and other regions (namely korea) got so much better rewards than us, so ofcourse we came out a bit, should we say, salty.
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  20. Luxina added a post in a topic LT gain per lvl not universal for all?   

    If I had to tell how I counted my character's base weight limit, yeah, it's like woot described.
    Currently my lvl 53 warrior has a weight limit of 1240 LT that comes from...
    x4 50 LT loyalty weight limit increase (200 LT total)
    Pearl shop weight limit increase (50 + 100 + 150 + 200 = 500 LT total)
    100 LT from value pack
    Lvl 31 strenght (42 LT)
       = Totals in 842 LT
    I'm also using jarette's belt which gives no weight bonus, so there.
    Now... once we remove the bonuses (worth 842) from the total of 1240, we're left with~ 398 as the base.
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  21. Luxina added a post in a topic LT gain per lvl not universal for all?   

    My lvl 53 war seems to have 398 base LT. So should be over 400 already at lvl 54.
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  22. Luxina added a post in a topic YEBIS posteffects   

    That likes/dislikes ratio on that vid.
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  23. Luxina added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    4-5 bhegs were spawned on ser 6, where were you looking at?
    Everyone only got 1 random item per bundle, seems intended. I've gotten 6 bundles so far (2 from red nose, rest from bhegs) and got only a single item from each bundle, mainly potions.
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  24. Luxina added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    Atleast I got to kill mudster. I mean the event boss never spawned on serendia 6, but mudster did!
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  25. Luxina added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Yup, even killed mudster while waiting. Still no red nose.
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