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  1. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Kzarka world boss and Zaka weapon rarity [Poll]   

    Tri zakas have been popping up on the AH now, and imo, if you don't have one yet, you're better off selling all of your blackstones/sharps/hards/mem frags, and buying the next one that pops up. Even if you got a free zaka, you could spend over 800 mil getting it to Tri. 
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  2. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic NERF Chimera LOOT   

    I went to test this last night. Definitely something fishy going on with the trashloot. There are 3 different types of trash loot and you drop at least one of them every time and it always drops x5. Sometimes you can get all three drops, so you can get up to 15 trash items per kill. Because you can kill these mobs in one hit, you literally just vacuum up trash loot. I wasn't even there for 45 minutes and had almost 5000 of the green liquidy trash loot things (80k silver per 100), and I didn't even find a solid rotation. 
    If someone told me they were clearing 10 million silver per hour at Chimeras, I would absolutely believe it. That's the equivalent of farming Hexe and getting a guaranteed earring every hour. Insane monies, nothing compares.
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  3. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Berserker gear after bhegs.   

    I know you love Oros, but you're way overstating the crystal breaking thing to justify it. You only lose crystals from a pve death or as a negative karma pvp death, positive karma pvp deaths don't break your crystals. If you can afford black spirit gems and all of your gear is DUO+ and you're still dying to PvE mobs at this point in the game, you probably shouldn't be thinking of going back to Oros, but of rerolling your class altogether.
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  4. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    ^ Yea it's super easy to get through the desert. Just bring 20 water and 20 tea and you'll be fine. There are very few enemies on the open sand, and they're all completely avoidable. The horse moves slower, but not slow enough to deal with leveling and switching out to a camel imo. 
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  5. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    There's a trick to it. Here's an example. For simplicity's sake let's say you can take out 50 crates from storage into your bag before going over the 150% (can't remember if that is the exact percentage) weight limit, and you have 1000 crates to move.
    1) bring horse right next to storage npc and move 50 boxes into your bag.
    2) exit npc, interact with horse's inventory and load all 50 boxes onto the horse. 
    3) turn back to npc and get out 50 more boxes.
    4) exit npc, interact with horse's inventory, but this time instead of loading boxes onto the horse, take the original 50 back. You should now have 100 boxes in your bag. At this point you should still be in the horse's inventory window, and now load all 100 boxes onto the horse.
    5) Rinse/repeat steps 3) & 4) until you have all 1000 boxes on your horse. Even though your horse will be at 10000% of his weight limit, he'll still move just as fast as he would with a light load on his back. You won't be able to sprint or jump, but it's still about as fast as a wagon.
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  6. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    I bought a tri-zaka and a duo guardian's seal, so i'm tapped atm. I was over 1 billion in silver.
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  7. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Crescent Shrine : something is wrong with the ring drop at higher lvl node   

    I've had a pretty bad run of luck with Crescent Shrine lately too. My first 10 hours of grinding netted me 3 rings, 4 shattered (1st week of Valencia launch). Since then I've gotten one shattered in about ~ 20 hours of grinding. It also seems like ages since I've gotten a scroll scrap. I'm with the guy that said to datamine this shit.
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  8. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    Yea i think the reason i'm so anti-shipping is that i use it to send other things back and forth too, like black crystals and platinum, so this cuts into my shipping ability on other things. The receive all bug was annoying too.
    You don't have to turn in more than 100 a time, just do it exactly like you would normally through shipping. I make mediah and calph boxes and only run them over when i have 300+ of either one. I always have a backlog of boxes to turn in of both types, so getting them there in smaller increments wouldn't help me anyway.
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  9. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    You're welcome =). Yea it kinda of smacks you in the face when you realize how efficient this can be. And yea w/epheria, I dont have it anymore. You lose one birch node, but birch is the cheapest to buy and usually the most abundant on the MP, so i'm never short on it anyway.
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  10. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Just move the tax bonus off of the pack to all accounts regardless of sub status. I think everyone would welcome the giant tax reduction, and you could then sell the pack with no pay to win arguments. 
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  11. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    Ah I didn't know it was 7 different types of crates, I should have l2read and not assumed they were all calph boxes. An overloaded horse is still pretty quick (faster than overloaded wagon by a ton), but perhaps you're right and i'm underestimating the time required here by about 10 minutes. But it's definitely no longer than that. I'm overstating the bandit danger too by the way. If you have an armored horse, they almost can't kill it, so you can be super casual about that, and virtually afk, or feed workers, or check the MP, or w/e.
    Re: doing this afk: My other point that I just made to Flood still stands. You spend a lot of time actively dealing with the shipping aspect, so that's not afk at all either. You have to deal with the shipping/receiving window at least 8 times with 400 crates, you have to run money out to Trent and Epheria for shipping costs. 
    If you did have 400+ of one box type, it would be much less of a pain in the ass and more lucrative to do it by horse imo.
    If you look at it this way, It's almost 4%/crate that you're giving up in shipping costs. Horsing gets more and more attractive too the longer you let the crates stack up. Taking 400 crates is the same as taking 1000, the shipping costs for 1000 vs 400 are 2.5 x more though.
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  12. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    I don't know what the exact shipping costs are because i never do it myself, but just going off of OPs guide, he says 800 + 4100 per crate. If Kodiak has 400 crates *4900/crate that's 1.96 million silver yo, not 400k =)
    Also it's as afk as anything else in this guide, you autopath it and then you don't need to do anything but casually watch out for bandits until you hit sand grain bazaar. Then you point your horse to ancado and auto-walk and semi-afk again. You'd spend wayyyy more active time, tracking, receiving, shipping, and restocking shipping sites with silver for 400 crates than you would doing this by horse btw. 
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  13. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    Save yourself 2 million in shipping costs and overload your horse with the crates. The whole trip will take you ~20 minutes and most of it can be autopathed. Just watch for banditos, they love heavy horses.
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  14. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Let us set minimum prices on expensive items   

    yup, it sucks big time. I'd prefer the abuse to have more freedom. 
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  15. Kringle_Shag added a post in a topic Berserker gear after bhegs.   

    Don't have Bhegs yet, but I run duo Saiyers + Tri Zaka + duo ancient core set with full grunil. I think i'm close to the acc cap, and will switch to nouver and boss armor eventually.
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