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  1. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic English BDO Roleplaying Community Site   

    Not me, but I understand there are a couple establishments on EU. Not active myself at the moment, so cannot really comment, but the site I linked should have up to date information.
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  2. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic How to make BDO a WoW-killer   

    In BDO all non-consumables are crafted by your workers. The only things you can craft yourself are consumables like food and alchemy products. However, you will need to process and/or craft some parts yourself, so it's kind of co-operating with your workers.
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  3. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic This year mmo list looks dull   

    Lost Ark is pretty much the only Asian MMO I'm looking forward to at the moment.
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  4. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic This year mmo list looks dull   

    I believe there is some sort of progression, but skill is definitely the deciding factor in the game. Think of Chivalry and unlocking the weapons in that game.
    Keep in mind though For Honor is not an MMO, but an arena brawler. It does look fun still, and I'm eagerly waiting for its release. It's a true PvP game with no grind2win shit.
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  5. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic looking for a EU roleplay guild   

    The EU RP community is a bit fractured because of the different languages. As far as I understand, the Germans and the French both have an active RP scene still, while the English community is pretty low on activity. I recommend checking www.blackdesertroleplayers.com for EU guild listings if you prefer English.
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  6. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic General Consensus of the Enhancement System   

    And that would be bad because...?
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  7. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic Losing My Mind Trying To Get Tri Kzarka   

    Don't worry, you'll be happy for those stacks in 2020 when you start eventually trying for TET.
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  8. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic Velia (coastal cliff) hotspot   

    All AFK activities in the game should be nerfed to hell and/or disabled altogether and turned into active gameplay with greater rewards.
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  9. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    12 years of gaming... pfff. Where do they find these kids?
    But seriously, welcome and hopefully you'll keep a tight line of communication between the dev team and the player community
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  10. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic Playing BDO Taiwan anticipated access - The game was way more fun pre-Mediah   

    PvP is supposed to be the end game content. Too bad it's locked behind a grindwall of epic proportions. If +15 was still the gear cap, I'm willing to be there would be tons and I mean tons more PvP than there is now.
    Also roleplaying, but that's clearly not a focus area for BDO.
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  11. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic Shepards weird behaviors ?!?!   

    I'm more triggered by the absolute discipline and fighting code of the mobs.
    I mean, I jump in and start slaughtering their friends, yet many of them just stand and watch. "No, Jerry, we can't go and help them. Our code says only 7 to 1 odds allowed... oops he killed Marty and Rick. Now we can go to help! CHAAARGE!"
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  12. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic The quality of some of this RP.   

    Yes because our RP communities are huge enough for us to be picky and elitist.
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  13. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic character portraits should look like your characters   

    I love people who just read the title and then write their reply in the end.
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  14. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic New Market place   

    If blackstones were worth 1 mil or more on the MP, people would be farming them a lot more than they do today. It's not like they can't be farmed.
    If logs were going for 20k per log, people would be chopping like crazy to make money off them.
    Please understand there's no supply for certain items because they cannot be sold with a price proportionate of the effort of getting them.
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  15. Thomas Gore added a post in a topic No long distance chatting   

    Sort of worked in UO, but even then people were using external messaging systems. ICQ was hot back in that day.
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