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  1. IKShadow added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Thanks for info, personally I plan to stay away from Asian MMO's (hopefully forever but never say never ) and their p2w style & rng implementations.
    We are now testing Albion that is in finial beta and so far so good and the plan is to stick with it. 
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  2. IKShadow added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Albion Online [ Sandbox, PvP/GvG focused MMO] - finial beta

    What is Albion Online?
    Albion Online is a new and exciting sandbox MMORPG that will take you to a medieval world full of adventures. Explore and conquer a vast, rich world filled with dangers, join forces with thousands of other players and make this adventure your own. Currently, the game is still in final beta stage. Join the final beta test and sign up!
    A player-driven economy – with every item and most buildings crafted by the players ( you can setup your shops in cities )
    There are no classes, as your equipment determines what you can do. You Are What You Wear!
    Epic Guild versus Guild conflicts with an exciting skill-based system to conquer territories
    Localized Market , be a trader, buy low -> transport -> sell high
    Make truly unique character, choose between 937 active&71 passive skills. You can mix your equipment ( plate helm, cloth chest, leather boots )
    Check out the videos bellow

    Join the final beta test and sign up!
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  3. IKShadow added a post in a topic Lets be honest Kakao   

    September 2 
    October 2 
    November 2
    December 2 
    January 2 
    February 2 
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  4. IKShadow added a post in a topic Which is your most anticipated MMORPG currently?   

    Albion Online

    Its like Eve Online in medieval fantasy world settings, they took the best from it ( sectors, localize marketplace, crafting ...)
    The closes game so far that bring that good Ultima Online feeling with really strong focus on PvP, GvG, Territory control
    Check it out: https://albiononline.com
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  5. IKShadow added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Actually if anything all that drama is the one of the things that provides good motivation (<3 Proxy eg keep talking) , but what Daum did was just ...
    I miss BDO and considering one of the best games on the market, but since its clearly going full KR way it just feels like huge waste of time. 

    Its something i planed to play for 3, 4 years .. invested 1.5K EUR in it not because i would really needed stuff, but more to show support and by end of the year it would be at least doubled. 
    What I really dont understand, how they can be so greedy and on top of that offer such shitty support, did not think much about it before but now when we are testing Albion Online (open world pvp game with GvG focus, full loot in final beta now ) you can see the difference. They sold like 200K accounts, the devs & community managers are really active on their forums, bugs are being patched almost daily and only 20 to 30 minutes max down time, they have Official Discord server where you can talk with devs and as well ingame GM's for support.

    Now here we have Daum EU, which sold over 1.000.000 accounts of the game that was already released in other regions eg development costs were already covered and they made huge profit eg let say that in average every one in EU/NA spend only 100€ = 100.000.000m ( imo they are at least at 300.000.000m),  and that before value packs and pure pay2win bullshit ) and what did we get, unresponsive CM's, ticketing that takes ages if you have problems, 0 GM's ingame ... i mean really 
    In Albion you have a question and/or you are stuck you get instant answer from devs on discord or ingame ... not posting ticket waiting for weeks for replay etc...

    Dont get me wrong its not DaumEU fault, they probably work within budgets they got, most of staff is more then likely some under payed failed students as professionals would not work for some shitty salary, and KR guys are milking them as they are milking players. 

    I wish this kind of pay2win would not bother me that much and since money is not an issue I would keep throwing the max amount allowed, just to get full  PEN boss gear. 
    Once I would get it or be close to it I would feel like cheating and would get buyers remorse why the ----- i support such business model. 
    As for the guild the end result was 70+ of us leaving ( some in guild2) and around 15-18 staying with BDO, the guild will be transfered/renamed soon  and under different leadership.(most of our members who are staying behind will also stay in the new guild) 
    p.s. I wish you guys good luck and hopefully the server merges and/or free2play will happen soon 
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  6. IKShadow added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    I guess they will keep the "promises" they want to bring our version on pair with KR one. 
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  7. IKShadow added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

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  8. IKShadow added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    Jordine EU just now - if pay2win stays its more then likely we wont. 

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  9. IKShadow added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    Speaking for FUtilez member we are FULLY NOT SUPPORTING THIS CHANGE.
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  10. IKShadow added a post in a topic Promoting Fair Gameplay in Black Desert   

    Most of those will be this game suck / I quit etc... 
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  11. IKShadow added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    The reading impaired ones. better read my previous reply again.

    p.s. Great fight Zer0 we really enjoyed it, we will repeat it as soon as we get some people off vacation, hard as ----- to siege with 37 people. You guys did some amazing rushes.
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  12. IKShadow added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Trashing other guilds ? Name few beside Grind where Death Proxy started with his trolling. 
    No for that we would need to win at those node/castle wars and not pull draw.
    But with the numbers we are rolling for next 14 days its coming 
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  13. IKShadow added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    When it comes selectively recruiting we did it at 90+ members now we are at 80 so there are spots for other classes as well. 
    The ride so far was quite amazing and no worries cheater we are not going anywhere as for being beaten by who ? 1vs1 siege wise only Grind & Alliances beat us, and with summer vacation numbers couple of fights were quiet intense. ( tbh High_Dawn did win over last siege as NoKarma guys did not really bring some big numbers, but were annoyance.) 

    V / PvP wise well you are awesome Warrior vs Ranger, good for you be proud. 

    p.s. Dodging what ? 3,4 players on forums constantly posting FUtilez this and that ?
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  14. IKShadow added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Such a try hard cheater, I guess you will need to brown nose a bit more to get a spot in Grind. 
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