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  1. CashforCookies added a post in a topic enchanting Rods   

    why the hell would you recover the dura with memory fragments? just use another epheria rod to recover the dura, thats cheaper and you can craft them yourself
    as for the + you should stop at, depends on how much inventory space you got and how long u afk
    i got a +4 epheria @90 dura and afk-fishing during regular night sleepes or even a bit longer (8-10h tops) i don't think i ever got it lower than 15 dura left
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  2. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Is there a node guide anywhere?   

    does have a node calculator, which helps choosing the cheapest route for connecting cities, which is why i usually prefer it over tome's map
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  3. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Point by point skill guide for classes   

    any source for that? from what i heard so far u should do the ones that give skill exp asap since they don't scale with lvl, while the ones that give full skillpoints should not be done before reaching a decent amount (~500) skill points, since they reward always full points, regardless how many you have
    that's what i heard atleast, might be different in eu/na, but i would like a source to verify that this is indeed the case
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  4. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Ingot crafting?   

    "In order to perform the Quest for Beginner Processing knowledge, achieve Gathering Apprentice Level 4 or higher and visit Ficy in Heidel to complete the corresponding Quest."
    as stated on the ingots
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  5. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Worthwhile Trade Routes?   

    atm it's not really worth trying to make money with long distance trades
    its better to simply increase your trade lvl as fast as possible (trade xp= based on quantity, even at a loss you gain xp, money made doesn't change xp gain).
    2 reasons:
    a) the amount of silver you gain extra for a bargain increases with trade level.
    b) we don't have the best long distance routes yet, since we don't have valenciah yet (highest distance is like 55% atm, while valenciah is 100+)
    as pavo mentioned, calpheon timber crates are one of the better options to gain some money, but again, you would make more money if u saved them up till we get valenciah. they are fairly easy to make and it doesn't require much contribution (1-2 nodes per tree type are enough, depending on your online time, processing level and workers). the mediah timber crates are quite good too, actually giving a better value/energy, but require more contribution (mediah nodes cost 1-2 contri more each)
    the other type of crate that is worth making atm is sunflowers. these require alot of contribution and you will need to be online for atleast 5h a day (or around ~10h if u afk it, works well if u stay online during night). requires much less energy than timber crates tho, differs a bit depending if u tend to your farms alot or not.
    you can also masscraft cheap crates to lvl trade xp, but don't expect to make money from that, depending on the crate you might even lose a bit of money. thx to the high blackstone powder prices.
    so in short:
    - run shortest trade routes possible, focus on lvling up your trade profession
    - craft timber/sunflower crates in trent
    - save crates till valenciah, only sell if u really need the cash
    that way you are gonna make some good cash as soon as we get valenciah
    no energy cost in kr version and the fixed marketplace prices here while not balancing trade item values, i guess
    make them in trent, transport to abun village south of altinova for 52% distance bonus with a bargain @130% i get almost 120k topprize. my wagon can carry 36 crates atm so i get around 4m if i sell them all
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  6. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Question regarding housing   

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  7. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Question regarding housing   

    yes you can only go into your residences. all other houses will not allow that. so yeah, you will need a residence for cooking (and alchemy and for placing furniture. otherwise it's not required at all)
    as for lodgings: each town will give u 1 free lodging, meaning you can hire 1 worker without actually buying a lodging house. only if you want more than 1 worker, you will need to get a lodging house. one house can give 1-8 worker slots, depending on the level of the house.
    it's similar for storage. you get a free 16 slot storage in each town, if you want more you need to buy it. other than workers, you can increase the slots in storage not only with houses, but also with cash shop/loyalty shop items.
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  8. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Newb Questions (random things)   

    1) you can communicate across all channels. you need to be in the same channel for doing stuff together tho, like leveling in party or doing guild missions. if you aren't in same channel, your contribution to the guild mission will not count, even if you complete the required task.
    you can change the channel quickly (basically makes you relogg and login to other channel), there is a 15m cd between channel changing
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  9. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Couple of quick questions...   

    1) energy is regenerated at 1 per 30min while offline (chars that are not currently logged in are counted as offline) so each alt will give you 48 energy to spend each day. you can use this energy for professions, investing in nodes, playing amity games, unlocking knowledge or exchange it for energy potions at a 10:50 ratio
    having alt chars does indeed help with getting some contribution, as you can do quests you already did before quickly, especially quests that require you to gain knowledge, those will instantly complete. killquests are quite easy with alt chars too, provided you pass them good gear from your main.
    but you can gain contribution quickly with your mainchar too, so it's not really required to have alts for that
    2) you can get the "backpack" from a trade manager or by crafting a crate at a workshop. leveling strenght is not worth it for the most part, as it only gives +2 LT per level, for a maximum of 40 LT. only do this while you sleep via autopathloop.
    use the npc button at the top right of your screen (next to the minimap) to locate the nearest trade manager. you will need to be in a town or have the node connected to buy trade items.
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  10. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Guest Pass "trade" if possible. Read here   

    another guest pass would only enable you to play with a new account. you will have to wait.
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  11. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Brief summary of Valkyries awakened abilities.   

    you also get 1 of those for free @500h played (~20d playtime on 1 char, not familywide)
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  12. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Wagons Base Stats & Images   

    here are the stats w/o a noble wagon badge, the base is 900 weight

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  13. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Point by point skill guide for classes   

    and you propably won't find any. this is not wow or any other mmorpg with talent points.
    you don't get skill points at set lvls. you get skill exp from killing monsters or from doing quests. there are also quests that reward full skill points (recommended to not do these till u have like 500+ skill points, because it gets harder to earn skill exp the more skill points u already have, so you propably will only do these 50+)
    on the other hand, you get lvl exp from professions too, so you might get to a high lvl even with a low amount of skill points if you focus on that.
    that said, you don't need alot of skills to lvl in this game, pve is quite easy. you can mostly get by just spamming 1-2 skills.
    valk can kill pretty much anything just comboing shield throw -> celestial spear -> shield throw
    witch can kill most stuff with lightning + lightning residual and maybe a fireball+fireball explosion or lightning chain+lightning storm thrown in here and there
    most of the other stuff is simply preference. an example: if your gear is good or you carry potions with you all the time you won't need to lvl your heal skills at first. if you don't like potting all the time you or lvl with groups then maxing heal asap might be a good idea.
    i haven't even lvl'd my fireball on my witch, cuz i have enough ap to kill most mobs with just a simple lightning + lightning residual
    basically getting your main combo maxed and putting 1 point into other skills is enough to carry you all the way to lvl50. everything else is kinda like an extra
    here is a good valk guide that may also help with skill priorities http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/58303-valkyrie-gearskillcombo-guide/
    and here is a thread with some more valk skill build and priorities http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/64866-need-some-clarification-for-my-skill-build/
    here is a witch guide that explains the basic combo http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/64446-how-to-witchwizard-~-beginner-advanced-gearpvppvevideossiegesgemscombohorse-combat/
    ps: at lvl 45 you get a full skill reset for 1 char for free. so no reason to reroll a char. there are additional full skill resets and partial skill resets available from cash shop/loyalty shop
    also skill points can be gained infinitely, so you can always just grind more.
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  14. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Point by point skill guide for classes   

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  15. CashforCookies added a post in a topic Horse skills   

    yes, these skills are very rare (which is why they are the most expensive ones on market)
    they should turn up more often on higher tier horses tho. horses with higher tiers get more skills
    i think i heard that higher training lvl also increases chance of getting skills, can't confirm that tho
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