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  1. Ackadian added a post in a topic Temporary mount ownership stealing.   

    This is exactly why I came up with the item that gives the horse immunity to being stolen.Or the player could simply make sure to not leave the horse unatented like that for too long.What I described isn't mean to come risk-free,it would be something to add up more competitive intent from player to player.
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  2. Ackadian added a topic in Suggestions   

    Temporary mount ownership stealing.
    So I was roleplaying through the forest with my ninja and found someone's horse randomly left behind with no player around and I was like "Hmm...maybe I should take this and...oh wait..."
    Yea you see where I'm pointing,I thought that it would be fun to create a mount stealing option in the game.Now now hold yer horses (see what I did there?) before starting a s***storm.
    Let's say that if a player leaves a horse outside a safe set distance from them it starts a countdown of 15 minutes after which the mount becomes usable by other players who get to it.Once the times starts it won't stop until the player interacts with the horse itself,not only gets back in the said range.To get the mount back you'd have to either wait for the rider to leave it somewhere and then go find it back or simply fight for it if you're able to.The thief wouldn't be able to get ownership of the mount of course,they wouldn't be able to check it in to a stable and neither meddle with its gear,it would be just a means of temporary transportation.They also shouldn't be able to regenerate its energy so it becomes useless at some point.
    You could also create a...more or less epensive parking needle thingie item that you can equip on the mount to make it immovable even after 15 minutes left alone or that increases the timer to 30 minutes.You could even spread it into different tiers that add another 15 or 5 minutes to the initial timer.I'm saying expensive because if the item was easily obtainable by everyone the whole horse thieving system would be rendered pointless.
    Anyway think about it,I for one think it would be a fun system in the game.Sadly I'm only playing on a 7 day pass because of lack of money so I probably won't see it happen but hey,I thought it's a nice idea.
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  3. Ackadian added a topic in Art & Media   

  4. Ackadian added a post in a topic Closed Beta Test I registration page is live!   

    If anyone would be kind enough to send me a key too I would appreciate it  
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  5. Ackadian added a post in a topic Devs,please we need this xD   

    I chose my comparison because it's usually 90% of the cases unless you're born with a hairy condition or something like that.I don't see the usefulness of you trying to add that lecture to the thread though This is just a simple game forum,not a tumblr debate  
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  6. Ackadian added a post in a topic Devs,please we need this xD   

    And....what does this have to do with me asking devs to give us chest hair?
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  7. Ackadian added a post in a topic Devs,please we need this xD   

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  8. Ackadian added a post in a topic Devs,please we need this xD   

    Yes,it is as real as it gets,doesn't take much to put in such a tiny detail like this and as long as their game is advertised as the "next-gen of customizing" mmo they could try appealing to a broader community than horny 13 year old girls who like supermodel guys.I want a "real man' warrior myself,not a stupid guy who looks like he's just finished combing his hair and oiling his body and now is killing random mobs for some reason
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  9. Ackadian added a topic in Suggestions   

    Devs,please we need this xD
    Please,devs,on behalf of...well....me and whoever else wants this,give us chest hair option for our male characters! EU and NA needs dis! I swear do this and you'll have my money O_O I really don't want to play a weird hairless chicken just like all the other korean games that I have played...just draw it with a marker,I don't care,I don't want my characters to be looking like 12 year old boys,facial hair ain't enough *makes puppy eyes*
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