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  1. Bdoplay added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fail Stack Lock
    So, I just used 39 fail stack on +13 Reblath Gloves. I am aware that it was my stupidity that caused it or a huge mistake from my part (I was pretty sleep deprived/tired).
    The approximate value of that fail stack is at least 100-200m that took almost a week of at least 5 hours a day grinding (that stack was specifically for dandelion and was stacked with it) and I hated myself as much as I hated your enchanting system that always require so many number of fails and alts to succeed something when I accidentally pressed "Enhance" on my reblath glove without checking the number.
    I take it granted that you guys will never replace this ridiculous rng based enchanting system and I personally gotten even more sick toward this kind of mmorpg enchanting system in general after playing your game since launch and all your Korean devs for some lack of creativity that for some reason thought this system is great and hence must be implemented every single game produced from your country. So I hereby sincerely appreciate yet another duplicate implementation of this ubiquitous enchant mechanics for teaching me hard that I should never implement this kind of system for my game and, thank god, I already have figured out the better system for my game... jesus christ.
    Such accidental waste of stack must be occurring rare for most players but I am here to suggest anyway, recognizing the fact that this enchant system and the kind of fail stacking routine required for every single item is stuck here forever for your game, the possible convenient feature to lock the stacks against low tier items (or any items locked) similar to locking inventory items to prevent accidental trashing of valuable items.
    Maybe you guys can just add a checkbox on that enchant window that, while checked, prevents any items to be put on there.
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  2. Bdoplay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    You forgot to include under "Monster Changes" section that "HP (or DP) of Wandering Rogue Giant Soldier in Mediah has been slightly increased" to mitigate players from longer farming duration of memory fragments and instead opt to buy more artisan memories from the pearl shop. You welcome.
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  3. Bdoplay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    You guys are real assholes. Is that the direct response to my posts and my spending on the peal items in a very long time specifically on Equipment Tailoring Coupon right before the maintenance YESTERDAY???? and my performance in the RBF and p2w advantage it provided? I am never spending a dime on your game ever again from now on. What a shitty mentality you guys have. Jesus Christ, you guys are teaching me so many wrong things that I will never do to my customers/players, thank you so much for enlightening me. Jesus Christ.
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  4. Bdoplay added a topic in Suggestions   

    Enchanting Rate Changed?
    I've never seen any official news on any enchanting rate changes on your patch notes, yet I have clear fail stack record that is indicating the enchant rate for all boss gears have changed (success rate lowered).
    I won't list hundreds of my enchant record of my 7 end-game boss gears enchant successes between DUO to TET and several PEN attempts that I have recorded since June 2016 until now.
    Approximately, prior to late February or early March, DUO success rate for Dandelion around 20+ fail stacks was about 1/3 and mostly succeeded before getting passed 30+ fail stacks. Now, it fails easily 5 times in a row easily landing 30+ fail stacks unlike before. I'm wildly guessing you guys put increased success rate threshold around 30 fail stacks.
    At this point, you can guess what my suggestion would be, and I clearly see you guys probably won't do anything about it as this changes is designed to sink in-game currency and increase artisan memory sales in the first place, however, with a little hope, I'm suggesting here since all this enchanting business without artisan memory is very miserable experience.
    I am really getting tired of all this backward enchant mechanism and the system that truly favors the players who happen to have early successes on PEN gears by true luck while each PEN attempt takes at least two weeks with 24/7 (of course, minus sleep hours) grinding without artisan memory.
    Those guys who happen to make the PEN end-game gear with less than 5 attempts by rolling their TET set are easily ahead of by several months from the players who fail all 7 TET gears without any successes (and for most of them, have no option but to take a long break, if not, quit the game).
    As a developer myself, I really love playing MMORPG games while working, and I am personally working on a private project myself with all my intention to develop the game negated of all your nasty mechanisms. I love your graphics and attention to details (though I recognize there are several aspects of the game that can go deeper and improved), but the intended randomness that even selectively chooses which player become the top player, simply, is sadly demotivating as a competitive gamer.
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  5. Bdoplay added a topic in Suggestions   

    Do something about low alchemy stone growth success rate and/or its value
    Reader discretion: I literally want to kill you devs over this small thing.
    I consider myself been pretty tolerant over your notorious RNG based mechanics as I rarely been complaining over boss equipment or endgame yellow grade accessories enhancement up to tri/tet/pen but not until I began to try these stupid alchemy stones.
    Until now, I've been purchasing the stones off the marketplace but since the life alchemy stones are so rare and almost none of them are up at any given time, I decided to make one myself from the beginning and just began polishing the white imperfect one just today with 700m raw silver in my storage to spare, with a plan to at least spend half, if necessary, to obtain a yellow grade stone.
    From White Imperfect to Green Polished Alchemy Stone: Cost about 10-15m, pretty tolerable.
    From Green Polished Alchemy Stone to GOD KNOWS WHEN: Total spending up to this point: 90-100M!!!!? -- FAILED 34 TIMES STRAIGHT ALL AT 150%. WTF.
    If I had succeeded, the best grade level stone out of this would've been blue Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Life valued at 44m WTF?
    > The cost and the price simply doesn't match up and not justified, SERIOUSLY. This can't be tolerable. Extremely idiotic, stupid, and ridiculous. PLEASE. Please seriously consider, either increasing the value of the stones to match up to their ridiculously low success rate/cost OR add fail stacking mechanism to the stone growth just like the equipment enhancements, so each fail does not simply go away.
    P.S. The material I used to polish: Special Strawberries ea. 6688-7900.
    > Please don't tell me I was extremely unlucky. Even if my case is the worst possible scenario for growing a Green Polished Alchemy Stone of Life, the fact that this kind of worst scenario can even occur is NOT TOLERABLE and will leave players who will, even if few, experience through this with extremely bad aftertaste, worse than the feeling of failing PEN boss gears, and I have failed many of them so far with none of them succeeding and this alchemy stone polishing/growing experience felt way WAY worse than watching myself failing a PEN dandelion -- simply BECAUSE, the return is justified in the case of boss gears, while the alchemy stones is not JUSTIFIED due to so much low return value.
    > Or is it intended by you, the devs, to force players like me who almost reached the endgame to quit the game by sinking their hard-earned in-game wealth just as in the case of that next guy who destroy all their tri/tet accessories/boss gears and quit the game with tears in their face? How convenient!
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  6. Bdoplay added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    Kicked from Velia 1. Then kicked again from Balenos 1. Now I'm barred and On Queue for 15 minutes. WTF is this.
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  7. Bdoplay added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Spawn bug in RBF

    Unable to move, unable to escape, unable to V, unable to get back in due to 10 min restriction. When I was kicked, I was stuck in the bugged sky in swimming pose. The first time I am having this issue after the latest patch.
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  8. Bdoplay added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Stuck at "Now Processing"
    I can login, the game loads, but when every time I select a channel, I am stuck at this popup "Now Processing" since 5 minutes ago.
    The problem just started after I force closed the game when I could not switch to my other toon nor quit the game normally after I came back from afk to grind during in-game night (before I attempted to switch toon, the game seemed working fine).
    I specifically grind during this short night for small exp increase and I am losing this precious time because of this problem. I wish the issue is solved immediately.
    I am currently checking corrupt files as instructed from https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210761289-Corrupted-files
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  9. Bdoplay added a topic in Suggestions   

    Making PvP less dependent on CC
    GMs or CMs, if you know what I play in the game, in case you don't. I play one of the most op-equipped warrior in the game and I'm here to suggest that while I do find fun in knocking down/bounding everyone with my build or grabbing down anyone near me, I began to believe this kind of PvP really sucks in the way that you are pretty much dead when lvl60+ 230+ap guys one shots you while knocked down. And, I really didn't want to provide any more suggestions that might make your game better because the never-ending RNG based content additions carefully structured around to increase your revenue on back of player's head -- and never figuring out how or actually implementing ways to circumvent one of the major problems that are driving away many seasoned players. But I am here to suggest a way, on my in-game best friend's behalf who recently quit, to make PvP less dependent on gears/CC RNG and more dependent on maneuverability/timing by adding extra skills to all classes that will immediately stop all types of CC in midway. This way, the CC resistance can be freed from RNG or resistance gems. With less knockdowns/stuns/faints, gear score will be less important (since where the gear difference really becomes a problematic is from the knockdowns/stuns/faints) and more dependent on the users skill.
    Whether you guys will actually take this idea and implement in your next patch to fix the CC problem, I have no idea, however you must do something to CC in order to keep vast player base who reach lvl57 but do not have time to work on the gears fast enough to have some chance in PvP against top geared guys like me. You guys really gotta work on the PvP system to help under geared/under level players so they have some chance to win against high level/op geared guys who flag on them to wipe them off from the grinding spot further hampering their chances to better equip themselves. One of my best friend recently quit the game because of this and I played your game very long and met many other players who had similar problems and quit. You have myriad of problems deeply rooted in RNG based mechanics and sandbox model such as grinding spot shortages, accessories destruction, and discouraging PvP experience -- figure them out and fix them now.
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  10. Bdoplay added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Annoying Crash - Notepad++
    This problem has been occurring like several months. Recently, I was a bit annoyed by it after the series of random disconnects and random crashes after the last major new world patch.
    So I hereby point out in a hope that this particular problem gets fixed somehow.
    > Whenever I open a text document with a notepad/code editing program called notepad++, which I use both for note taking and coding, the game crashes.
    I suspect it has to do with xigncode3 you guys rely on to anti-hack, anti-crack, anti-cheat, or maybe you guys used the same dlls as used by this program, but I can never sure where the source of the problem come from. I do not think my notepad++ is corrupted or altered to be harmful on bdo client as I update it frequently to the latest version.
    I am running on Windows 10 Home updated to the latest, in case you need to know.
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  11. Bdoplay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    So the class I have to play depends on your every fcking update? OMFG what a miserable game I played loyally for 9 months.
    All my tet pieces are now fcking useless for both grinding and pvping. You made warrior an idiot class again.
    And as always, you only hear one sided complaints because the other side is quiet. So lightfeathered ears on your heads.
    When people are silent, that means they are happy, idiots! Keep the good stuff, fix the source of complaints. What you've done in this update is remove the good stuff to fix the source of complaints. What is this, a Seesaw?
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  12. Bdoplay added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Boss Armor Enhancement
    I personally have no idea if this is my account specific or i'm simply having an extreme series of bad luck. Only you, devs, will know the truth.
    If you guys did deliberately lowered enhancement success rate on my account in your last patch, I'm going to let everybody know here that you guys do deliberately modify RNG settings on INDIVIDUAL/NOT INDIVIDUAL manner to favor your cash shops without announcing the changes to anybody.
    Since the last patch, I'm keep having enhancement failures going to TRI Hebetate's Tree Spirit Armor and TRI Giath's Helm. I lost the exact count out of frustration, but that totals up to about 12 straight TRI fails just on Hebetate Armor and 2 TRI straight fails on Giath's Helm. So far I made 49, 47, 47, 42 fail stacks on my 4 different characters after countless failures and expenditures on the DUO attempts which too apparently had lowered success rate than pre-patch last week.
    I had made tet Muskan's shoes and tet Bheg's gloves before the patch so I have a very good long list of records of success stacks.
    The stacks I made my SUCCESSFUL TRI Muskan, TRI Bheg, TRI Hebetate, TRI Giath before the last patch:
    34, 32, 30, 33, 37, 35, 30, 31, 32, 38 (hebe), 29 (hebe) (ALL SUCCESS, and only once I had fail stacks going beyond 40 with these boss armors)
    The stacks I'm currently KEEP FAILING for TRI Hebetate and TRI Giath after the last patch:
    31, 35, 39, 43, 47, 33, 37, 41, 45, 49 (don't mistaken these are all fail stacks: ALL FAIL)
    There is obvious difference here.
    Since I never seen any changes made to enhancement success rate on your last patch note. From my perspective, I'm going to assume this as BUGGED so I'm starting this topic here. I'm going to edit this post if I do ever get that similar results I was experiencing before that last patch but I seriously think there's a problem with my account right now unless I'm mentally ill and delusional. Please review this and get this thing fixed, or if this intended result, you better change RNG algorithm again. Just now I've already seen a guy quitting the game due to your shitty RNG system.
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  13. Bdoplay added a post in a topic RNG god strike again   

    Something I am going to complaint seriously about soon or later. Just made 4th 42 stacks going to tri hebe now (made 49, 47, 47, 42 with at least 14 straight tri fails only with hebetate armor). Never had in my entire BDO life went over 42 stacks with giath, bheg, and muskan on tri attempts. And I made tet bheg and tet muskan so I have a good long list of approximately at what stacks I would likely get tri boss armors. I even had successful 3 tri hebetate armor enhancements before the patch.
    Now after the last patch, I'm keep having the series of tri failures. I don't know if any of you guys having same fcked up RNG after the patch but I'm surely seeing the changes made to my enhancement success rate.
    Either dev deliberately did something to my account or they lowered the success rate of enhancements or drop rates or they changed the algorithm.
    Anyone else getting worse rng after the patch?
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  14. Bdoplay added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    I just got to know this kind of exploit even existed, today. There are only few things to comment about this subject from me.
    1. I really hope these exploiters' unfair gains are rolled back THOROUGHLY. I do not care about some period bans since all these exploits are at part fault of you incompetent devs' as well. Not fair for these exploiters to burden all the punishments.
    2. Hope the devs do find ways to distinguish innocents and guilty 100% accurately so players like me who had legitimately made several TET gears during this period are not mistaken as exploiters and be punished mistakenly. Just yesterday, I had met a player asking me if I took the advantage of the exploits. I was very displeased.
    And these are all I have to say about the issue. My only worries are that I hope I am not mistaken as exploit abusers just because I made TET gears fast. I don't want to go through the process of contacting your customer service if anything do happen to my account because of this exploit and lose in-game-reputation. I am sick of being called a cheater just because you incompetent devs' faulty releases.
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  15. Bdoplay added a topic in Suggestions   

    Duel Option: HP Potion/Elixir Allowed/Not Allowed
    This is going to be a short suggestion. I wish there was an option to allow/disallow HP Potions and/or Elixirs when starting a duel. And they are greyed out/inactivated (disabled) during disallowed duel.
    Sometimes I duel to test out how my pure skills and builds fare against other players but there's always these people who try to secretly, obviously, apparently use HP pots but pretend they didn't to drag on the battle and ultimately, unfairly, win to protect their shameless pride.
    Worst, when hp pots allowed, the duel lasts too long for evenly built players and most of the time whoever has more pots or whoever can spam the pot shortcut the fastest, wins the duel.
    I really wish there was at least an option to duel with a such feature. I don't think this addition will dissatisfy anyone. Please have this suggestion reviewed. Thank you.
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