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  1. Whelmed added a post in a topic KR patch note 14th July   

    I don't get PA, couple weeks ago Jouska posted that the devs confirmed Sorc's DF was working as intended, then all of a sudden it's "fixed"? So which one is it?
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  2. Whelmed added a post in a topic Finally, all those Sorcs will stop QQing now   

    Pointless thread.
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  3. Whelmed added a post in a topic How to be Pro   

    Sooo... 2 thumbs per hand?
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  4. Whelmed added a post in a topic Enchantment Findings Megathread - Post your failstacks & successes here!   

    PRI Fails: 15 17  Success:19
    DUO Fails: 24 27 30 33 36 39 42
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  5. Whelmed added a post in a topic Upgrading armor to +15   

    To answer all your questions:
    - The Grunil vendor was, is and always willbe a ----- when it comes to the amity game, you just need to pray to RNGesus he doesn't give you a streak of "Fail to spark interest" objectives. You can try equipping a cash shop armor, buy a noble costume from the marketplace and amity elixirs to boost amity gains however.
    - There're several charts on the amount of failstacks needed for each upgrade on weapons which from my experience works for armors also. Forcing or not on +14 is really a matter of your trust in RNG, I would suggest forcing as Grunil's are easy to farm/buy if you pre-order.
    - ALWAYS save up your blackstones, you'll eventually need them for building failstacks for your accessories/going above +15. Unless you've saved a couple thousand of them, I'd suggest keeping them.
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  6. Whelmed added a post in a topic New daily scroll, "Agrakhan"   

    I gotchu fam 
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  7. Whelmed added a post in a topic Anyword on Sorc fix? ranger fix?   

    Would also like source.
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  8. Whelmed added a post in a topic About that American flag missing from the game..   

    I feel you bruv.
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  9. Whelmed added a post in a topic Do you spam Dark Flame at bosses?   

    Only use DF when it's off the 6 sec CD regardless, the damage is still decent.
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  10. Whelmed added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

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  11. Whelmed added a post in a topic A beginner who is craving for an efficient way to make money   

    If you open up your map and hover over the Mediah side, to the right of Helms' location you'll see an orange-ish structure. There will be 2 nodes at the location, one on said structure and one below it, which is the location where you'll want to be farming at. Neatly grouped mobs and in high density with decent spawn rates.
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  12. Whelmed added a post in a topic A beginner who is craving for an efficient way to make money   

    Grinding at Elrics nets me 3mil guaranteed an hour of solo farm (excluding any eventual Outlaw ring drops). The mobs are extremely squishy which makes it for an easy grind.
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  13. Whelmed added a post in a topic Black Desert Online: Sorceress vs Berserker   

    Holly Dark Flame spam, boring fight tbh.
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  14. Whelmed added a topic in General   

    Just a heads up.
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  15. Whelmed added a post in a topic Left me no choice....   

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