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  1. Xzoviac added a post in a topic Maintaining Immersion In The Presence Of "Silly" Cash Shop Costumes!   

    why comment if ur not gonna read the OP
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  2. Xzoviac added a post in a topic Crashes at Char select error # 0xE019101A   

    try to delite your cache and version.dat it will repatch and then may work
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  3. Xzoviac added a post in a topic Banned until 2046 for absolutely no reason   

    what was the problem?
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  4. Xzoviac added a post in a topic Banned until 2046 for absolutely no reason   

    i guess just open a ticket , or email them support@blackdesert.zendesk.com
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  5. Xzoviac added a post in a topic Banned until 2046 for absolutely no reason   

    you probably have a email telling you why you are banned 
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  6. Xzoviac added a post in a topic Crafting is bloody OP   

    nice work
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  7. Xzoviac added a post in a topic Best place to exp after 50 lv?   

    mansha forest is good
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  8. Xzoviac added a post in a topic How am I supposed to xp ?   

    if you  dont want to fight for a farming spot craft fish/ hunt in less popular areas or just keep going back till the person is red they will eventually stop pking
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  9. Xzoviac added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    yeah i played KR version , and peoples names where mostly Korean lettering  i didn't recognise may as well have had the hole server in gilly i didnt care

    just going 2 have to disagree with you , my problem is im struggling to empathies  maybe im just lucky ,
    I dont get pked in the way you are describing  with or with out the suit on (yes i have been ganked before)

    anyway nn bored of this loop lol
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  10. Xzoviac added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    so if a level 54player with out a gilly  was walking along in Trents killing trees

    then 5 level 50s jumped out of bushes with gillys  and ganked him

    do you know what would happen - all level 50s would die

    a group of 5 players "Ganked" me yesterday and i pked them all at the same time ( i was wearing pre-order armour because i was levelling)

    if the level gap is big enough number of people trying to pk you does not matter  if your gear gap is big enough it dosent even matter if they are the same level as you

    this game is NOT pay to win (you wont WIN with a gilly on) this game is NOLIFE to win, you will all cry  even harder when +20 weapons are around believe me you wont care about a bush
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  11. Xzoviac added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    I dont instantly die 2 people im fairly high level with decent gear iv fought with bushes and been the bush and i just think its not rly that big a deal.

    when you are red you risk de- leveling your gear  (do you think people with +15 gear will do this with out a reason) your gems breaking and losing a hole day worth of XP
    well there is a small group but this group of people are level 54+ with near perfect gear and have no fear of ever dieing (so it dosent matter if they are red)
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  12. Xzoviac added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    Even if they dont attack you In GVG THEY GLOW RED
    If someone has killed you 10 times they would be negative karma and guess what THEY GLOW RED

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  13. Xzoviac added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

     pink bush

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  14. Xzoviac added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    GVG the enemy is GLOWS bright red
    If they PK you they GLOW bright red
    I wear a gilly suite because it looks awesome  (mine is bright pink) so you'll always know if i pk you

    people don't just pk  (the karma system sucks)

    people in gillys that pk you are probably defending a grinding spot (means they wont move if you want to take revenge)

    If you instantly die to a gilly (they are stronger then you) dont go back every time you  get pked you lose XP
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  15. Xzoviac added a post in a topic Swap out Class.   

    if this happens

    play wiz till lvl 50 then swap to class thats harder 2 level such as warrior (get him 2 awakening) and boom u got amazing char with no hard work because wiz is easy mode for levelling
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