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  1. Albadaran added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 08th   

    So why does this patch not apply to Dutch players who have Ziggo as internet provider? It says it patches but it does not, and leaves us unable to sell at shops. Several threads about this, but no answers.
    Edit: not talking about player made workarounds offered here, but about Daum not offering an official solution.
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  2. Albadaran added a post in a topic "The shop slot number is invalid." - Unable to sell items to NPCs   

    Same issue still, yes, form the Netherlands and yes, Ziggo provider.
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  3. Albadaran added a post in a topic Shop slot number is invalid still not fixed for dutch people   

    Ziggo too. Must be something on their servers blocking it.
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  4. Albadaran added a post in a topic Strange thing with contribution points   

    Oh, lol! that explains it, thanks!
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  5. Albadaran added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Strange thing with contribution points
    In the past few days I raised my contribution points from 18 to 21. But for some reason my points spent were also raised by 3: from 8 / 18, 9 / 19, 10 / 20 to 11 / 21.  And I did not change anyting to spend more points. When looking at how its distributed it says: 1 for house, 9 for nodes. Well, that's still 10 total and not 11. But as far as I understand this it should have been 8 / 21 since I never changed a thing. Someone care to explain?
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  6. Albadaran added a post in a topic 10 min Trade restriction!   

    I don't know any other international multiplayer game where trading is a problem like here. Why not take a closer look at how other games solve this? I log on more than once every day, so its not just 10 minutes but much more I have to wait.
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  7. Albadaran added a topic in General   

    Distance to great?
    Bought Velian Fresh at Bartali Farm and want to sell it at Marino Farm (next to Bartali). I've done this frequently, but now all of the sudden I get the message: 'distance too great'  when I try to sell. What's going on??
    Edit: Maybe the mean distance to mount? Logged out and in to retry but have to wait 10 minutes - is this new?
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  8. Albadaran added a post in a topic Cash Shop Complaints   

    Sorry, but you are wrong. Look at Guild Wars 2: pay a little bit more for the game, no fee and regular updates. They have a gem store where  you can buy items for real cash, just like the pearl shop, but with this difference: you can use your ingame gold to buy gems too. And it works perfectly! Those who want something quick buy with cash where others take their time to farm gold to exchange with gems.
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  9. Albadaran added a post in a topic Gear looks and progression will drive off many players   

    Players who already spent a lot of money for a nice looking set won't like it if nice looking armor / costumes start to drop as loot, or are for sale at shops in game. Yet Opp has a point: this is a cosmetic game, therefore at least SOME nice looking gear should be available just by playing and slaying monsters. That's not a big deal: many players want more sets of gear, so the pearl shop won't lose customers.
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  10. Albadaran added a topic in General   

    Unable to select equipment to dye
    So I wanted to use the green dye I got today for logging in. Added it to my palette and opened the dye screen. I've seen some instruction YouTube videos where you could chose equipment by clicking on one of the collored equipment pieces, and next use the equipment part selection to dye.
    But in my dye screen all items are greyed out, and I can't select anything. The upper equipment line has empty gray icons, the 2nd and 3th empty copper collored icons. Nothing filled in. I am wearing my basic equipment, not costumes from the pearl shop. Is this not dyable?
    Thnx in advance.
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  11. Albadaran added a post in a topic How can I stop the Black Spirit animation following me?   

    It's the Shadow and there is a quest waiting, but I can't do that right now. Seriously, that shadow circling around me all the time makes me crazy lol. Was hoping there is a way to turn that animation off.
    Edit 2: Err, its Shards of Darkness (Sorcerer abillity), pressing Q consumes it and the ghost is gone!
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  12. Albadaran added a topic in General   

    How can I stop the Black Spirit animation following me?
    I'm talking about the little ghost animation that keeps following your chr while walking, attacking, etc. Starts to annoy when it circles around you while standing still or harvesting stuff. Is there a way to turn that off?
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  13. Albadaran added a post in a topic The wait is over, we are live !   

    Worldmap not working + disconnects every  3 minutes.
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