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  1. TRON added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    Yes then you cry why this game is dying. lul.
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  2. TRON added a post in a topic How many Active Players dose BDO have?   

    Around 10k active players.  
    Habahhh over a million how naive. 
    Even on launch day they were few 100k's short from a million.  And since then pop dropped by 95%.
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  3. TRON added a post in a topic TICKETS IGNORED   

    No there are not, there are barely any online players as its now.
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  4. TRON added a post in a topic I am with Nubah007 and Also Retiring.   

    whats Nubah007?
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  5. TRON added a post in a topic Whats PvP like in BDO?   

    about sums it up.
    the pvp is gear > skill. with 0 chance for the not paying/not geared player
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  6. TRON added a post in a topic Is it worth coming back?   

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  7. TRON added a post in a topic FPS improvement   

    Marry me
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  8. TRON added a post in a topic POLL: 5 Costumes every 2 days instead of weekly!   

    yeah hypocrits all over the place.
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  9. TRON added a post in a topic TIME TO PK EVERY MATHAFACKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

    spot on.
    OP is just one more sucker to the mix.
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  10. TRON added a post in a topic Kakao is not going to listen to any of you   

    enjoy seeing this game die harder than it already is, when its empty come back on forums and re-read your silly and naive comments.
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  11. TRON added a post in a topic Why do some companies have endless greed for money?   

    Thanks for your 2cents on the matter. agree with you.
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  12. TRON added a post in a topic Why do some companies have endless greed for money?   

    You speak as if their costs only increased since launch, and suddenly they are in need of more cash in order to operate????????
    Ever since launch, they added a million items into the cash shop, their community was cut in 70%, mostly paying players stayed who keep paying, so what do we have here?
    Money made from box sells: ✔
    Money made from preorders: ✔
    Money made from item mall items ✔
    Stable income from paying player base: ✔
    Reduction in cost due to smaller player bade: ✔
    More items added for increased cash flow: ✔
    Development of their biggest update completed: ✔
    Further development of big patches required: ??
    What we have here is: more income, less outcome= more profits. 
    Point me to the section that shows why do they need to MILK us monthly sub base game effecting microtransactions items instead of simply keep adding cosmetics and sub-important items that save you time and such? 
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  13. TRON added a post in a topic Why do some companies have endless greed for money?   

    Its true, in my opinon, what was their first mistake, and i think you'd agree with me because we were discussing this months ago is: They rushed content way too fast for the players base without letting them the chance to settle down, The big first update was unwelcome and came at a point where players were slowly reaching for their goals in terms of items, bosses, professions etc, suddenly this update came and made this entire effort completely and utterly pointless.  Adding new levels, new items, new +'s, new maps, which i know for a fact seeing the numbers made a lot of players to stop caring anymore. 
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  14. TRON added a post in a topic Why do some companies have endless greed for money?   

    All i see here is blind subjective comment made only to anger the other side. you dont know me, dont attempt to say facts about me you know nothing about.
    Next time think about whatever you decide to comment about, not to make yourself look like a corporate sheep.
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  15. TRON added a post in a topic Why do some companies have endless greed for money?   

    Profits are made, oh profits are hella made, but theres a distinct difference between the need to make profits, and the need to show your ugly and greedy side and attempt to make even more profits at the cost of your player base happiness and loyalty, ESPECIALLY when you go against your own wordthat you gave.
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