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  1. Malkraz added a post in a topic Are we bit paranoid about gold traders/sellers ?   

    Absolutely. The general view of those worried of gold sellers is to completely eradicate any interesting economic mechanics rather than find a solution while maintaining an interesting play environment.
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  2. Malkraz added a post in a topic CBT1 Patch Notes   

    Apart from you taking feedback into consideration when the CBT ends, are localized markets or changes to the price fixing a discussion among your team at this point? If so, are there any details on this that you can provide?
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  3. Malkraz added a post in a topic Describe your dream MMORPG   

    Exactly what Black Desert was before DAUM took over as publisher.
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  4. Malkraz added a post in a topic Carebears!!! You've been warned!!!   

    They shouldn't be scared because the game is now built to coddle them
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  5. Malkraz added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing [Repost]   

    I have gotten into CBT1, and unfortunately it appears the AH is still global and the prices are still heavily fixed.
    Hopefully we will see more feedback from the playerbase after this beta.
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  6. Malkraz added a post in a topic CM_Jouska Can we have a changelist ?   

    Let's hope this means localized markets.
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  7. Malkraz added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing [Repost]   

    This is where the adjusting price range could potentially come into play.
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  8. Malkraz added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing [Repost]   

    Currently the Auction House is global with fixed pricing. This means that
    A. You can view, sell, and purchase any item from any town from every board.
    B. When selling, you have a small (I believe 30%) range in which you can price your item. This leads to a stale market with very little realistic competition since you cannot undercut past a certain point, and there are no fluctuations in value.
     I believe viewing of listings from the world map is already implemented in the game, though since markets aren't localized you don't need to travel there.
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  9. Malkraz added a post in a topic Blocking Users   

    What a weird way to access that. Thank you.
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  10. Malkraz added a post in a topic Black desert lack of end-game content?   

    The end-game of Black Desert is the player driven content. The trade, PK, PvP, GvG, Sieges, Territory Control, etc.
    Unfortunately, most of the player driven content was dumbed down or removed entirely for the other releases. We can only hope we will see it come back in some form in the western release.
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  11. Malkraz added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Blocking Users
    I am receiving messages from a user I have no interest in interacting with, is there a way to block them?
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  12. Malkraz added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing [Repost]   

    Posted by Iriel:
    "I've made a post about adjusting fixed prices on the 4th page I'd recommend you give a read. If it's absolutely necessary to the market I believe it's a system that would work well so long as the deviation is set properly"
    Thanks for referring me to that post. I like the idea, and would like to propose a generalized system based on that.
    Considering different people will list an item (eg. a Blackstone) at n different prices x1...xn, the pricing system could derive a price range for the item based on the mean (the current average x̄) and the deviation from the mean (standard deviation σ) of the current listed prices. This price range will allow price movements determined by players, while still keeping a (this time quite mobile) price range, based on the listed item and the different prices the players choose (i.e. based on the current distribution of these values). 
    The model would thus be of a simple form like Price range =  x̄ ± r*σ, where r is a suitable and variable range coefficient that could allow for the following market behavior:
    r is different for every region R (eg. Calpheon, Serendia), so it allows the players to list items in different price ranges in the different regional Auction Houses;r can vary over time, allowing for different price ranges at different times of the day/month/business cycles;r could be possibly linked to a variable tax rate, most produced regional products, or reflect economic patterns like inflation or deflation of prices.The interesting thing in this example would be that the variations in the market localization (r) will mix with the variation in prices induced by the players (described by the average x̄ and the deviation σ), allowing for a really dynamic market in which players have an active role. Of course this could just be a basis for the price range model, which could be expanded by other random factors or local events, like in a real economy.
    TL;DR -
    It would be nice to see a system like the one hinted to by the op and generalized a bit more formally in this suggestion.
    This proposal would allow for really dynamic prices determined by the players, whose market behavior will determine the price range, and lively, diverse regional markets with their own fluctuations, due to regional events, characteristics, products, and inflation and deflation of prices like in a real economy.
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  13. Malkraz added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing [Repost]   

    Posted by Luciferia:
    "Could someone link me an in-depth explanation of how trading works in BDO atm? Is it similiar to AA or is it different entirely?"
    Totally different with the exception of some common elements. I won't go into super detail but here is the idea.
    For one you can find trade goods when you fight mobs. These trade goods can't be sold to a vendor and only to the trade people in most towns. You use contribution points to link nodes together.  If you do not have nodes linked between the start and end point the goods are only worth 30%. If you link all the nodes you get the current trade price which varies typically from like 90% and up. 
    Some nodes are cities, some are resource nodes that you can have workers harvest raw goods from. When you create your workers make trade packs they are marked with the origin they came from. The longer distance the trade, the more it is worth.
    You don' t make your own trade packs in this game . You hire workers that function more like slaves (because you never pay them after you buy them and only need to feed them beer to keep them going). Workers can get many resources for you from resource nodes in the world that you have linked together. They can then turn them into trade packs that are stored in your warehouse.
    You can have the game ship goods from warehouse in one city to a warehouse in another so you don't have to travel that distance with goods in a carriage. Then put them on your carriage and bring them to a trader.
    You can also buy trade goods directly from trade people and transport them elsewhere. You need to grind levels of trade to trade better stuff. Initialy you can only trade cheap stuff and eventually you get access to more expensive and profitable trade goods. 
    Here is a shorter 10 min video about it. I know there are some longer ones but I didn't bother viewing those myself.
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  14. Malkraz added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing [Repost]   

    Posted by Malkraz:
    What if a system could be implemented wherein there is a fixed price range that adjusts based on the average of what players are selling the item for? This way, you can't just constantly list items at their lowest allowed price and make it impossible for people to undercut you, nor can you flood the market with severely underpriced goods nor would it be nearly as feasible to buy up all of a particular good from a given town's market and relist it at a higher price.
    For example: First person lists Gold Ore at 1000g on the market. Other players can then list their gold ore for +/- 300g from 1000g (700g - 1300g). As more players list their ore lower than 1000g, the middle of the fixed price range lowers from 1000g to 800g. The original seller's ore still lists at 1000g, but any ore listed (or relisted by him) after the shift can only be listed at +/- 300g from 800g (500g - 1100g). This way, you can still undercut your competition and create a healthy environment that benefits the consumer without a feasible risk of crashing the market, and at the same time make it much more difficult for a given individual to have a stranglehold on that town's gold ore market purely by the fact that many other people list it at a price that disallows him from making significantly more from his listing. Assuming enough people are active in the market, an individual would have a difficult time even controlling a single town's market.
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  15. Malkraz added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing [Repost]   

    Posted by Zoma Caius:
    It's annoying to see people complain about the game being casual and destined the fail, but heaven forfend they make any changes to the game like localized markets or actually having to do some effort to earn their money, that would slap you out of your comfort zone and add some challenge to the game, that's how you make a dynamic game, that is what makes a game unique every day you play it, the possibility of failure or success relies on your wit and ability to prepare for these scenarios, people have been asking for years about party play, Well, this'll certainly want you to party up.
    Being mindful of your surroundings every step especially in the night-time kickstarts the game back life, because when there is no challenge it becomes stale as all hell. 
    Killing the same mobs for hours, running a raid every week.. Yea sounds like great fun. 
    Since the beginning of this game they wanted to have it punish you from the start, weather that affects your stats, night-time being dark(we have that now, baby steps) NPC's leaving their posts and returning to town. This all has been dumped down for the Korean player-base, because that's just not what koreans are into, it's no lie that they like to farm and more show it on themselves their ability to grind for hours and then show them their level, gear, or gold. This has proven to be a catastrophic move for the western market. 

    Making the game so; that it will hand the player tools to create scenarios with, will extend it's life-time way longer then just adding raids and dungeons.
    Luckily the Devs are already doing this with the new Valencia PK system, So expanding on the current system and vision of the developer is a worthwhile endeavour I feel. 
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