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  1. Paladine added a post in a topic Settings for GTX 980 Ti   

    I am on a 4K Monitor using Display Port 1.2.  Thanks for these will give them a try later on.
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  2. Paladine added a post in a topic Settings for GTX 980 Ti   

    That would be great thanks.
    Thanks for all the replies folks I will do some more testing tomorrow.
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  3. Paladine added a topic in General   

    Settings for GTX 980 Ti
    Scored myself an Inno3D iChill liquid cooled GTX 980 Ti in the Black Friday sale was wondering what settings people recommend?

    I would like to game in 4K (have a 40 inch 4k monitor) but I found that if I go into Very High mode with High Texture quality and High End Mode, FPS drops really low (20-25fps in Calpheon).  If I turn off High End Mode I get around 40 FPS (which seems odd I thought High End Mode was supposed to be for cutting edge graphics?)
    I could of course reduce it to 2k resolution and probably max out everything at that point but if anyone has any recommendations for decent 4k experience it would be appreciated.  I could probably squeeze a little more out of the 980 by overclocking a bit more but the card I have is already factory overclocked (it is rated as one of the top 980 Ti cards available) so not sure it would make a lot of difference.
    Am using i7 6700k at stock clock (4GHz) as well so could probably push that to 4.8-5GHz if it is going to make any significant difference.
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  4. Paladine added a post in a topic Corrupted files error for the fifth time   

    I disagree entirely - it is actually much worse to have these two issues in the same thread because it leads to GMs misunderstanding the actual issue(as is very evident in their reply to my ticket).  They are separate and different issues and should be in two different threads.  I don't appreciate getting a support response to a different issue to the one I reported.
    Ummm mine is a completely fresh install so how do you propose deleting everything and reinstalling is going to make any difference.  I am installing on a brand new PC and getting exactly the same issue, so deleting and reinstalling will make zero difference for people other than probably getting a nasty email from the ISP for downloading a 41GB file multiple times.
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  5. Paladine added a post in a topic Corrupted files error for the fifth time   

    Completely different issue and not relevant to this corrupt file issue.
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  6. Paladine added a post in a topic Corrupted files error for the fifth time   

    BTW once you get to 67% if close the launcher before you get the error and re-open it - you will see the same patch size as everyone else (1.04GB) and will get past the 48% issue only to once again be hit with the Corrupted File issue at 57% this time.

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  7. Paladine added a post in a topic Corrupted files error for the fifth time   

    Same issue here 8 times now.  I filed a support ticket and they didn't even bother to read it - their response was "Wait a few minutes and the download will continue" (they assumed it was the 48% issue) and marked the ticket as closed.
    I have re-opened the ticket and asked that they actually do me the courtesy of reading my tickets instead of making assumptions in future.  GM Maselcun is the one who responded to my ticket.
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  8. Paladine added a post in a topic Costumes will be 60-80mil soon...   

    I am a top 1%er and I play MMOs... I know many others in top 20% who play MMOs as well.
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  9. Paladine added a post in a topic Exchange rate is terrible   

    The ships do not cost real money - you cannot buy a ship in Eve with real money.  You may well be able to buy in game currency from real money traders and then use that in game currency to purchase the materials required to make the ship (or buy one someone already made) but that is no different to any other game which has gold sellers.  So again, he was talking out of the wrong hole.
    And in Eve buying a big ship is useless unless you have the skills to fly it and it takes literally years in real time to learn the required skills to fly the really big ships in Eve.
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  10. Paladine added a post in a topic Exchange rate is terrible   

    I have been playing Eve since 2004 and have never seen any "guild ships" which cost any real life money let alone 10s of thousands... me thinks you are speaking through the wrong hole...
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  11. Paladine added a post in a topic (feedback) *Seller Only* What do you think about current prices for pearl items?   

    Makes zero difference - if the return is not high enough for the seller they will not buy the cash shop items, period.  If they want to make cash shop items accessible they need to encourage people to buy them from the cash shop first so their first job is to balance the value exchange.  In my opinion, they have COMPLETELY failed to do that at the moment, let's see how the prices change over the next week or so.
    It is pretty clear the prices will go up as their Korean overlords are expecting to see an increase in revenues - if they don't then people's jobs will be at risk.
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  12. Paladine added a topic in General   

    Too funny...
    I love how all the anti-p2w "We are gonna leave look at my guild banner" are now cheering about the prices of the cash shop items on the market.  You guys are so ******* gullible - you will continue to play and the prices will go up and up.
    Then Kakao can say "See, we introduced this feature and it was embraced by the community - we lost almost no players (less than 0.1%), so we were right to do it.  Now where did we put the Valk Cry patch notes..."
    So laugh all you like about the current prices - no whale with half a brain is going to buy anything with the resale value so low - they will have to increase the market prices otherwise the guys back in Korea will say "We note revenues haven't increased - if you don't increase revenues inline with other regions we will shut you down and fire you all."
    We have a saying in English - "He who laughs last, laughs loudest." and this story is far, far from over.
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  13. Paladine added a post in a topic BDO EU/NA reportedly has > 1M players so 3k whiners means nothing to Daum   

    WTF would we make a petition to get something implemented which is already going to be implemented - today.  You make petitions to change things not to make things happen which are already going to happen you freaking moron.
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  14. Paladine added a post in a topic Kakao's MAJOR revenue is not from "BDO"   

    You're a bloody idiot - they had ONE sudden rise back in 2014 - which if you bother to do your research you will probably find was due to either acquiring a new company or some other business.

    Just a brief Google search shows that in July 2014 Kakao Talk was involved in a $3B merger - this is almost definitely WHY the stock price rocketed in July 2014 you dumb ****.
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  15. Paladine added a post in a topic Kakao's MAJOR revenue is not from "BDO"   

    Market Capitalisation at 6.27 TRILLION KRW that is around 5.7B USD at today's rates - I don't think they have too much to be concerned about especially since their stock is still higher now than it was 2 years ago.  They are the most successful portal in South Korea and one of the highest value companies there too.
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