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  1. Felthswrath added a post in a topic How to reduce Relic/Cartian/Pila Fe scamming and make them go faster?!?!?   

    I solo mine too, I had a debate with someone who thought I was missing out a lot.  You don't get so many just being in the party and sure I'll miss out on 4-7 frags, which does = $$.  But yes I hate waiting for a group to get together and just the time involved in running the whole thing.  I much prefer to pop over - run 3 or 4 scrolls and head on my way.
    I solo mine too, I had a debate with someone who thought I was missing out a lot.  You don't get so many just being in the party and sure I'll miss out on 4-7 frags, which does = $$.  But yes I hate waiting for a group to get together and just the time involved in running the whole thing.  I much prefer to pop over - run 3 or 4 scrolls and head on my way.
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  2. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Total Cost of BDO   

    Wow - that's quite a cost estimate!
    I know it depends how much you want to get involved and what your goals are, but here is my brief story:
    $30 on game purchase 1 year ago
    $30 on pearls right after the 1 year anniversary. 
    That's it  $60 in one year, about the price as one PS4 or Xbox game.
    And here is what I have:  195 AP, 297 DP,  3 pets - (2 are tier 2), weight of 1000lbs, plenty of inventory, +3 gathering clothes, 336 energy, 290 CP
    I have used a few artisan's memory from loyalty coupons, I have 8 character slots, no costumes (do have one pearl item shield and that gem that gives +10% xp )
    2 value packs purchased from auction, had a few other 7 day ones given from company.
    In my opinion, this game is totally pay to own.  I did not need to pay that extra $30 at all.  I wanted the convenience of having an extra pet and was tired of trying to get one from the auction.  Sure it took one year to get to the point I am at now, and someone could have done it faster or have a little more things if they payed more.  I also could have done it faster if I spent more hours playing - I don't spend 5 hours a day grinding for example.  
    The company have had so many giveaways - I have 3 red nose pieces from them, dyes, merve pallets, skill resets (multiple), elion's tears, appearance change coupons, and so on.
    This game can cost you a lot if you want a lot, but it can be cheap if you rather not spend.
    I played Entropia - and that is no contest the most expensive MMOs ever.  I've spent thousands over the years.  Look it up -it has set world records for most virtual item time and time again.  
    Just be mindful of what you are doing, what your life priorities are, don't spend more than you can afford, and be sure to have fun!  I play games to have fun, if the cost out weighs the fun - I move on if possible.  
    You can utilized wagons as storage containers.  There are so many towns that you can fill up, and move things around via transport.  If you continue to log in daily, you can get enough loyalty to buy more character slots and inventory for free. I agree though, you can spend a lot of time working all that crap and is set up to say 'oh well let's just buy some inventory to fix this problem."
     I LIKE having value packs, but personally don't feel the urgent need for one - I can keep my storage working well enough - just don't hoard so much.  
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  3. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Open letter to the game creators   

    I'm with you one some things, but other things not so much.
    In my experience, I can get way more combat XP if I'm in a group of 5 at Sausan or Pirates than I can solo.  I probably get less money, but it has advantages if you put items to market - keeps my weight down and I can keep going longer.  That being said - the variety of spots is horrible.  5-10 players and a whole channel of these spots are full.  Make a whole other island full of pirates, make other mobs like Sausan, they could do a lot.  I want some competition of spots, but as is, it's not competition - it's just there is no friggin choice of where to go.  You can go to Valencia, but there are so many logistical drawbacks, it hardly makes it worth it.  
    I agree though - this game needs more co-op aspects.  People always about the lack of "raids" in this game and I believe they need to add something like this.  Hopefully sea content will pick up and that will be something done with more player interaction.
    The auction has a lot of functions that are crappy.  The big and random person wins.. what is up with that?  I do have to say I actually like the "set" prices.  Sure sometimes they seem undervalued, but it saves me the time of figuring out how much to sell all my items.  I can spend a lot less time on auction buy just setting the price it comes up with - even if it could go a little lower or higher - everything usually sells.  The way pearl items are sold on auction though are not right and even unfair in a way.  Should someone be able to buy 20 value packs from auction? Sure, but is it "fair" for someone to stockpile 20 packs while some other person can't be "lucky" enough to even get one?  No.
    Last - the comments about boss loot.  I have been frustrated a lot too, but since they changed the boss spawns to spawn on all channels at once - it has improved a lot.  I can at least get 2 chances in on one boss, so even if I don' t get much, I can at least usually come away with a couple blackstones and 100k silver.  Sometimes I get nothing, but I think the fact that all bosses spawn everyday and you can get 1-3 chances to kill each one, I don't think loot should be that easy to get.  Would be kind of lame if everyone had boss gear and accessories...  Much of the boss mechanics can be improved and I would like to see ones that are more "fun"  The giant turkey was cool - no penalty if you died, just a fun thing for the community to do.  
    Thanks for your comments from 3 months of play.  I have noticed that the company (not sure which one) does listen to feedback a lot and they do make changes.  This game is still growing and developing.
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  4. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Not all patches are amazing, no issues from me.
    Thanks for the notes and hard work
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  5. Felthswrath added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild/Family change
    A fellow in my guild had this suggestion, so I thought I would post it.
    Make it so an alt or any within someone's family can drop out of the guild.  It would be nice to have a character that is freelancer when doing bosses, or wanting to have a neg. karma character.  
    I see this having some problems as well - minimizes effects of guild wars for one.  I'm sure there are some other ways to abuse it, but I still think there is something here that is a good idea.
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  6. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Yes!  Somewhat of a bad@ss Valk costume!
    Fixed hiwcha in node war and corrected auto path when a guild ping occurs - GREAT fixes!
    Nice patch and update!  thank you
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  7. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    I use Vanterz (spelling?) so that does have some DP on it - like I said I could gain more AP by getting different offhand - currently want Kutum.
    I have one Tet Grunil and that's it, rest is grunil and no accessories add DP at all. I view myself as an AP build, as everything I do is set on raising that up.  If I didn't have that Tet I'd still have close to 280.  You are right I suppose - that with no tet and no off hand I'd have 270ish.  So it's close, but still not over that 280.  I just think with it being that close, I think it has to be possible.
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  8. Felthswrath added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    Why were they so quick to remove cake item if you haven't gotten it from mail yet?  I have crap sitting for months ago that they gave out still in mail.
    So weird....
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  9. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    I am a valk and have 183 AP and that is me pushing all AP as much as possible - even though there is room for improvement. That being said - i have 279 DP
    No accessories give me DP, I have one Tet Grunil - rest is Tri - no boss armor.
    I could get my AP up closer to 200 with better off-hand and tet kza.
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  10. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Beauty Contest Winners!   

    those are some awesome creations, I must say!
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  11. Felthswrath added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    RIP my cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess I didn't read.  fail anniversary
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  12. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Recommended Pearl Shop Items   

    You don't need to buy inventory and can do without weight.  Both can be gotten from loyalty rewards.  Also, I now can carry 1000 weight and still get over weighted easily.  It's good to upgrade, but you can get a few from loyalty and train strength to add 25lbs at least somewhat easily.
    I had 2 pets for "free" that were in-game rewards and finally after 1 year of the game I made my first pearl shop purchase.
    I got 100lbs weight increase, a shield (gives +100 stamina), a stirrup which is a small horse speed bonus, and finally - another pet.
    I find 2 nice, but when you really start hitting some mobs you either pick up loot or leave it behind.  3 is a lot better.
    I would recommend a pet.  I think you can do without a maid, it's handy at certain times, but does have a cool down (I think) so you can just use it left and right.
    Consider a weapon (not a whole outfit) but make sure you are sticking with your main character.
    Stable space, worker lodging is also a nice add on that you can get using CP, but can get costly and CP has limits.
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  13. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    I at least wasn't complaining, I was confused as the way I read it I thought the bundle included all listed (which is a lot).  I think this company treats us very well, and actually wish they had less events and gave away less free stuff - even though I enjoy what we get.
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  14. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Yep that's fine, I just didn't understand - didn't see it say "a random item from the following." Its all good - not complaining about not getting free stuff, but now that I know that
    I am not mad I missed the boss (tried after it was announced in game apparently 1 hour early) although it would have been fun the end reward being random and the item I got would have left me wishing I had that time back.
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  15. Felthswrath added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    No, I'm saying the only thing that came from opening the bundle was 2 Max HP increase scrolls.  Nothing else.
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