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  1. beni added a post in a topic Let's Be Honest, You Went Tamer To Go Ninja Later.   

    Nope. Have mained tamer since it was released on KR, so been through all of the shitstorms and still keeping it as main.
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  2. beni added a post in a topic The "What did you name your horse & pets" thread!   

    I've been naming all my horses with different astronomy words (mostly because I usually ask my sister for a name and she's loves astronomy).
    My T5 preorder horse is called Orion, had mare called Andromeda and my first own catch was named Noctua.
    My hawk is Solas. Mainly cause I couldn't name a hawk Hawke and it was "bald" and angry looking so I decided to go with Solas.
    My other hawk is Varian for shit and giggles.
    You have automatically the best cat name award.
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  3. beni added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   


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  4. beni added a post in a topic why are female horses almost non existant?   

    What are you talking about? Stallions can breed twice while mares only once.
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  5. beni added a post in a topic How long did it take you to get Conqueror's pack items reclaimed?   

    For me it took something like 27-30 hours at the headstart and have had all my stuff since.
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  6. beni added a post in a topic Warning: Game will not be avail for 1/2 hours and Launcher   

    It's like people want to start drama for sake of drama.
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  7. beni added a post in a topic Same 2 boring costumes for my class when the stores open as in CBT2?   

    My reply was mostly aimed for Sindala though, proving that it's possible to make tamer look same as other classes as well and not short asian girl.
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  8. beni added a post in a topic Same 2 boring costumes for my class when the stores open as in CBT2?   

    You can easily make tamer look older and taller. Not too long ago, I made reddit post of one of my attempts to make older/western/ranger looking tamer and personally I think I nailed it pretty well.
    Rest of the photos, comparison with default tamer and proof that her bone structure is still in place can be seen here and here.
    Also btw BDO fashion doesn't have all tamer costumes. At least this one is missing. This is a great post though of all tamer's costumes.

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  9. beni added a post in a topic PLAYERS, TAKE CARE THIS GAME SUPPORT DON'T ANSWER TICKETS   

    Joshua? Nah, I'm pretty sure it's Joel's fault, not getting on skype.
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  10. beni added a post in a topic Where is $100 pre order items?   

    If something, this launch has proved that for some reason people don't know how to read. When you claim your items, it says (quite clearly) that it may take up to 24 hours. The game haven't even been open that long, none of us has waited over the max time limit.

    There's nothing you can do about it, sit down, enjoy the game and wait nicely like the rest of us, screaming about it on forums doesn't do a thing, only creates unnecessary mass hysteria.
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  11. beni added a post in a topic When this game goes F2P   

    They weren't paid content, they were free. Much like Wow's 5.x or 6.x etc.
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  12. beni added a post in a topic How I feel right now.   

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  13. beni added a post in a topic What Game(s) Are You Playing To Pass The Time Until The BDO Headstart?   

    Until now I was marathoning Silent Hills again. I swear I've played these games bazillion times and still don't get tired. Was nearly done, just the otherworld prison left in Downpour, when all my motive disappeared to the thin air.
    So from now on - no idea.
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  14. beni added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    Most seem to be leaning towards Jordine - Serenidia. Thumbs crossed in hopes for the RP tagged channel
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  15. beni added a post in a topic [EU RP] What Server should be our RP Server?   

    Aren't the channels/servers mixed here? Weren't Alustine and Jordine the servers and rest channels? I didn't get to beta before yesterday night cause I was at hospital so maybe I was just too tired and full of pain killers that I checked it wrong but...? I could swear?
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