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  1. Demortae added a post in a topic Black Magical Crystal Bundle   

    I've opened 2 now, got a carmae on first and cobelinus on second.  Both worth around 10 Mill.
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  2. Demortae added a post in a topic I wonder how fast a horse can get?   

    Doesn't matter, you'll just be stuck waiting for the screen to load. Mine is only 148.5 but he'll have a shot to get faster once he downs some red bulls
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  3. Demortae added a post in a topic What is the point of OWPVP   

    The difference is that you can work around a guy that is killing mobs you have "claimed."  With the xp penalty, we cannot work around a player that kills on sight and clearly outgears us. 
    No to the xp penalty.  There are other options that they could opt to do, that don't take you backwards.  There is already too much backward progression with the enchant system.
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  4. Demortae added a post in a topic What is the point of OWPVP   

    The point is that it exists.  If someone does something that annoys or angers you, you can respond with violence.  The problem was that with the old method it hindered people's gameplay.  Trust me that when you aren't interested in pvping or if you're behind on the gear curve, it was a game killer to get ganked every time you came within 200m of a sausan or were chopping trees by trent. 
    The loss of xp was way to much of a penalty for people like myself, considering that grinding mobs is about the most mind numbingly boring feature of the game for me. 
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  5. Demortae added a post in a topic 30% bonus to marketplace sales not working?   

    You normally get 65% of the sale price.  The value pack adds 30% of that, so you end up getting 84.5 of the sale price.  It will still tell you that you are going to get the original amount, but when you hit receive it will give you the boosted amount.
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  6. Demortae added a post in a topic Some basic info on the current state of taming/breeding   

    Also, imperial trading has been released.  Your low tier horses can now be leveled to 15 and traded for silver and seals (1 seal per tier.)  These seals can be used for some decent items.  Its just unfortunate that they cannot be traded for the better horse trainer's clothes One must do cooking or delivery? for that I believe.
    The t8's are very rare, you must use 2 t7+'s with a 8% chance for a male.  A female requires one of them to be t8.  Most people are saving their t7's until the 8's are easier.
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  7. Demortae added a post in a topic Fishing sucks now!! IM BROKE!!   

    i get 300k-500k a night afking in altinova....you can keep heidel
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  8. Demortae added a post in a topic Fishing sucks now!! IM BROKE!!   

    If your fishing in altinova by the trade manager and getting junk, your in the wrong spot.  Behind her there is a large rock just ofshore, stand on the edgw of it and fish. If you get anything but fish, keys, or shards, relocate.
    My advice would be to do quests and get contribution points.  Have workers on profitable nodes like the black crystals, platinum, etc, to supplement your afk fishing income.  Sell the occasional stack of memory fragments you get from your relic runs...you will get more, there is no hurry.
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  9. Demortae added a post in a topic Best luck you've had recently.   

    i would wait and breed them after t8's come out, you won't need both to be t7's to get it. If you use up their breeds now, your likely to just get a bunch of t6's.
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  10. Demortae added a post in a topic Your T7 lvl 30 stats   


    Missing High Jump, Quick Stop, Two-Seater, and Caution.
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  11. Demortae added a post in a topic Looking For a New House, Any Recommendations?   

    Just an fyi...there are no prerequisites if your using it as a residence
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