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  1. Lollypop added a topic in Suggestions   

    PVP Server
    I'd like one server where PK was always allowed, everywhere. Just so there's more PVP in the game instead of just Nodewars/random PK deaths which result in people spamming and crying in server/channel chat.
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  2. Lollypop added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Random bugs, unable to ride/talk to npcs
    [Deleted every single file and reinstalled the game, didn't work] 
    Ever since the last patch I've had several bugs, several times a day. It takes relogging the game to fix this. Changing character didn't work. 
    I cannot ride my horse.I cannot speak to any NPC.I cannot call upon the Black spirit, and sometimes I can, but I'm not able to enchant. I fall through my houses.When I can enter my house, I sometimes cannot access utilities (cooking/alchemy stations)I sometimes can't use my weapon/attack, requipping does not fix this.I've never had lag, annoying bugs or anything while playing BDO (playing since CB). I had no hardware changes, nor changes in my router etc. 
    So far it's been every day since the last patch, every few hours... It's really starting to get annoying. 
    - Halifax. 
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  3. Lollypop added a topic in Suggestions   

    Damage log combat
    Honestly I would love to have a combat log, just to keep up with damage dealt and taken in PVP & PVE. 
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  4. Lollypop added a post in a topic Any chance of Life-Skill bonus days?   

    I second this. I don't always have time to play for hours at the time. It would be nice to be awarded the same way combat gets rewarded. I'm currently (last 3 months) bound to afk money making and life skills. 
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  5. Lollypop added a post in a topic Black Desert Online support timeline?   

    Of all my tickets, they never went unanswered for longer than 1.5 week. Most even get replied to within hours. 
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  6. Lollypop added a post in a topic A change in set effect from Pearl Shop armor   

    +1 This. I got 4 sets on my witch and I'm already mixing stuff up, now I'm missing out on bonusses just because I have a better fashion sense than Kakao.
    Pls make this happen.
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  7. Lollypop added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    Free puppies for all.  <3 
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  8. Lollypop added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    Mi amor. <3 *Hugs*
    Yes we all understand now that Addicted, Abyss, KHAOS, SE, Marauders, New Guinea and all the other guilds involved in nodewars are like, super ok. Attitudes and arrogance aside, everyone's enjoying these wars and some guilds win, some lose. Everytime after a conquest there's more salt on this topic than puppies in this world. We all deserve a puppy. Puppies are adorable.  
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  9. Lollypop added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    OH MY GOD THESE PEOPLE NEED TO COME IN FOR A GROUP HUG. COME ON, DON'T BE SCARED. I have much love and huggles for everyone! 
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  10. Lollypop added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    Skip the salt, from all sides/guilds. It was a good fight today! 
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  11. Lollypop added a post in a topic Beauty Album Events - Winners list   

    Ohwoah, I actually won.  Grats all. 
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  12. Lollypop added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 08th   

    Pre-download of Valencia. It said Valencia. Not Ninja. Most likely so that we don't have to wait all day when Valencia does come out. (Due to the patch being alot bigger and them having to add everything of Valencia at once). 
    Thanks lads!
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  13. Lollypop added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    Since this is a try-before-you-buy for me, I'll just leave a paint-job. I'm on vacation after all.
    Server Croxus; Name Halifax

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  14. Lollypop added a topic in Guides   

    Collection of useful links
    Collection of useful links.
    Fishing hotspots, up-to-date. 
    http://bdohotspot.tumblr.com/ (With pictures for location)
    http://maomaoprince.com/ (Map)
    Community/forum for more fishing tips!
    Equipment calculator (Could be slightly off) Kudo's to Svenn!
    Crystal database
    Horse calculator (Breeding tier chances)
    Cooking guide
    Character templates
    List of titles 
    Amity mini-game help tool 
    Easy 28 Energy
    I have only collected these links, I haven't made any of these guides, just thought it would be easier for some to find these links if they were all in one topic. 
    • 2 replies