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  1. redeviledna added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    I would dearly love a wizard red lord outfit (doesnt need to be premium), i dont often "beg" , but its the only thing i would like. I understand they are expensive and its an expensive time of year, but it would be greatly appreciated .
    I will pass on my good fortune, should i receive one!
    EU Server
    Family Name : Jatelius.
    I will be around for most of today.
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  2. redeviledna added a post in a topic Im i missing something? - workers not fully recovering   

    Thanks for the imput Necro, reloaded the game and i was able to recover..must have been one of those "undocumented features" 
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  3. redeviledna added a post in a topic Im i missing something? - workers not fully recovering   

    Thanks Necro,
    That makes sense for those that are one shy of full recovery, very much appreciated. Do you have any idea as to why i may have workers with no stamina, but wont recover?
    Once again, appreciate the imput.
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  4. redeviledna added a topic in Guides   

    Im i missing something? - workers not fully recovering
    Hi Guys,
    Apologies if there is something i have missed in patch notes, but since the server merge, where you can now select upto 50k uses for your workers, whenever i recover them, i have stacks of beer left, but some workers never fully recover, if at all.
    Am i missing something mentioned previously? I have left them for an hour, incase they came out of a job and there was a cooldown, but i cant select them and recover individually (i can select them,but they wont recover).
    Once again i apologise if im missing something obvious, but could anybody enlighten me?
    Thanks in advance,
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  5. redeviledna added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

    Thanks for that clarification. Thought i was missing something
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  6. redeviledna added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

    All i get is a countdown screen, is this correct? I thought they ran from the 24th Nov on the website, or am i misunderstanding something?
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  7. redeviledna added a post in a topic <Swift> Looking for active players/All levels welcome/Casual/Friendly/Mature/PvE   

    Whats this?? Slipped to page two on the eve of another weekend of gaming?
    We cant have that, so back to the front with you! We are still looking for social, funny, sarcastic, ironic, but not rude, guys and girls to come join our community. If you just want the social company, come join us, if you want to group up for our weekly scroll runs, join up, if you dont act like a strategically shaved gorilla..sign up!!
    The more the merrier, give us a try now, you wont regret it. We arent active in PvP at this time, so if that is your thing, we may not be for you and you not for us, but there's no harm in trying us out is there?
    Contact either myself in game - Promethius - or Lapowinsa.
    Hope to see you soon!
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  8. redeviledna added a post in a topic <Swift> Looking for active players/All levels welcome/Casual/Friendly/Mature/PvE   

    Time to bring this bad boy back to the surface!!
    Ok, roll up, roll up! We are now actively looking to add to our roster, we have seperated the wheat from the chaff, had a bit of a house clearance and changed the sheets on the beds and put down fresh pilows
    Looking for happy go lucky, friendly people who arent afraid to have a bit of banter? Heck, you might even like our Friday event Pun-athons (yeah, you read right, its a Puntastic extravaganza of very, very bad puns, so bad, its good)!
    If you answered yes to the above, enjoy group play and just have fun, get in touch now, dont delay..youve not applied yet? then you are delaying..
    PM either myself (Promethius) or Lapowinsa in game, if you dont get a reply, be patient and contact me here on the forums. Velia C2 is where we hang out, come join in the fun.
    Any questions, again, drop either of the two mentioned, a line.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
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  9. redeviledna added a post in a topic (While in game) Crash and Pearl Abyss logo   

    Ive giving up trying to second guess this rubbish.
    Happened 3 times in the last 25mins..middle of guild scrolls. Great, way to go.
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  10. redeviledna added a post in a topic Launcher will Not Open   

    I started to get exactly the same issue this morning. I had been playing for a couple of hours, then it just vanished while i had it minimized. Now the laucher starts, i enter my details, the XGIN thing starts, then an error, failed to init security..only got that error once, rest of the time nothing happens..wft?
    Anybody any ideas?
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  11. redeviledna added a post in a topic Constant disconnects   

    To be honest, Im not going to point the finger at the windows update.
    I have been having random disconnects for months, unfortunately i am learning to live with it has this company has offered nothing of use or value at to a fix.
    Now, before you say get a betting internet or some other "git good" silly response, i have a 78mb d/l 23mb upload that is very stable. All my drivers are up to date, even re-installed the game..several times. I have even set up a new PC with different hardware, still happens.
    I play other online games and have to be brutally honest, BDO is the only constant disconnect, while this is frustrating, as stated, this company doesnt really care, no matter how much pontification comes forward.
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  12. redeviledna added a post in a topic Delete?   

    I do love the sense of family on these forums. My, somebody didnt sleep last night or hasnt been to bed yet. Glad i hardly visit these forums and actually spend my time playing, not sh*t posting.
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  13. redeviledna added a post in a topic New Attendance Reward Bug   

    Same issue here "Cannot apply item results to memory". Nice to see QA doing its job
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  14. redeviledna added a post in a topic Medals gone...thanks Siege...   

    I know its been mentioned earlier in the post, but the Olympics are still ongoing, its the turn on the Paralympic Games in Rio. They run from the 7th to the 18th of Sept. Maybe they forgot, or just wasnt part of their plan anyway, just saying
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  15. redeviledna added a post in a topic Fish Ahoy! Any interest in the finishing of this program.   

    Please continue with you work, I like to fish regularly and would find this useful.
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  16. redeviledna added a post in a topic Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!   

    There are a lot of people bored at work judging by the amount of replies here. Now complaining about PvE and nerfing. Oh well, day off work today, back to the game, only came here while i made a coffee.
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  17. redeviledna added a post in a topic <Swift> Looking for active players/All levels welcome/Casual/Friendly/Mature/PvE   

    Salutations once again,
    Its time to put this post back into your field of vision
    We are still actively looking for new members, that means there's room for you! Step in, the door is open! Go on, i dare you, ring the door bell, tap on the window, shout through the letter box ,we will answer your call.
    All levels welcome, no drama, in-house politics or any of that palaver. We hang out on Velia C2 - interested? why wouldn't you be eh? Contact me either here, or in game.
    Promethius or Lapowinsa are your go to guys, what are you waiting for?
    *Disclaimer  : no shrubbery or large woodland creatures were trampled or maimed during the making of this post.
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  18. redeviledna added a post in a topic <Swift> Looking for active players/All levels welcome/Casual/Friendly/Mature/PvE   

    We are still here :). We are still looking for some more like minding players to join our ranks. We have had several new members join, who are settling in. Why not be one of us? Whats stopping you?
    All levels welcome! We are now doing regular guild missions, gathering our points and asking the members to help decide where to invest them. Give me a shout in game - Promethius, or Lapowinsa if I'm not around.
    We're here for you!
    *Disclaimer : no trees or small woodland creatures were harmed during the making of this post.
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  19. redeviledna added a post in a topic Unable to stay connected Post Patch   

    Happening all the time now.
    Very, very p*ssed off with the shite server connections. No, its not my machine or connection. Played another MMO all day yesterday, not one single issue. Logged onto this pile last night for half hour, disconnected 3 times.
    Now its happening again, garbage.
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  20. redeviledna added a post in a topic More Bundles for the rich   

    All this hate..sad, immature, nice way to derail threads that are informative or not.. glad i dont visit the forums too much nowadays.
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  21. redeviledna added a post in a topic I've quit GG Daum?   

    These sort of replies do make me smile. Fill of hate and vitriol. Not going to rip you a new one, just want you to know that if im in a bad mood, i can read garbage like this and realize that for some unknown reason, there are others in a worse place than me, that spout this type of garbage. Thanks for cheering me up
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  22. redeviledna added a post in a topic Game Crash   

    Nothing but disconnects this afternoon, 3 in the last 10 mins, once again ill go play something else for a few days like last time. During this time i play other MMO games, and have yet to suffer a disconnect, please dont say its our rigs.
    Oh, there goes another tumbleweed outside the game's support office, as nobody is actually there reading this frustrating sh*t.
    Fix it.
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  23. redeviledna added a post in a topic Fishing Node Confusion   

    Thanks Tagger,
    Once again, appreciate the help guys, finally getting the hang of it now
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  24. redeviledna added a post in a topic Fishing Node Confusion   

    Thanks Xyntarris, appreciated.
    Not seen that map before. Ill take a closer look at this, this evening.
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  25. redeviledna added a post in a topic Connection with server has been lost   

    Disconnected 5 times tonight in just over an hours play. Played another MMO for the past 2 hrs, not a problem. Logged back into BDO...5 mins later, disconnected. F*cking unacceptable.
    But they dont care, the number of threads related to this issue are ignored, they just want us to have a collective place to vent.
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