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  1. Simon771 added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    New forum does look more ugly than this one, but at least it's SSL secure lol
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  2. Simon771 added a post in a topic Black Desert - Ryzen 5 1500x + MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8Gb   

    Thanks for your information regarding this. Hopefully it will help users to decide about CPU.
    Right now it doesn't matter if you have i7 7700k or Ryzen 1700 ... you get same FPS problems in cities when running around. Or like you said on T7 horse with accel ... fps go down even below 15. Thanks to 15 years old game engine  
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  3. Simon771 added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    Can we stop with this Pay2Win nonsense?
    Go ahead and spend 20'000$ on this game. Then go to pvp with guys that are level 60 right now. Oh wait you can't ... it takes ages to get to level 60 and you have to acctually kill mobs by yourself to get to that. And you can't even buy PEN or TET gear just like that. You still need to camp at marketplace and wait ages for something.
    And even when you get all the best gear in this game possible, you will need to grind a year or so to get to high level. And just then you will realise that you are still bad against those who didn't spend anything, but are simply geeks.
    By the way ... your life is pay to win so deal with it. If you don't have/earn enough money you won't be able to buy (decent) house/car. And because of that, you won't find any girl to become your wife, so you will be misarble for the rest of your life, living in a small cage and eating some expired food.
    Get a job and you won't have any time for games, so you won't need to whine about pay to win anymore.
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  4. Simon771 added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    I would also like to add something ... when this game launched at there were sooo many players around me, I had no problems with running 60fps stable all the time on my R9 390 GPU.
    Now I get down to 20fps when running in City ... what's up with that?
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  5. Simon771 added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Well guess I can't change email because I don't have any newspaper.
    You want me to hold my ID + newspaper + take a photo? Amazing.
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  6. Simon771 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Priorities are a bit messed up here.
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  7. Simon771 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

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  8. Simon771 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Notice: Maitenance extended by xx.xx
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  9. Simon771 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Sounds like a faird trade to me
    I just want to play some MMORPG and not bother with unstable fps for once. Maybe year 2050 will be the right one for those expectations.
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  10. Simon771 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    That's kinda racist if you ask me.
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  11. Simon771 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    60fps stable in Heidel when?
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  12. Simon771 added a post in a topic Killing AFK fisher/horse trainer   

    And that's the reason why a lot of players don't want to see PvE only chanels.
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  13. Simon771 added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    So what if it's stupid, as long as it makes players happy.
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  14. Simon771 added a post in a topic Have u attend Spring Tulip Screenshot Contest?   

    Not even sure what's that for, so no.
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  15. Simon771 added a post in a topic NERF Nolifers, BUFF AFK Life Skills   

    Wow mate that is great topic. Just because you can't play games that much doesn't mean everyone else shouldn't be allowed to play it also.
    Better suggestion would be, to allow players only 2 hours of uptime per day. Sounds good?
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  16. Simon771 added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    I do have problems ... never said otherwise. Sorry for not being perfect.
    But the real reason that I'm only in cities doesn't have to do anything with pvp ... I simply got borred of grinding. For now. But I still support suggestion for PvE only channels for nobs like me. Because why the hell not.
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  17. Simon771 added a post in a topic Anyone notice that their workers keep failing promotion exams?   

    And I got artisian human there with using 50 energy
    Also now that I have my node empire set up and all workers are profesional level 25+ or artisian, I spam energy at work manager untill I get artisian worker. I don't even pick Profesional anymore, because by the time that profesional worker will get to level 27 to have decent success at promotion + all the tries and potential need to get it to level 30 for one last chanche at promotion .... and even then I could end up with another level 30 profesional without any promotions avaliable anymore .... I prefer to spam my energy to manager untill I get artisian. I usually get 1 artisian per 3 days. 
    Few days ago I got 3 artisian workers from using only 250 energy ... in like 10min lol. Then 0 artisian till today morning when I got another one. Not that bad if you ask me.
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  18. Simon771 added a post in a topic I really want to get back into BDO, but...   

    I would go back to grinding monsters, but I prefer to stay in city with 20fps while cooking and processing.
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  19. Simon771 added a post in a topic Fish Nodes?   

    I have one fishing node activated, just because I got artisian worker there by some miracle and it had to be used for something.
    But it's slow profit node if you ask me.
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  20. Simon771 added a post in a topic Anyone notice that their workers keep failing promotion exams?   

    I also hated those promotions because I failed most of them. But now I realised it's the best to promote them at level 28,29 or 30. By doing it like that it seems like 30% to succeed at promotions.
    I get at least 2 promotions from profesional to artisian per week. It's just too bad that you can do only 1 promotion at a time ... maybe 1 promotion per city would be better, but that would decrease cacao income by 40%. Trust me I calculated it.
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  21. Simon771 added a post in a topic Cooking is no longer very profitable   

    It's harder to sell because more players figured out it's better to get it yourself, or make it and sell for profit. That's the main reason why you can't sell as much as you did before. Players are getting smarter.
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  22. Simon771 added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    I was also hoping that by writing on this forum we could get something done, but still no PvE chanel. So I'm camping in Calpheon, fishing, cooking, proccessing and expanding my node empire.
    It feels like I'm playing Sim City lol
    But I understand that kako would have at least 40% income loss if they would make PvE chanel. Trust me I calculated it.
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  23. Simon771 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    144fps stable in cities when?
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  24. Simon771 added a post in a topic Intel i7 7700k or Ryzen 7 1700   

    The only thing I hate about i7 7700k is the fact that CPU die isn't soldered to IHS. And because of that you will see temps as high as 85°C on stock settings. So not much room left for overclocking unless you delid it and use liquid metal inside.
    I will wait till more players test Ryzen CPU in BDO, and then decide if it's worth buying over my i7 4790k.
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  25. Simon771 added a post in a topic Some things BDO could improve on!   

    There isn't one. But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't invest any money or time into working on it.
    So we will just have mmorpg games in year 2050 that will still have unstable fps? Someone have to step up and start working on it. Why shouldn't that someone be BDO team?
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