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  1. Laner added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    These polls are sad..  people respond to it a second after reading, they DO NOT look at how certain changes affect the game. If you add this a couple of weeks from that point you will see whiny post about how you "ruined" the game and everyone voting yes will rage at daum for implementing such features.
    Afk fishing is here yes BUT doing fishing MANUALLY in a hot spot (not like a noobie in velia beach) is more profitable..  
    85pct voting yes is insane, next poll will be fast travel??
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  2. Laner added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    Adding this will make everyone who spend a lot of time doing all that manually very anoyed.
    A casual player playing 1 hour a day should not get the same profit as someone who plays a lot more, gains should be massively reduced if this gets added.
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  3. Laner added a post in a topic File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists   

    I basically have to reinstall the game every -----ing day... Its so frustrating.. you do a boss and bam corrupted.. you are farming.. bam corrupted and your char died when you log back in in.. unplayable game on a high end computer that should be able to run 3 version of this game without issue.   I am ofcourse only running 1 instance and getting fked by corruption OVER AND OVER!
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  4. Laner added a post in a topic Level 50 - Never use lighting chain, am I missing out?   

    The follow up skill does do decent damage and you have to realise it has a very short cast animation on both.. if you are fast you can use lightning storm  instantly after the short animation of chain is finished which is a REALLY fast combo for good damage.
    As someone else mentioned if you awaken chain for +mp/+hp you gain a lot from using it for a bit, I did not like both skills at first based on the stats shown but now that I started using it its great.
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  5. Laner added a post in a topic Convince me to stay sorc   

    Current sorc is very mehhh imo.. their awakening looks very interesting tho..  I did reroll to another class while I started playing sorc..  PVE I was also underwhelmed and I am someone who can enjoy braindlessly grinding the same mobs for hours straight to farm so sorc did not feel right for that.
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  6. Laner added a post in a topic What does your partner think of BDO?   

    She plays even more than I do...
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  7. Laner added a post in a topic Blader and Plum coming mid April.   

    Look at how they describe this game, how can you take anything you read serious...  How to get posts and hits on your website? "just speculate"   
    But BUT the devs are dutch and that site is dutch!! it must be!  no...  it is very likely coming mid april tho.. its a very easy assumption I could have made myself
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  8. Laner added a post in a topic Mediah Expansion [ Discussion ] [Feedback ]   

    It's a overwhelming game and people feel getting overwhelmed more by so much more stuff,  if you are "lvling horsies" like some guy above me says why wouldnt you be able to that if Mediah comes out.. its not like their suddenly will be pressure on you to farm..  maybe you can lvl "cammelsies" now
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  9. Laner added a post in a topic Black Spirit has a request for you!   

    This means you are only making combat quests visable to you for all this time now, Press O > top of right window click on ALL.. you will now see quests that are not only about killing stuff.
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  10. Laner added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    After this maint it got even worse.. I get it while playing.. I ALWAYS get it when I alt tab which was not the case before..   I also tried everything..  making it "repair itself" firewall, admin..
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  11. Laner added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    No.. this this change you can PLAY LESS... Did you read? do you play this game to understand?  you can farm for 5 days 12 hours a day and get LESS than doing a couple of field bosses from a strong guild that switches channels to clear them when they spawn.   it makes the strong stronger.. the hard working solo players that dont know this or grind ANYTHING THATS NOT A FIELD BOSS gain less
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  12. Laner added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    Also keep running into this issue.. sometimes I can play for hours.. other times I crash with this error every 5 minutes..
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  13. Laner added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    Field bosses are way to good now.. there are already people running around with multiple 40+ mil items from them..  the better players in the big guilds were getting rich already farming by farming them and now even more.   Why should I fail at farming a Ogre ring for 3 days If I can have 5 40mil+ belts instead..  Why do anything else to make money when fieldbosses are so much better?  
    Worst part is there will not be many complains, not even 1pct of the playerbase is doing the world bosses and even less got loot.. everyone sees this as a good thing but people will soon realise grinding normal mobs is not worth it..  before this change there are people with 6 belts running around which is insane.
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  14. Laner added a post in a topic 'sugar lumps' formula for horse taming   

    When sugar does not work and you make a topic about it..  maybe try raw sugar
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  15. Laner added a post in a topic The new breeding system...   

    That feature is getting added in Korea... like its completely new for the game on any versions and we wont see it for many months..  how does that affect our current ones
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  16. Laner added a post in a topic Don't let Daum rob you of refund   

    You go to a movie, did not enjoy seeing it and get a refund,  that normal for you?  should not be possible imo
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  17. Laner added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    2 guest passes available,  
    First come first served.. PM me..
    EDIT: both keys are given away.
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