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  1. Laner added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 11th   

    The witch Labreve premium set which costs 3400 pearls can be listed on the market place between 6.4 mil to  7.9 instead of the usual 24.8mil  so... fixed?
    Same goes for the berserker outfit and probably all other sets affected, noone will list these outfits at such price, it shows to be very difficult to fix something so minor.. putting the price back to normal manually, wow.
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  2. Laner added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Ultimate teleport where? 
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  3. Laner added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 21st   

    There have been christmas sales every single day on the website since the christmas event.
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  4. Laner added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 7th   

    Still no OFFICIAL information on the Lavientia event  while it already started,  why?
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  5. Laner added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 7th   

    Or you should read,
    Look at the dates the event starts TOMMOROW and when it does it will probably be explained on the events forum section..
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  6. Laner added a post in a topic Black Desert needs some rethinking. Item obtaining, leveling, bad events.   

    My problem with grinding is that you always have a general idea of how much money a hour you will be making which ofc can increase/decrease depending on some item drops but nothing to crazy.
    I hate it, all good camps for exp are like that unless you try to farm those specific items you end up with nothing if it doesnt drop, If all mobs had the chance to drop a item with real value it would make it a lot more interesting, lets say sausans/pirates or "insert any other popular grinding spot" had a SMALL chance to drop a ogre ring or a chance to drop a witch earring/mark of shadow or whatever it would make grinding much more fun even if the chance would be 0,0001 for a ogre ring it still gives you that feeling it MIGHT happen while farming.
    This is just a example of me wanting more randomness into the game, its all x amount of money per hour, x amount of money if I do these scrolls, x amount of money if a use my workers, x amount per hour while doing any crafting, the game will feel less like a burden at times if there was this small chance of something rly good dropping/happening while doing the things you have to do A LOT in this game.
    Add a global loot table to all mobs and if RNG is in your favor it will drop something from that list, this could be from a bag of blackstones to gold bars to a ogre ring or make them drop a box we can open like the lauren family coin box and it can only drop for you if the mobs are in a certain range of your level, It should be a very rare drop and when it does drop like something of less value has higher chance than something of high value, this would make the game a lot more fun for me.
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  7. Laner added a post in a topic FPS seems to be capped at 30-45   

    I have a similar problem,  If I start up the game i get between 8-12 fps, at first I always re enabled vsync and than disable it in the Nvidia control panel to fix the problem but now doing a quck change between full screen and full screen borderless fixed the issue and I get 60+ fps but have to do it every time I restart my computer and launch BDO very anoying indeed..
    Tried looking for a permanent fix but seems like there isnt.
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  8. Laner added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    How long does it take for a ticket to be answered
    It has been solved,  cant delete topic so ignore this.
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  9. Laner added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    Could play it for a week without issue,  now suddenly its corrupted again,  tried all "fixes" which ofcourse did not work again.. redownloading/installing the game now AGAIN "big fking sigh"
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  10. Laner added a post in a topic With new classes coming out, please allow us to transfer life skills   

    No you dont understand, there are leader board, there is a restriction called energy,  also energy only regens faster on the active char so the alt (old main) cant compete,  my money making scheme granting me millions (im the guy that plays the market and making money of whats currently HOT)  would fall apart for a very long time, and when I am back to where my current main is others will be much further ahead.
    All your statements make no sense because you do not take the games mechanics into account,  "based of a characters life"  this is not a realistic rp, in ur logic my new char also should not have knowledge when he is just "born" with loads of energy/contribution. this game is DESIGNED to be in sync with all your characters on your account with 1 at the front of all of them.
    Anyways theres a reason other regions make money from this item,  competative players wanted it with the new classes.
    The poster above me is right,  its not a copy paste as in being able to put ur highest life skills on your alt, if you buy it and put your old main processing skill on your blader than the blader will have the high skill processing while my old main would go back to beginner.  You are litterally able to keep on playing like you were before just with a new class that you dont want to put into a bed for energy for WEEKS to get high life skills again and instead can use that time to level and farm skill points.
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  11. Laner added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    It is just a example they would not litterally do it that way, they should have other tools the achieve the same thing,  compare the expierience of accounts before the exp buff to after it, they should know how much more people actually got, if its x4 than take away 3/4th of the exp gained.
    ^ at some points I actually did stop fishing,  the levels I gained were so absurd I was sure it would be rolled back anyways..  they just left the expierience rates on for the whole weekend  the moment people started to realise this, which was not even a hour into the exp event they should have disabled it,  fixed it and redone it the weekend after, this is insane.
    Daum is telling us the next time something is bugged to really start exploiting it otherwise we will fall behind and we can keep it without punishment/rolled back anyways.. really lame.
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  12. Laner added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    The problem here is that these exp gains were not anounced on EU since they were not intentional, far from everyone knew about it on eu!!
    This does not fix the gap between eu/na like daum states but will put eu behind because ALL of NA know about this exp event and will all take advantage of it on the other hand on EU only those who figured out the exp was bugged toke advantage of it which is compared to all active players a very small part of the EU playerbase,  on EU there are now master fishers people gained insane amount of levels in this weekend (it was a lot more than a 10% increase)  people who did not know this are all far behind and now because people were allowed to exploit the expierience the people who did not do it on eu are not gaining anything out of it, they will not reach the leaderboards that is now for sure!
    The fish/trade/training leaderboard really does not mean anything to me anymore,  you -----ed up on EU and now you are going to just do the same on NA? you forget about EU not getting a heads up and almost noone knowing about it aswell this really is poor decision making.
    How I would fix this using random numbers here,  lets say a blue fish gave 4x exp,  a blue fish normally gives 1 exp but because of the expierience bug it gave 4, if someone catched 100 blue fish which is with the bug 400 exp,  simply roll back the 300 exp they should not have gotten.
    I cant believe the decision Daum made is to just create a same weekend of really messed up expierience rates. someone who is on the top of the leaderboards of long manual playtime before this exp must feel cheated. Would highly reconsider enabling this event on NA and rather take away expierience people should not have gotten, did you notice how people skilled fishing that never fished before? people were well aware that they were getting bugged expierience rates and it should be taken away! I am someone who did get a lot of exp aswell because of this and I should not have it.
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  13. Laner added a post in a topic With new classes coming out, please allow us to transfer life skills   

    Its not a chore, its the fact of how ENERGY functions in this game and how my market will crash,  I will not respond to another post of yours you simply do not understand this game or my points, ur talk about skill points instant max level is PROOF of that, that is the least what I want and has nothing to do with my point.
    I do life skills NON STOP in this game, if it was a chore to me I would not you fail to understand game mechanics.
    I do not see why you take part in this topic,  read trough your own posts they all have their own immature "attack to me" with every post of your taking a different point of view, this is a discussion forum  discussion requires 2 mature people otherwise nothing comes out of it, you are the kind of child that needs 1 second to create a opinion and never rethinks it otherwise
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  14. Laner added a post in a topic With new classes coming out, please allow us to transfer life skills   

    No that is not my logic at all you should not get skill points,  you just fail to see my logic/use logic at all,  i am not going to explain it again please read trough this topic untill you understand or dont comment at all.
    All negative comments fail to see I am someone who spends hours on this game everyday to see what will sell the most,  I have a stack of money you probably wont even come near to.
    Your replayability would be me emptying my energy on something,  lie my char in the ingame bed for 1 and a half hour and RINSE AND REPEAT OVER AND OVER FOR 3 WEEKS + to even get close to my current skill level!  REPLAYABILITY?? I already have the materials to do so, this is the REPLAYABILITY you want?  you know how useless processing/gathering ect is without a high skill level?  I doubt you know,  I will need to lose everything I have now to play the class I wanted to play since launch because of spamming shitty mats over to even get close to my current skill level is REPLAYABILITY.
    You can have this replayability it doesnt say all skills should transfer, it would be a cash shop item you can simply not pay for it and do all this fun again, but really if you do not agree with my point than you simply dont know how energy functions or a high skill level, how one would level this, how for someone like me it would be dirt cheap to get all these skill levels back but energy limiting me and I bet you are not higher than skilled/low proffesional on any life skill.
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  15. Laner added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    I can understand the pointless outrage.
    They did say mid April and kept saying "soon" "soonish"  with yesterday being said they will anounce it today so most people really expected it to come tommorow.
    If Daum said "expect it by the end of April" than everyone on this forum will be "HELL YEAH!! we dont have to wait till 27th" everyone would have been happy about this post and if it would really come the last day of April you still kept your word since it is what you announced,  long story short quit with the "soon" and start with saying "If no complication arise we will try to push a launch of "content "by the end of "date"
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