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  1. Mamluck added a post in a topic You cannot declare war on this guild as they are not ready for war????   

    Here I thought guild wars were supposed to be about having fun .. but the opening poster reminded us why this game is dropping so hard, they wish to use it as a means to get around karma and punish others with their zerg .. sad.
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  2. Mamluck added a post in a topic is 45 or 50 pvp quest even on the table for NA?   

    I hope not.  I hope we just have a straight PvE option in the game, PvE channels preferred since they are dragging their heals about it.  Why should we have limited PvE gamplay to pander to the PK scrubs out there?  
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  3. Mamluck added a post in a topic Black Desert sale?   

    Wow, sad to ever see a post like that in a MMO LOL.  It's like completely negating the entire reason for the genre .. but to be expected.  All the young platform kids have been gradually turning MMOs into twitch console games more and more as time goes on.  MMOs are losing their distinction in the market because of it and dying out.
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  4. Mamluck added a post in a topic remove all boss armours from this game immediately   

    I'm just wondering how anyone in a game deserves anything they get in it.  Perhaps he is taking his profile name a bit too literally.  He certainly lives up to it though.  I have to give him that.
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  5. Mamluck added a post in a topic Wizard outfit suggestions   

    Ya, not really the wizard/witch's thing, at least from the Player Character side.  They channel the raw elemental forces of nature .. not the forces of life and death.  That's more along the lines of sorc in this game.
    I imagine it would work though.  Sorc would go crazy for it,especially after they release their awakening.
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  6. Mamluck added a post in a topic Bring back RU PK System to EU servers.   

    Nah, Deska has always been this way, just unable to express it while he was playing at being the biased mod. Look at posts he used to get rid of.  You would see a PvE post stopped for baiting, not adding anything ect while a PK post right next to it was fine.
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  7. Mamluck added a post in a topic Lets play ..... Spot the difference   

    So, you compare it to four different classes on four different skills types and expect to have the best of all worlds to prove your point?  
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  8. Mamluck added a post in a topic So I really love the witch class... but   

    There aren't any, Witch/Wiz awakening isn't out yet. 
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  9. Mamluck added a post in a topic Dali Elephant Mount   

    I don't see anything about a duration on the screenshot though.
    Maybe that is the duration of the token you buy?
    The guy in the video clearly states he payed 35mil for it... so I don't know what is up with those beginning stats.  It says bottles, energy .. all that under materials?  Don't know what that is.
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  10. Mamluck added a post in a topic I remember the time...   

    Ya, they have always patched MMO's.
    PvE is still King, never lost it's crown, but PvP ruining shit with their cries for balance have indeed screwed many a class over.
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  11. Mamluck added a post in a topic Cats Ears   

    Umm never been to Mediah? .. they have a NPC fox person race in the game already.  An otter race?  Completely not cutesy right? Err.. 
    Me personally I wouldn't mind 'kawaii' outfits or non human 'cutesy' races like the fox or otters.  Hell, I would actually like to play an otter.  I just hope they never bring in the pedo Shia race as playable.  It's bad enough they are in the game.  To me, small races are fine, but child races .... not so much.
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  12. Mamluck added a post in a topic ...Root Nymph....   

    Their cave is not opened yet.  The only way to get this knowledge at the moment is through Amity game.
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  13. Mamluck added a post in a topic What Class will be associated with the Dark Elf?   

    Yup, That picture, and the name 'Dark Elf', are literally all the info that has been released.
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  14. Mamluck added a post in a topic What Class will be associated with the Dark Elf?   

    Dark Elf is the class.  As for what they will call it when it eventually makes it over to NA/EU side .. who knows.
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