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  1. Jumanji added a topic in General   

    Change cash shop sell limit
    Limit 5 costumes or 10 pets or 9 value packs
    Limiting 5 pets makes several people avoid selling pets. So people can sell variety of things rather than just costumes.
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  2. Jumanji added a post in a topic Theory about sellers...   

    There is 0 tax from what my friend said.
    The person I know who spent money has a full time job and wants to keep up with people who are unemployed in my guild.
    He knows what 20mil is
    He won't stop until he quits since he just goes to work and plays this game only
    It will probably go up with this hot fix
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  3. Jumanji added a post in a topic Durability problem   

    This is how kr players farm desert effectively
    1. Buy 4 maids
    2. use 2 maids sending weapons to town
    3. log alt in that town and repair
    4. Put weapons in storage
    5. Log main and use 2 maids to take weapons out.
    This is doable with 2 maids but you can repair 1 weapon and wait 20mins repair another. If you repair at 50 durability should be good enough. You can save 15mins every hour or so.
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  4. Jumanji added a post in a topic Rangers Used to Lead the Way.....   

    if any other class got 218 ap it willshut all ove a any rranger with 218ap easy.
    We lack the skill list other classes have they have better CC and they have combos that can literally take you 100 to 0 without letting you move. Although rangers can do that its very rare if they're equal geared.
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  5. Jumanji added a post in a topic Maybe there is hope? Maybe.   

    forgot karma system 2.0 they were talking about during beta lol
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  6. Jumanji added a post in a topic Top 10 Reasons why selling Cash shop items on the marketplace won't hurt the game   

    actually if you have enough silver you can roll night vendor for 1.6mil+- without cooldown of energy pots via wine trade in. So you can easily beat rng with pure silver if you really are stupid or desperate enough.
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  7. Jumanji added a post in a topic TheLazyPeon Drops the truth !   

    I'm just saying I don't like the guy because he spreads misinformation. Maybe you should stop sucking down lazy peon lies down your overly used throat.
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  8. Jumanji added a post in a topic A pointless analysis of Melting   

    Might be hidden bonus on channels similiar to how KR has some channels that promote bonus exp or item drop rate but they actually display it
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  9. Jumanji added a post in a topic TheLazyPeon Drops the truth !   

    After he quit the Video he made ALOT of information was wrong he just or super exaggerated. I don't trust a word this guy's says.
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  10. Jumanji added a post in a topic Cap Play Time   

    Thier is no cap of how much money you can spend on BDO right now. I bought $300 of pearls first day game launched. So limiting time is not a valid argument.
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  11. Jumanji added a post in a topic How to make the upcoming P2W feature.... NOT so much P2W.   

    As long as they can't make more than 150mil regular silver a week I'll be fine.
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  12. Jumanji added a post in a topic Its already going downhill ?   

    People are buying them out blowing stuff up.
    People aren't gathering because why would they when they think the games going p2w.
    People buying them out before they hit max price due to p2w.
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  13. Jumanji added a post in a topic Say yes to P2W   

    As a former p2w player I can say it's absolutely stupid. Sure you can beat people but at the end of the day what you get? When 5 years go by you're investment is 100% loss. You only have memories. Not to mention there is always a bigger whale you'll lose to maybe even a free player who's a nolife who's better skilled than you.
    People making TET ogre and PEN tree spirit armor for free while you will need to spend $3000+ to obtain such an item. While those who made it for free can have a luxurious vacation or some of the finer things in life.
    This game lacks pvp to waste money paying to win. I literally grind pirates for 8hours some days and never get a single player who's tries to pvp me.
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  14. Jumanji added a post in a topic So called Nolifers vs. so called Rich people   

    no one is telling you to spend money to sell costumes you can easily not sell them
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