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  1. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic New Voices, but can't hear others players changed voices   

    I hope so too. The new voices are great, it adds that additional layer of uniqueness to players custom characters. 
    Bad news... 

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  2. JetForceF22 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    New Voices, but can't hear others players changed voices
    The title is pretty self explanatory, but I'll write a description anyways.

    It seems with the new voice patch released 3/29/17 all other players' voices have reset to default. No more vocal pitch changes. Also the newly changed voices other players are running also cannot be heard via other players. You yourself can hear your own new voice (if you changed it,) but other players just hear the default voice and pitch for the class. If I can I'll get footage later of this happening. 
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  3. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    If people can start making 500 million a week = 2 billion a month spending $600 dollars a month, in order to out gear other players by paying to win, I simply demand a full refund on all purchases I have made in the game (including the initial game purchase) and request my account be deactivated. I refuse to believe in order to remain relevant in PvP to fork out $7,200 a year to be on par with other paying players. If you don't think this will happen, just look at KR. These activities have been happening for quite some time on the KR servers. 

    I feel lied too and betrayed. Daum has promised us they were going to manage and control the pearl shop in BDO in order for it to retain a non-PTW architecture. With this potential update in the works, the game killing knock out nuclear bomb for the wide majority of US/EU players is just around the corner. Daum and Pearl-Abyss, you better not be surprised when a huge majority of the western player population suddenly quit overnight. 

    I'm really saddened by this potential update. Black Desert really is a phenomenal game, and it is going to be killed overnight. 
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  4. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Can't believe he made this!!!   

    This is 200% black spirit ground smash.
    Unfournataly since I used a clip of a Black Label Society song in the video, it's blocked in Germany. I'll see if Micky can upload it on vid.me and we will get you a viewable copy. 
    Immature, comming from a guy named "Dinkus." Also not the whole story is portrayed in your picture. Micky does not troll people for no reason. This wouldn't have happened if you had not antagonized him in the first place. Don't troll others if you can't handle being counter trolled. 
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  5. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    My opinion on the Value Pack.

    It is a premium based subscription system that allows Daum to generate revenue to help with sustainability with the game. You gain 30% back on your sales from the market place (which is NOT the same as removing 30% tax, do the math and read the words, you gain 30% extra from your sales, and thats calculated AFTER taxes. After you do the math, the actual tax rate lowers from 35% to 22% using the value pack.)

    My real problem is with the shit hole dye system we have. Merv's pallet is a joke, and I don't want to have to pay a $15/month dye subscription fee just to make my character look different and unique.

    I would like to see the Merv's pallet either be instituted as a permanent option (maybe for a $50 dollar one time fee) or make it a 30 day option to change your dyes on your account, and after the 30 days the dyes become permanent on your characters, instead of how it is now being temporarily and reverting back to the previous state. 

    With the 30 day permanent system, the merv's pallet can still be included with the value pack so they can change their characters whenever they want, but for 15 bucks players who just want to change their look could at least have a 30 day access to the dyes and get their characters to look the way they wanted to. I believe this would be a fair option for those who are just looking for the visual customization without the ridiculous subscription. 
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  6. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    Warriors were supposed to get a buff on a few of their skills about 6 or so patches ago. 
    Damage for Deep Thrust I has been increased from 80% to 135%
    Damage for Deep Thrust II has been increased from 103% to 175%.
    Damage for Deep Thrust III has been increased from 133% to 225%.
    Damage for Scars of Dusk has been increased against players.
    Damage for Ultimate: Deep Thrust has been increased from 80% to 150%.

    It was tested and confirmed by many warriors that deep thrust was not changed and scars of dust did no more damage then prior. I'm just asking that I get the buffs I was told we were receiving. Both of these skills are used a lot by warriors, and we would benefit from the damage improvement. As it stands right now, Scars of Dust hits like a wet noodle and not to mention its retarded charge up time means you rarely ever manage to hit anyone with it. Pretty much the only reason warriors use it is for the +10dp buff. 
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  7. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    Warriors still don't have their skill buff damage from 4 patches ago. But sorcs get dark flame... 

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  8. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Vergil, The Dark Slayer, DMC 3   

  9. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Enchantment 16-20 discussion v2   

    Day 1 of + 16 and people have Pent Zarks and Tet Gear all the way around. Don't have a zarka because I main a warrior. GG not going to pvp for 3 months, if I don't quit the game before then. This system is extremely depressing and just when I felt like I was finally catching up on gear. Gear > Skill, no point in playing pvp to out play other players. If you don't have the gear its not going to happen. RIP BDO
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  10. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Professional Griefers   

    So its okay to 1vs5 grief people out of areas, simply because you're guildless. This makes for a pro-griefing environment which encourages trolls to be guildless and free grief anyone they choose. Sounds like this will create a truly fun and great atmosphere! If you're a griefer, of course. The whole point of farming an area and protect the area, is keep people from pushing you out. When you enable people to 1v5 grief, it completely dismantles the whole point of open world pvp. This is a one sided system which criticaly affects everyone that attacks someone guildless. It is an enabling atmosphere for trolls, and encourages trolls to run guildless because they know they cannot be declared upon, loose no experience on death, and they know that the people who kill them loose karma until they can no longer push the guildless troll/griefer out of the area. This does not enable a competitive atmosphere and once again supports and enable trolling and griefing. If you support this system, you are either ignorant or participate in griefing and trolling.
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  11. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Professional Griefers   

    Edit: People who are guildless should suffer the 1% xp loss on death when they are pk'ed. This would eliminate trolls who leave guilds to grief people out of farm spots because there is no repercussions for them dying, and negative repercussions for people who pk them. This is retarded bullshit and needs to be addressed, as the amount of griefing that happens is on a unearthly level.
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  12. JetForceF22 added a topic in General   

    Block List File Name/Location
    So here is what I'm looking to know.

    What is black desert's file name for the players block list, and what is the default file location for the block list?

    My problem-

    I have literally hundreds of people blocked on black desert. A few people I have blocked by accident, and it is tedious/next to impossible to navigate the block list because there is no search feature on the block list. I'd like to find the .txt file so I can ctrl+f the person I want to unblock and delete them from the list. I'm hoping someone can help me out.

    Thanks in advance.
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  13. JetForceF22 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Professional Griefers
    The person in this picture I uploaded is a professional griefer. This person started to take our groups mobs during a sausan grind. This person is 8 in wealth in the channel. The person has no guild. 

    We first invited this person to the group (we had one space.) The person denied the request and continued to take our mobs, as an op ranger, that's easy to do. We began to start PKing this person multiple times. The person would just come back and continue to take our mobs. I eventually went into negative karma killing this player, as the person would not stop griefing our mobs. Since this person is not in a guild and because of karma reasons we could not keep killing the person to push out of our spot, we eventually had to leave and change spots. The whole sausan area was open, but this person decided to grief us out of our spot.

    The Karma System needs to either be removed, or the xp loss on death needs to be restored. This person is not in a guild, thus we cannot declare on this one man grief show in order to stop him griefing our mobs. At this point this person has nothing to loose. It is obvious this person didn't need the money either, seeing as he(or she) was high rank in both growth and wealth. They even died to a mob, and instantly elion teared back to life. 

    This shit is ridiculous, and the way the PK system works right now, griefers benefit from this system completely. There is no deterrent for other players to grief others, as there is no negative repercussions to being PK'ed in the open world. 

    If you see this person, beware, they have no intention of joining your group and only wants to steal your mobs. You might as well give up and move to another spot. 

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  14. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Sorcs are Broken   

    You're complaining about a perspective that you have, and not the general trend of how things work. It's great that you're all honorable and what not, but that doesn't change the fact that for every one of you there are a 100 people on other forums talking shit about classes they've never played. It was general consensus even among sorcs that they were over powered and needed some adjustment. The ones who are complaining are once again the people who just want a class that face rolls everything without trying. They will complain until they get their facerolling over powered abilities get reworked, while other classes like warriors and tamers are ignored. 
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  15. JetForceF22 added a post in a topic Sorcs are Broken   

    And at the same time, sorcs and rangers come to the warriors form complaining about not being able to break the shield and that warriors have too much movement speed.

    The complaining happens both ways and both ends of the spectrum. The trolling does not happen one way, either you know that and are just acting ignorant or you only hang out in the sorcs forum since the nerf.

    People are finally okay with sorcs damage now. They now have to run accuracy offhands like every other class. Good sorcs are still out there and are doing the actual sorcs combo, and not the dark flame spam. The real complainers are those who became complacent with the 100% all the time dark flame spam, and now are overly raging and complaining because their skill cap on their class just got raised to match the other classes. Also, did I mention the fix was fixing the dark flame 100% crit BUG? It was critting 100% off of the time on cool down, thus "dark flame spam" became the prominent way to do damage, since the sorc combo required skill and timing, aka too hard when I can darkflame spam.

     All the people who just want to face roll with sorcs are in a uproar because they can not spam kill with a broken skill anymore.
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