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  1. Jace Fors added a topic in Art & Media   

    Something different and fun
    Hey everyone, so a lot of people have been posting screenshots recently, but they were getting a bit old for me. I decided to so something a little different for all of us who really enjoy BDO. If anyone is familiar with the Wallpaper Engine (http://store.steampowered.com/app/431960/) It's really really cool! So I have made some for it and thought you all might enjoy a few of these. Here Is where you can find them/me on Steam.
    I'll also include just a few links to some of my favorites so those of you who don't have it on steam can still kinda check out what they look like.
    Here they are: 
    I'm still making more and would love to work with more people. Sorry if this was long-winded or not really executed the best way to get this out there for everyone.  
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  2. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Female model/ photo-shoot (in-game)   

    Please remember to add me on discord so we may communicate  
    Please remember to add me on discord so we may communicate  
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  3. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Female model/ photo-shoot (in-game)   

    I will a character on EU. So I would still love to see!
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  4. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Female model/ photo-shoot (in-game)   

    Probably like 15 minutes? I already have everything planned. All you have to do is look pretty.
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  5. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Female model/ photo-shoot (in-game)   

    The server is NA, I'm sorry for the confusion. 
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  6. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Female model/ photo-shoot (in-game)   

    I am offering food, and there will be no nudes.
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  7. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Female model/ photo-shoot (in-game)   

    The project is mostly under wraps right now, but I can say it is not pornographic in any way. 
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  8. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Female model/ photo-shoot (in-game)   

    Definitely cool, but want to avoid the beauty album or shareable creations as much as possible  
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  9. Jace Fors added a topic in General   

    Female model/ photo-shoot (in-game)
    Hello, I am undergoing a project and am need of original female characters. If you think you did well in your creations I'd highly enjoy seeing screenshots and seeing if they are able to be worked into the shoot. It is a lot of fun and it's also free content of your characters I will give you as well. I can also pay with in-game food if you're low or want meals. The reason why I need other people is because of the way I am creating the content, also I don't want beauty album models. I enjoy unique looks and original work. 
    Please contact me on discord if you are interested. I really look forward to seeing all your creations and making great content with them.    EDIT: Server is NA
    Remember adding in discord is case sensitive! "O"
    Discord name: Opulex23#9287
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  10. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Turn off EXP loss to BOSSES   

    I understand the latency problems and agree that's annoying. Although I think that it's way too broad to just change the entire game based on that. I for one don't really experience much lag time with bosses. I'm guessing most lag people are experiencing with bosses is player effects and mostly on their end. I'm playing devils advocate here, but still, do think there should be XP loss. 
    I am one of the ones who very much disliked that they took away XP loss on PvP because I knew "karma-bombing" would turn into an even worse thing, and it did. Just want to avoid carebear changes. So take what I say with a grain of salt. 
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  11. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Turn off EXP loss to BOSSES   

    Been playing for a year. I remember when rednose first came out. EVERYONE was crying about the bosses being too hard. Dying and losing things, when people didn't even think to use the revive kits. Learn about how the bosses work. If you study them, it's extremely easy to read their moves and avoid attacks. Accept failure that you haven't quite learned or messed up and move on.
    EDIT: put in that rednose was the first boss.
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  12. Jace Fors added a post in a topic This game suffers from Balancing Issues (Ranged Favortism)   

    I can't emphasis enough how enormously ignorant you are. You're hardly worth my time, so I'll keep it short. 
    1. You obliviously are not a high level player.
    2. When it comes to rangers "saving millions" on armor...I don't think you understand they go through roughly 1k pots a day. Not to mention, when it comes to their armor, they could keep full heve *not recommended* do a hybrid or full. 
    3. rangers absolutely suck as mounted combat. 
    4. Silver is not hard to earn..for anyone..if you are at all intelligent. 
    5. Rangers are actually the worst 1v1 class right now in a equal situation. 
    6 and most importantly. The way you rant and QQ about this balance thing is the most disgusting thing I've seen today. You are begging for buffs when they have already been implemented and you act like Daum is forcing your hand on choosing whatever class you want. If you don't want to try during a world boss and learn patterns and learn when to roll and apply damage, then go ranger. Rangers do get to sit back and dodge and shoot and it's a little easier on them, but you knew that since day one. Each class has STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. This isn't about balance, it's about how you learn and play the game. If every single class was the same at everything, then I'm out. 
    I have people in my guild they are every class this game has. Every single one does fine at world bosses and get's top tier loot. They win in matches, and are useful in GvG. Obviously there will always be tweaking done to classes to fine tune, but you...you are a special case. 
    I apologize for any rudeness, but you need it. 
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  13. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    You do realize that this will cause MORE griefing...the amount if ignorance pouring out of your mouth is showing. I'll get your bucket. 
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  14. Jace Fors added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    I have NEVER posted about their decisions. I've backed them all the way, but ----- that "no exp loss" in PvP. Ruined the game. 
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  15. Jace Fors added a post in a topic 49.999 quest should reward players with 1 liverto box per account   

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