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  1. Professional added a post in a topic Horsekilling on low char patched?   

    i cant even manage to kill one myself. the horse i was attacking never seemed to go down.. and i was using ults and shit on it while at lvl 56 for probably a good 13 minutes STRAIGHT
    unsure bout karma loss change though
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  2. Professional added a post in a topic BDO 101: Beginner's Guide to Valencia   

    amazing guide. you sound like every one of my college professors lol.
    Your demeanor alone made this "Guide to valencia" video a " Tour of Valencia " video. 
    very nice. and clear.
    i'd love to know where the outlaw city is one day
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  3. Professional added a topic in US Guild   

    ||| ||| ||| ||| < PIRATES > ||| ||| ||| ||| | edan(NA) | 12 PIRATE SHIPS | lvl 51-56+ | ||
    - NOW OFFICIALLY IN FULL EFFECT --Family Name: "CAPTAlN"Player Name: "JackSparrow"   Whale hunting is 'ere n' we've got the Pirate ships!  | Lvl 51-55+ ( anything lower will be arr cabin boys) | NODE WARS | Voice Chat | LF> 3 ship pilots | LF > 1 Chef |  Hardcore PK /player looting |  Light RP | Boss Scrolls |Elephant taming | OUTLAW CITY! |Free Rum Fridays |  We are not a Guild, but a Crew...potentially a crew built on fear and notoreighty.  we'll teach you how to manage your karma, or how to survive with none of it  how to loot from players you kill (Fishers > AFK fishers > How to board enemy ships and destroy them efficiently > How to identify Lootable wagons > How to play dirty.     how to avoid penalties and jailinghttp://imgur.com/pVOD4v5(is at -1,000,000 karma in this gif)  how to properly pirate & profit and be a happy pirate.  Tricks/Tips/Secrets to the outlaw system.including looting packages from player in valencia desert ranging about "1mil per trade pack"  how to sail a boat and efficient naval strategies. -----------(edited) We plan to monopolize whale hunting and overwhelm altinova and velia seas with aggression and unrelenting numbers.   Though we may be pirates we also find ourselves allying with various guilds during Node war for our own personal gain.  You'll Never Find<PIRATES> traveling alone. Every Captain & Crew General here has a "First Mate". ( if it aint fair, you're doin' it right mate.)  Find us in Valencia in outlaw town, scouting the desert. or pm one of our members for an' invite to the crew. ... Or join the Discord! : https://discord.gg/VEZnKng -> (You will not be able to join the official channels without being a member, however.)(edited)    " Always Be yourself..unless ye' can be a Pirate mate...then always be a pirate."           Sidenote... Pirates shall always wear boots, except in the case of a peg leg. Then one boot is acceptable. Flip-flops are right out!      --
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  4. Professional added a post in a topic Plz take off the guild restriction on the [Family Name Change Coupon]   

    this is such a legitimate and odd issue, that I can only assume you're just here to be our jester?
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  5. Professional added a post in a topic Plz take off the guild restriction on the [Family Name Change Coupon]   

    no sir, there is a " 2 time per account use" on the Coupon. which means it can only be purchased twice...
    the restriction for the guild is just silly.
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  6. Professional added a topic in General   

    Plz take off the guild restriction on the [Family Name Change Coupon]
    I have bought a Family Name Change Coupon for $10 and cant use it because I own a fairly large guild.
    AND it costs 20-50MIL to change leaders. if I were to attempt to give one of my Vice Masters temporary ownership of the guild >  leave guild > change my family name, wait 24 hours , re-join the guild ,  transfer guild ownership back to me.
    He & I would both have to pay a RIDICULOUS amount of money just to pass the lead.
    I will admit, to reduce the trolling in comments I  **Did not read description thoroughly, but this is ridiculous.**)
    I just have  a $10 coupon i'll never use sitting in my inventory.. for.ever.
    ALSO NOTE, THAT THERE IS A " 2 Purchase Per Account " limit on the coupon...meaning it can only be used twice.
    so worry not about the spamming of name changes and confusion within the guild.
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  7. Professional added a topic in General   

    [Official Black Desert Online Discord] thread
    The original Reddit link is https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/48v6je/official_community_bdo_discord_servers/
    if you guys are willing,
     I say hop in there with us!
    or add a discord server to the list before it gets stickied on reddit
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