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  1. Gute added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    So it's almost a month and since thread created but i still don't have master baiter title, will anything will be done with this @CM_Praballo?
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  2. Gute added a post in a topic Refinery/invenotry bug   

    You need to have available worker in town or have nodes connected from Velia where your worker is (but it will take really long time for him to come)
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  3. Gute added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 11th   

    They should not allow people with Guest pass talk in world chat 
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  4. Gute added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    Missing Title/Reward: Master Baiter
    Character name: Mezu
    Family name: Gute
    Link to post of screenshot if applicable: 
    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/3235-fishing-tournament/ 3rd entrance
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  5. Gute added a post in a topic Auction House Commission Fees   

    In Ru and other versions you can buy subscription (Value pack or smth) that gives you 20% discount, meaning you only taxed 15% at marketplace
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  6. Gute added a post in a topic Killing early mobs earns you luck+1 title   

    It is true 
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  7. Gute added a post in a topic Golden worker   

    When your blue worker hits level 10 you can send him to do promotion test (it takes 24H). If worker pass the test he will be golden, if no will remain blue
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  8. Gute added a post in a topic CBT2 - Maintenance 20.02 - COMPLETED!   

    Will we have anything changed in Marketplace taxes or we will get 35% as it is now? Will be quite painful few months after release when ppl will start selling expensive stuff.
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  9. Gute added a topic in General   

    Value pack? FAQ says no subscription
    So as we have Buy2Play it is said in FAQ and also earlier by PM that we will get all subscription bonuses from Value and Premium packs. We have increased weight, extra inventory and storage space so it's fine. But what about Auction/Marketplace. We will be punished all the time with 35% tax??

    Actually just tried in CBT2 to sell item and that was correct. When you claim your money from Marketplace system just informs that you can get 20% discount if you have Value pack. So we don't have it and it's even not possible to get one? 

    Also we don't have bonus from value pack that allows us to control Nodes from the distance. Not to mention that Value pack also gives you Luck +1.
    Why we are getting less than other versions, because we had to pay for a game??
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  10. Gute added a post in a topic CB2 Download speed   

    So how to Login if there is no Login  on CBT1 you could login even while downloading.. just saying that it looks strange
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  11. Gute added a post in a topic CB2 Download speed   

    Done downloading, seen other pictures, isn't that strange that there is no Login button or I'm blind?
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  12. Gute added a post in a topic Beauty & Beast Winners   

    Why in the Beast contest there are 39 3rd place winners and in the Beauty 100? It should be on both sides 100 as per rules?
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  13. Gute added a post in a topic No cash shop for live until the 10th?   

    Well that's a surprise, already planned to buy 2 pets straight away so they will be higher level when I will reach level 50.. It will be quite hard now
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  14. Gute added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    Same happened to me..
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  15. Gute added a post in a topic Server Configuration   

    I believe that decision by Daum is already made, just they are not saying to us (not sure why). This thread and poll is only for discussions, so decision won't be made based on this polls. But when I was reading all updates and PM diary I noticed this one:
    We know many of you have waited for this moment. It took us quite some time to find the right way and we hope that you will like the selection of items to be offered in our Cash Shop.
    You will be able to reserve 1 Family name for a region of your choice.You will be able to reserve 1 Character name for the same region as the Family name.Family and Character names will be unique in each region.There will be two regions. North America and Europe. For me it looks like that everything is set up for a megaserver. If there will be lets say multiple servers, so If i create name in one server so no one can take it in another? Wouldn't make any sense.
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