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  1. elliot5 added a post in a topic Make Cashshop items sellable on AH   

    @Marth = Bait Master
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  2. elliot5 added a post in a topic Daum - False Advertising   

    This is a sad day. sad, SAD, DAY.
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  3. elliot5 added a post in a topic Items redeemed on site but no items in game?   

    I joined Orwen channel 2, no issues I redeemed my items 1 hour after creating my character, and.... No items 24hours later. Uh-huh daum...
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  4. elliot5 added a post in a topic ◈ The Seventh Guild ╳ RP-PVE-PVP ╳ Now Recruiting ╳ We are legion ◈   

    Yes we're still accepting applications
    All can apply at:
    You should be replied to in 12 hours.
    If not it is curtain to be replied to in 48 working hours.
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  5. elliot5 added a post in a topic Chat improvements   

    I approve of this! Add it, add it! ADD IT!
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  6. elliot5 added a post in a topic Why are Wizards old F***s?   

    I personally like the age restriction to wizards, really adds to the aura for me.  
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  7. elliot5 added a post in a topic Female Giants   

    Aslong as it's not called "Female Giant" and it has it's own style/gameplay sure.
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  8. elliot5 added a post in a topic Walking toggle, a must in every MMO.   

    Yes there is a walking mode. (Key press)
    Actually it was in CBT1
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  9. elliot5 added a post in a topic The Solution To Trading!   

    There's a tax? Wow, I didn't know that.
    Why not allow for you to bypass the tax, but then the item you buy decreases it's value by 20%?
    I might close this thread, as this is a slight duplicate as the other thread. 
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  10. elliot5 added a topic in Suggestions   

    The Solution To Trading!
    I've been thinking for hours apon hours. About this whole 'trading' system some of the community want. Most by this point have disregarded the idea. As it normally ends up in devastation, a broken economy, and a pay to win game, as some take advantage of the system, using real-life cash, to get in-game items, gold, and other values. 
    Well, my system, allows for trading between players, without any of this happening. I call this the equivalent exchange system.
    Every single item, will be assigned a value, (How much it's worth). This is already a base mechanic in black desert. And players can trade anything, but the other player needs to pay the value of the items being given to him, or can add his own items into the trade to take how much he needs to pay away, until the other side needs to pay.
    Now time to give you an example on how it works. 
    [0] System: Trade begins, empty window.
    [1] Player A: Puts in a item on his trade window side: Worth 20k [Item 1]
    [2] System: Player B    :  20K   [Item 1]                     Player A: 20K   [Item 1]
    [3] Player B: Puts a item on his trade window side: Worth 12k [Item 2]
    [4] System: Player B:   :  8K    [Item 1]    [Item 2]         Player A:  8K    [Item 1]     [Item 2]  
    [5] Player B: Puts a item on his trade window side: Worth 10k  [Item 3]
    [6] System: Player B gets  :   2K    [Item 1]    [Item 2]    [Item 3]    :    Player A:  2K    [Item 1]    [Item 2]    [Item 3] 
    [7] Player A: Accepted trade
    [8] Player B: Accepted trade
    [9] Result: 
         Player A:   -2K    ITEM1    ITEM2    ITEM3     
         Player B:   +2K   ITEM1    ITEM 2    ITEM 3
    [10] ITEM 1 2 and 3. Have -15% Value.
    This might still be confusing. But this will allow for players to trade, easily and fairly. 
    TL;DR:  You need to pay with gold/silver or items the value of what is being traded for both sides. 
    Fairness: There should also be a black-list of un-tradable items. / Other systems to stop exploits. 
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  11. elliot5 added a post in a topic Lets try to make this MMO Multiplayer   

    For example, you can't sell weapons/armor etc
    And if you trade a item, it becomes unsellable 
    For example you can only sell food's e.t.c so if someone makes a pay to win site, all they get is non-blacklisted flagged items.
    I don't know (BrB)
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  12. elliot5 added a post in a topic Lets try to make this MMO Multiplayer   

    I personally think that trading contributes to Roleplay, and PvE In some-cases, aslong as it doesn't cause gold-bots e.t.c. Which can be fixed with a strict trading system.
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  13. elliot5 added a post in a topic Lets try to make this MMO Multiplayer   

    Is Black Desert Online a Role Playing Game. Or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena? 
    You can't just try to ignore some key aspects of PvE.  (My opinion surprisingly) 
    (Also incase you didn't know, the thread topic is, 'making this game multiplayer', and started on the topic of trading) 
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  14. elliot5 added a post in a topic Lets try to make this MMO Multiplayer   

    Eh, I agree trading should be enabled, but should have a system behind it.
    - Gold/Silver can't be traded
    - Once you trade a item it can't be sold/traded again
    - And weapons/armor/etc get de-buffs like -20% everything. Or can't be traded etc.
    I really want social dynamics in black desert online. (That example could still have loop-holes)

    Personal post that clears some-stuff up. 
    Personally I don't think "PVE" players are ruining Black Desert. There a equal part of the community as PvP players. PvP Players get off your high-horse. Please. Just, understand this game, is a game for all of us to enjoy.
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  15. elliot5 added a post in a topic ◈ The Seventh Guild ╳ RP-PVE-PVP ╳ Now Recruiting ╳ We are legion ◈   

    We're hosting multiple CBT2 Events. Stay updated for more.
    We also have four new members.
    We now have a emblem. (Look in post)
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