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  1. Leodran added a post in a topic Calpheon A1 on Alustin just died.   

    Figured people might've calmed down a bit. And people still keep jiving on about it, even pulling in the whole spy game now, excellent!  Before you know it we'll be accusing eachother of cashshopping our way to victory!

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  2. Leodran added a post in a topic Calpheon A1 on Alustin just died.   

    All these people thinking alliances in this game are anything valuable past a temporary convenience, ha!

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  3. Leodran added a post in a topic PAY TO WIN WILL KILL THE GAME   

  4. Leodran added a post in a topic The first backstab of Alustin!   

    And now I wear its skin...sorta..

    Hi. Also join us, we've got pandas..sort of.
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  5. Leodran added a post in a topic The first backstab of Alustin!   

    Do you want your PVP to be fun and not based on false promises? Join Elta! We aren’t No.1, but apparently those guys are a bag of dicks anyway! 
    We’re a fun loving guild that doesn’t do server drama – where the members matter and we actually give a shit. Mostly. Join us on TS for laughs and awful banter (when we aren’t all scheming our allies downfall). 
    Visit our website (the best guild website on Alustin) www.eltagaming.com. Join us and get the best emblem on the server.
    Or don’t, we aren’t entirely bothered, because we’ll be having fun without you (plotting our allies downfall).

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  6. Leodran added a post in a topic <LuxArcana> [PvP/Node Wars/GvG] - PvP guild for friendly adults with real lives!   

    Friendly bump for a cool guild \o/
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  7. Leodran added a post in a topic The use and transfer of this item has been prohibited because of an administrative issue.   

    Same problem, or there is a detail that the guide didn't entail that we need to follow as guild leaders to enable us to purchase a node fort?
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  8. Leodran added a post in a topic Delete RNG from Combat-related stats + [Hidden Stats and Combat formulas]   

    I hope people do realize when more transparency is given, people will single out the most efficient builds and everyone will gravitate towards that, as is done with practically every other MMORPG out there. By having all variables laid bare you alienate creative thinking from -majority- of the players themselves. The top dogs will figure these things out and have it all prefab'd for everyone else at that point. What happened to having fun through trial and error?  I for one enjoy the RNG aspects, even in PvP.  50hp more or less isn't going to save anyone in the long run in GvG pvp. Want to know how accuracy and evasion match up? AP and DP? Grab some gear and get testing, you can't tell me there's not a single person in the world that enjoys toying around with testing these things. Everyone feels victimized about these RNG level-up stats as well. But you, among others might actually be in the lucky bracket as well with above-average stats, no?

    I'm getting the slight feeling from all these threads that 10% of those that wish for complete stat visibility want it for the sake of accuracy and min/maxing, where the remaining 90% just wants it out of sheer laziness, unwanting and unable to figure things out themselves. Though this assumption is merely based on looking at other MMOs where builds, guides and whatnot are widely used and practically dedicating how the game is played for the players, so don't add any credibility to this hehe. Everything will be figured out regardless at some point, why take the fun away by giving everything already?

    Perhaps we'd all be better off with these RNG aspects removed. After all, what's more enjoyable than a predictable journey, right?
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  9. Leodran added a post in a topic Changing War Mechanics? Thoughts?   

    Pretty much the gist of it. Don't want anything to do with the war? just switch to an alt and go about your business  or heck, then there's the protection system as well
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  10. Leodran added a topic in General   

    What are your thoughts on Guild War mechanics?
    Not sure if it's same on other servers as well, but Alustin server finds atleast 25+ wars between guilds started on a daily bases. This is all good and well, but the wars themselves don't mean all that much to me as a guild leader, since only a very small portion of the players in my guild can actually participate in the war and be targetted by others, nothing is lost either, there is very little interesting about the current war mechanics. 
    What are your thoughts on the current war mechanics? Do you think they will change them? Does anyone have a clear overview of the limitations and implications of a guild war?
    I did make a post on the Suggestions side of the forum in relation to these war mechanics, but primairly I'd like to know how other people view the current situation, it feels as if the war mechanics have been changed to drastically cater to the 'less PvP active west'. ( http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/35417-changing-war-mechanics-thoughts/ ) 
    I'm very curious to read what your thoughts on Guild war mechanics are!
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  11. Leodran added a post in a topic Localized Auction Houses   

    Local markets are amazing, and were admittedly one of the things that drew me to this game, sad times that it's a silly global AH atm that is easily abused. The people I've read complaining in this thread  that it should not be changed seem to all rest their cases on the matter of convenience. 

    What ever happened to the fun of putting effort in to get something?

    Again, local markets, MAKE IT SO! <3
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  12. Leodran added a topic in Suggestions   

    Changing War Mechanics? Thoughts?
    We're a good few days into release now and wars are starting left and right between the guilds. As member of a guild I've had the joys of experiencing this war between guilds as well. Admittedly, I was a bit disappointed. The wars themselves do not feel like much more than high level players slapping swords against eachother, forcing the lower levels that want to participate to observe, unable to do anything. 

    I do not know the exact mechanics behind what validates and invalidates a wartarget. But the current system feels incredibly limiting, especially with Conquest still disabled. It's all great there's NPCs that can locate others, but that is absolutely pointless if 9/10 targets are immune towards the conditions of the wars.

    Currently we see wars being declared in waves, angry guild leaders standing on either side of the roads waving fists at eachother menacingly and the lower levels(45-) just going about their business, because nobody is really allowed to cross the road and start something. From what I understood, Black Desert Online is heavily a PvP game, with the 'end game', from a guild perspective, being to lay claim to territory, thereby putting their mark on the world.

    If the war declaration system is more involving, meaning that a wider range of players can join in the fun, it would add a lot more 'weight'  to wars themselves as well, giving them meaningful activities besides the coming Conquest. I'd like to shamelessly shine a small light on EVE Online's warfare system. Due to it's simple approach of "Pay the fee, and the cops don't care what you do to them. Also we don't mind if you frame them, grief them and keep their loot.", it's generated tremendous amounts of meaningful content within the game world. Mercenary groups got offered jobs, pacts were made between parties, people were more careful in their approach to wars, they weren't just daily nuances in player's activity ingame. Personally I think adjusting the rules of engagement for Black Desert Online's war system will do the game much good. Ofcourse not as severe as EVE does it, that simply does not befit this game, but certainly a higher level of danger with these wars would do the game good.

    So, in wake of this text, here's a small list of changes, that I, would deem interesting to implement/alter with the current war system:

    - Adjust the level limit of participating members, after lv20 a member of a warring guild is open to attack and be attacked by the opposing guilds, regardless of level difference.
    - Reward contribution points to members that fight hard in the guild wars. It does not have to be much, but one more incentive to fight will be most welcome, perhaps even a title for most kills during a war?
    - Increase the initiating cost per CURRENT ACTIVE war for additional war declarations, 1/2/3/4   300k/450k/600k/750k. This is put some more thought in the decision to wage war at random.
    - Keep the rest as is, this game is awesome <3

    Immediate possible concerns:

    Won't this welcome a lot of griefing from larger, rich guilds? what about PvP centric smaller guilds?

    The possibility is always there, however it welcomes a lot of content for players as well. Are you a small group in a pinch? approach other guilds, set up deals, call for aid, be creative. As for the smaller guilds, pick your targets carefully. There's plenty other things like the arena's as well where you can simply jump in without any prior thinking or planning to have a great time cracking skulls.

    What if I just want to afk trade or grind?

    Either you don't affiliate with a guild, or you accept that grouping with a larger entity brings benefits, but is counterweighted by potential dangers.

    Now the only thing that puzzles me is that there's nowhere to see what the NA/EU's guild war rules are(the Tomewiki etc. seem to have the korean ruleset on there, not ours.) So if anyone could shine light on the exact war mechanics as well that'd be great! 

    Furthur suggestions/concerns/additions are naturally welcome! Give it a thumbs up if you agree that bloodshed between guilds should be a bit more thrilling!
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  13. Leodran added a post in a topic Guild Material Trade Function?   

    Interesting point! overlooked that one a bit yeah, I opted for raw material trade only but I suppose it could transpire in to the things needed to actually craft the item?
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  14. Leodran added a post in a topic Guild Material Trade Function?   

    Not sure if you mean -this-  thread, or your own. Eitherway, appreciate the bump, hope more people take a gander at this idea  I like the suggestions you brought up in your own thread as well, namely the guild storage(since the ideas overlap) and the party loot bag. The rest however, I can't really agree with. 
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  15. Leodran added a post in a topic [PVE] Alternate channels for PVE Only   

    Having seen how people react to the smaller percentage of pvpers that are solely out to grief people in CBT1, effectively by grouping up and stomping the daylight out of said griefer(s). Along with the idea that if there was a pve channel, people would most likely hog the best high-end grinding/material farming spots and there won't be a thing anyone can do about it. A game like this that pretty much as "PvP" carved all over it, wouldn't benefit in any way from a seperate PvE channel, only the players that desire it would, but the game surely doesn't.

    Thus I voted 'no' on both polls.
    *tips hat and wizard's out of this thread*
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