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  1. Gudder added a post in a topic Turn off EXP loss to BOSSES   

    not with that attitude and better fix ur grammar to ask nicely.
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  2. Gudder added a post in a topic I sell horses...   

    T7 are not that rare and its up there in the market every now and then. its the T8 thats impossible to buy from
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  3. Gudder added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    lol i know u say this as a joke but honestly i think more than half of us play this class for that reason alone.
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  4. Gudder added a post in a topic fix pvp   

    u forgot that in those times if someone in red dies ur enchantment lv goes down. caused a huge thread and i think kakao just decided to remove them all together.
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  5. Gudder added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    just every other class there is a point to go back to main weapon on some situations but the thing is that the benefit is so little that most of us just stay in awaken mode. if u want to play ur class to its full potential then u will have to learn to switch on the right time.
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  6. Gudder added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    BDO RNG broke me.
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  7. Gudder added a post in a topic DANCE EMOTES   

    u gonna need to install that nude mod as well. perfect combo.
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  8. Gudder added a topic in General   

    Dont get rekt by kakao about pet exchange
    i just want to make this thread and let those that have thought about exchanging pets for higher tiers to know that u definitely want to stop at tier 3 and only exchange ur pets at lv10 for the best possible chance. the explanation they give u is very unclear when it comes to exchanging and i got rekted. when u do exchange make sure u choose the option of not inheriting the appearance and the skill. the reason for that is the new skill ur pet will learn as tier 3 will always be better than the skill they learned as a tier 1 and the appearance of a breeded pet will guarantee to have better skin than the default that everyone got.
    i hope atleast someone will benefit from all this. i exchanged 4 pets before i figured out.
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  9. Gudder added a post in a topic Removed 100% Weekend exp? Provide 24hr scrolls as alternative?   

    holy moly! do u even have time to masturbate after all that?
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  10. Gudder added a post in a topic [Event] +2 Silver Embroidered Clothes Box   

    its bdo of course its gonna be rng what did u expect?
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  11. Gudder added a post in a topic Voice-over options to be removed?   

    i heard what the female npc sound like from twitch and i can tell everyone that its alot better than english. idk what japanese version sound like tho,
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  12. Gudder added a post in a topic RNG Is Taking It's Toll On Me   

    lol u guys are actually complaining about armor failures? wait until u are doing accessories, yall gonna be crying.
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  13. Gudder added a post in a topic Remove Gem Shatter Until Servers Fixed   

    they gave us free stuff so the gold sink has to come from somewhere lol.
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  14. Gudder added a post in a topic First 62 On NA!   

    i went on his stream that day and saw he type out that hes got 3 chinafarmers helping out. not sure if trolling the chat or not.
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  15. Gudder added a post in a topic Daum? HELLO? Are you doing something?   

    just reroll one of them and u re good to go. that last patch actually gave them a boost so they are unstoppable now. i can only imagine things to turn around when dk is release and they made that class more op.
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